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me and my cousin

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Im maya 5’2 bubble butt D size breast. My cousin was 5’8 i was 10 and he was 15. So one day I was at my aunt’s house and I was playing with my cousins. So when it was time for bed I was the first one to sleep . an hour later i felt my panties getting pulled down and somebody was touching me. I slept because it felt good and i didnt want them to stop. So that’s when I felt somebody was licking my pussy. So I rolled over and opened my legs. That’s when I felt something big and warm go in my pussy. I could hear my cousin groaning so I opened my eyes and looked at him. He kissed me and told me to be quiet. I was crying because it hurts so bad. My cousin told me to shut up and said I was enjoying this so he kept pumping until he came to me and I kept crying. So he got in between me and licked my pussy clean then I i was grinding my hips and quietly moaning bc it felt amazing when he licked my pussy. he started fingering me hitting my g-spot everytime. i had a orgasm and came then feel asleep….

Sorry its short lol

insta ~2fine.riyah

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    Any more story

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    Short and sweet great little story

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    Let’s swap fam stories on insta @ kinkyguyposts

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    Wanna know more about you😘

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    Great story babe love daddy

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      thanks dady

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    2fine.riyah make a Snapchat too to chat with you

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      illl try

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    If I follow u trynna talk ma

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      yes lol