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Betrothed To A Pervert

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It all happened so fast. The Subaru came roaring down the hill. The ball was kicked, but missed the goal entirely and strolled into the street. A little girl named Priya only ten years old at the time, ran into the street to get it, oblivous to the huge vehicle. It hit her. The bone snapping could be heard all up and down the block. Her mother and father ran out to the street. Pulled their son, Illaan inside the house. Grabbed their daughter and called for help. Started cursing and swearing the driver. The driver cursed and swore them back, then drove away, but not before they got his license plate. The medics came. Her entire right side was paralyzed, and she couldn’t walk without crutches. They put her in therapy. Worst part is, this all happened only two months before her wedding.

***Chapter 1***

Reva, her mother, informed her future son in law, Varun, of Priyas accident by text then was done with him. She didn’t like Verun at all. He was a pervert, trying to justify pedophilia by marriage. It was worst that it was her own uncle in law. He was her mother in laws step brother, and he was there when she gave birth to Priya. She didn’t want him there, she didn’t want him seeing her vagina and body on display as a baby came out, but her husband Ishaan forced it upon Reva. “Uncle Verun is my only family after my mother died”, Ishaan said. She protested, but she had no chance. So he was there, and he was staring so intently at her vagina. Even as she was screaming and crying, she saw a lump in Varuns pants as she was pushing out Priya. Later, when Ishaan left to go to the store after they got home, Varun took the baby upstairs as he thought Reva was sleep. There where loud clicks and flashes from what she thought was a camera or phone. She was in too much pain to move or investigate. When he came back down, little Priya was naked and poorly wrapped in her blanket. He layed her back in Revas arms and left to the nursing home. When Ishaan returned, she tried to tell him, but he said Verun was probably just giving her a bath and took pictures for a photo album he has, but she didn’t believe him. Verun was a 86 years old, but was still kicking. He had gray, slicked back hair, was somewhat muscular for his age, and survived cancer and a stroke twice. Verun said it’s all about the mindest, but Reva, knows it’s because of his active sexuality. She wasn’t one to be nosy, but theres been old ladies walking out of his room when she would drop Priya off. They all where shaky, uneven and kind of dazed. Just like after you got a good fucking from a good dick. It was so disgusting to her. Reva was basically giving her daughter to a man who did all that was haram. Still, she smiled and took pictures at Priyas wedding, and waved with a smile as Varun drove away in his old Corvette. But she knew he was twisted, and she was going to prove it. ********** “Make sure he knows your body is ready for use whenever he wants.” Ishaan says, as Priya nods and shoves the final shirt into the final suitcase. “I’m serious, Priya. Let him use your body in any way he wants. Your his property now, so don’t refuse anything he says.” She looks up at him, and makes her nod very evident. “Don’t give me atitude-” “I’m his property right? Than your not my father anymore, so leave me alone.” He looks surprised and shakes his head before backing up. She mutters a quiet thank you, and hauls her backpack and purse on, then begins rolling her two suitcases. She was going to live with her unc- husband, in Chennai. Miles and miles away from her parents in Mumbai. It was scary, but exciting at the same time. Like an adventure.The drive was long and hard, but when they made it, the large wooden gate opened revealing another mile of driveway until they got to the house, which was high up on a cliff. When they arrived in their tiny car, Priya instantly hopped out, grabbed her stuff and knocked on the door without saying goodbye. The house was large and blue, with cyan accents. There was a hot tub in the back, and a shuffle board. Reva was crying as they left, and Ishaan smiled and held her as he pulled out the driveway. When Varun opened the door, he was in a fluffy white robe with the letters VB inscribed in it. It stood for Varun Bal, his name. He smiled at her and ushered her in, then pressed a button on the remote he was holding and all the doors and gates locked. “Hi unc- I mean Varun!” He chuckled, and took her bags and coat. “Call me Owner.” She looked a bit confused but she remebered her dad telling her to do whatever Varun said, so she just smiled and said: “Okay Owner!” Just hearing her call him that gave him a hard on. He began untying his robe, and she looked away quickly but he grabbed her head and forced her to look. “This is what you did to me. Everytime I see you, my penis gets hard like this.” Priya swallowed hard. She knew this was going to happen, but not so early. It was kind of exciting. He pushed her onto the couch and began to kiss her. His lips where soggy and wet, and they parted easily with the slight push from his tongue. Priya squirmed as his tongue scrabbled into her mouth and began sliding along her teeth and gums, but didn’t push him away. This is what she was supposed to do, so she did it. He then took her hand and wrapped it around his tower of a cock. It was squishy and really long, and the foreskin completely hid the tip. She had to pull it down four times before she found his head. After she revealed it, he pulled back from the kiss and told her to take his penis into her mouth. She quietly abliged, as she had no position to negotiate. She gulped and took his manhood into her mouth quickly, eager to get it over with. The skin flopped around in her mouth as he moved her head up and down, and the taste was old and kind of sour. Varun moaned loudly and began to thrust harder, and Priya pulled back quickly. “Owner! Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?” He shook his head with a slight smile. “No. When a man does that it means it feels good. Go back to sucking.” She doesn’t believe him too much, but she wraps her mouth once more on his solidness. After a few seconds, Varun moans again and pushed her head down hard as something wet, sticky and bitter exploded into her mouth. “Ahhhhh. Good girl. Now swallow and thank me.” She does and it feels warm going down her throat, then she opens her mouth to show she did. “Thank you Owner.” He stands and ties his robe again. “Go upstairs and get settled. When your done, get cracking on dinner. And wear the robe that I bought for you. I want access to that sweet little body of yours whenever I want.”

And that’s the end of “Betrothed to a pervert!?”

part one, a story about a disabled Indian girl and her 86 year old husband, who also just happens to be her uncle!

It’s a new story I’m trying for a break from the Cult. Those will still come out at least 2 every 14 days, this is just a little spinoff idea I had.

Whaddaya think? Tell me at [email protected]

To my Bollywooders and homies, {:

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    All young girls should be owned by a pervert . I hope this story continues

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    Amazing story! I had similar experiences when working at an orphanage in India with my uncle. I sent you an email. Hope to chat with u soon my friend

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    Perverts are the best sex partners!

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    Every girl should have the honor to service a pervert I know I want me girls to do so

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      I’d love to teach your girls how to honor a pervert.

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      How young are your girls?

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      Me too. I would love to teach your girls