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Luck of the Irish

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Most of the stories I write are either highly embellished versions of real events or fictionalized fantasies that my wife and I have shared.
This is the only story that I have that is mostly factual with very little embellishment.

Well this last St. Pats day, my wife and I were without kids, but somewhat short on cash. There are always a lot of drunks on the road on that night, and the weather was bad with freezing rain, and fog making things worse. Feeling stir crazy, we settled for a trip down to the coffee shop near our house. We arrived, grabbed some expresso drinks, and were soon sitting at a table in the upscaled lobby relaxing by a gas fire place, enjoying coffee and conversation.

The place was softy lit and I was aware of other patrons, but was a little shocked when I returned from a bathroom trip to find a young, well dressed, black man sitting at the table with my wife. My wife is 45 and still very beautiful. She has short dark hair that frames her pretty face. Her skin is a light olive and her eyes are green. Her dress, manner, and make up are all conservative and scream “soccer mom.”

She introduced the man as Jay. I shook his hand and looked at her inquisitively. My wife explained that she had treated Jays father a few years ago when Jay was a senior in high school. My wife is a physicians assistant.

Jay shook my hand back and we all sat down and I watched as the man, that my wife knew as a boy just a few years ago , talked with her about his fathers health and his first two years of college.

As I watch them talk , I can’t help but notice, that there seemed to be chemistry between them. Jay was very nicely built, dressed sharply, and had an athletes body. My wife continued to move her chair closer to Jay, and as they talked she occasionally made casual contact with him while speaking. Both of them smiled often and I caught them both looking up and down at each other. Jay in particular, seemed to alternate his gaze from my wife’s eyes, to her perfect white teeth, occasionally sneaking in a look at her breasts and ass. Jay was polite though, he made eye contact with me while we spoke and made numerous compliments about my wife, to me.

“You sure are lucky to have such a beautiful wife”, and ” I always hoped I’d see your wife again one day”, I remember him saying. I could feel the confidence radiating from him as he realized that she was genuinely interested in him, and that I was a laid back, relaxed person that was not reacting poorly to his attention to her. I must admit, that I was feeling mysteriously turned on by their obvious attraction to one and other.

We all talked for a long time about him, her, and us. Going on and on. Then, to our surprise ,the shop employee appeared and interrupted us, telling us that they were closing.

I could see the disappointment in my wife’s eyes and I quickly suggested sitting in our SUV out on the lot.

They both brighten up and we proceed out to our vehicle, my wife sat next to me, and Jay sat in the back.

The conversation remained mundane until my wife mentions that Jay had grown into a good looking man. She added ” I bet you have no problem in college finding company at night”. He laughed and told her that he does ok, but prefers older white women. This led to a silence in the vehicle that was broken by me.

” Dear, Jay looks lonely back there by himself” I said. By now, It was getting really dark, and foggy with continuous rain. Jay grabbed her hand and looked her in the eyes, saying ” Come back here with me.” My wife wasted no time climbing over the center counsel into the back seat with him and they start kissing passionately.

My dick got so hard that it was throbbing as I watch this young black man run his hands up my wife’s casual skirt pushing her legs open as they continue to kiss.

I could see my wife’s panties were soaked, a wet spot clearly visible at her opening. Jay deftly pushes her panties to one side and slid two long thick black fingers into her pussy as she moaned as best she could with his tongue in her mouth.

Things were going well, but I was starting to notice that the windows were fogging and we were still on a business lot in the city limits. Thinking that the situation , looked like something that might cause an embarrassing visit from a guy with a uniform, and flashlight. I informed the lovers that I was gonna hit the highway for a 10 min drive out of city limits to a semi rural area. They both agree that was a good idea as he continues to kiss and finger fuck her. My focus was on the road, with the rain and fog, but as I left the city limits I heard her say “Oh my god he has a huge dick ” . A glance back revealed his hand was on the back of her head, which is furiously bobbing up and down the shaft of a truly huge dick. Well I’m pretty sure now that I knew that there is indeed chemistry!!

” Oh yeah, you like sucking that big black cock don’t you.” He said . And an affirmative muffled response comes from the back. “Fuck you suck good cock” he moaned.

This continued a short while,as I caught a glimpses of the action. The bad visibility was requiring that most of my attention remain on the road however.

Finally I saw the exit out in this dark rural area that I recognized as one that had a commuter lot just off the highway. I took the exit and proceed to the lot and parked turning around in time to see my beautiful wife removing her panties entirely. Without a word, without even asking if it’s ok, she straddled his big cock and guided the head of it into her pussy with one hand. She got only about a third of the way down before moaning and starting back up again. It took her three times pushing down hard before she made it all the way down his shaft. “Oh fuck dick is huge ” she said to me. She the started to ride him slowly at first. They continued, picking up pace until they were furiously fucking , shaking the entire SUV. He was talking nasty to her telling her he knew all along she was a black cock slut. He continued telling her what a tight pussy she had while he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down hard on each stroke. “Ooooh my god” began to escape her mouth over and over again. At that moment he told her ” go ahead and cum on that dick baby”.

She was going to come with or without his permission, and she started to yell loudly, I’m coming. He immediately groaned “here comes, he it comes baby” and both of them came loudly ,together, for an irregularly long time. He finished looking a little shocked and admitted that he came a lot, more than usual. She confirmed this telling me that he filled her pussy with cum adding that she could feel him throbbing and pumping hot gushes into her over and over. She remained in the back with him for the driver back, leaving her underwear in the back. At the coffee shop lot, they small talked some more. He now seemed genuinely interested in talking and getting to know me a little. I felt bad, but I had to cut him off and let him know that I’d love to talk, but that I still had a distractingly hard aching cock. He laughed, they kissed, and we all agreed to contact each other by text when ever we all had they urge.

A short drive later, and my wife and I were at home and I could see my passenger seat was covered in cum that leaked out of her pussy. As we reached the bedroom she stripped off her skirt and I could see that her pussy was a destroyed swollen mess with his cum running out of her down her legs . I laid her down on the bed , and as she laid back for me, I could see it was still oozing out of her. My 7″ cock was stinging it was so hard. Her pussy was a delightful hot mess as I entered it. I pounded her hard whispering the naughty facts of what I witnesses in the lot and she responded telling me that when he came in her, he swelled up so big that it hurt and felt wonderful at the same time. She said that she came hard squirting, then immediately came again as she felt hot fluid gushing inside her as it was pumped over and over into her impossibly full pussy. This drove us both over the edge and as she finished her recollection, we both came hard. When we finished I could see the blood vessels in her eyes had ruptured she came so hard. For a long while I couldn’t get her speak her brain was so scrambled as her legs were shaking uncontrollably. We were conscious barely long enough to text Jay a thanks before we passed out.

Thanks again Jay from both of us.

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