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I destroyed a family

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This story isn’t about what I did or how I fucked someone.

I am 24 years old living with my girlfriend 27 . We’ve been together for the past 4 years . We have lovely neighbours they moved in a year ago . They are in their thirty’s , they have a child who’s around 2 or 3 year old . This happened 3 months ago , it was at night when I was having drinks with our neighbour , he told me that he is going away for couple of days . Next night I was laying next my gf , she was asleep , it was 2 or 3 am . I couldn’t sleep , so I went to the living room , then I don’t why but I just went to my neighbours house and knocked their door at 2 am . As the husband wasn’t home , wife opened the door , she was asleep, so she asked me what the hell do you want this late. I grabbed her from her waist , I untied her rob and put my hand in her panties and started fingering . She kept whispering” what are you doing , stop that “. Eventually she gave up and started enjoying the moment. I stripped her naked on the couch and started fucking her . For me she was milf , she was 34 and I was 24 . And I am pretty sure that I came in her . We fucked 3 times . It was 5 am already I went to my house , my gf was still asleep.

I have cheated on my gf many times , she has caught me once , but she forgave me , but then a week later we were at party and she caught me making out with 16 y old girl with my one hand in her panties fingering her . She left and I fucked that girl .

Then I was having drinks with the neighbours both wife and husband at my house talking about my gf, she was being awkward around me . Then the wife had to go out with her friends so it was just me and him , after few minutes of talking, I told him everything that I fucked his wife . He punched me and left . I don’t know why I told him , it’s just I wanted that whore to suffer too . Next day I saw them but they seemed normal , I went to him and asked him if he confronted her , he said no , said he’s giving her second chance . I was like that’s fair .

So I moved on with my life , then last night we were having drinks and husband told me thanked me for telling him the truth , then he started cussing on his wife , I asked him ” I thought you forgave her ,” . He replied why the hell would I do that , I was just punishing her for the last 3 months , I aske him how.he replied that he has been pissing on her drinks and foods for the last 3 months. And I was disgusted by it so I left. Next day I went to her and invited her for a coffee, she came , but I wanted to try that , so I had pissed in the coffee . She drank that , then I jumped on her and ripped her tshirt and kissed her on neck and made her kneel down. I told her to suck my dick , then I locked her head with my thighs and pissed in her mouth , she was begging me to stop it , I then I face fucked her and then I fucked her . She was exhausted, while she was sitting on a couch I told her everything that I told her husband 3 months ago and that he’s been pissing in your food and drinks .

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    You are one weird dude 🤔