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A southern girl pt2

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As we finished our threesome that evening the black guy took me into hisarms and kissed me I felt hisdick pressed against me and he whispered in my ear that he had a friend he wouldlike me to meet as well if I would, I said okand he asked if I could meet them on sunday afternoon at an anboned cabin not far away and I agreed.I met them at the cabin we kissed andgot naked there was a bed there with matteress on it,his friend was hung he had 12″ it scared me but I got on my knees and slowly sucked him hard his balls were really full,after he was hard I laid back on the bed and he ate my pussy until I cum then he sucked my tits and then he postioned himself and slowly pushed his hard dick into me,soon he was deep and it hurt as hewent into my cervix and then he pushed into my stomach before he stopped, he smiled down atme as he started fucking me it soon felt good as I got used to him,he whispered that he wasgoing to fill me up with hishot sperm as I moaned and said ok. He kept going andsoon I felt his dick swelland then he was filling my stomach with his hot sperm and as he slid back he filled my cervix also as I cum..He pulled out slowand laid next to me ,he caressed over my stomach as I felt his hot sperm move a little and soon I felt a little leak out ofme he smiledand told me he wanted to keep fucking me regular and I agreed soon the other guy came in and he fucked my ass and filled it with hot sperm we dressed and left I washed in a stream on the way home and that nite my cousin fucked me good also, I was turning into a slut and loving it .

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