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The Bad Day Continues

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Janine’s punishment continues until she breaks.

Jenny steps out of the shower as I’m walking in the bathroom. My head is still spinning of the way she used Janine to get me off. “Mmm hey stud are you ready to punish that little bitch some more?” She asks. “Mmmm you know I am what do you have in mind.” I ask. Jenny lifts your panties which now have a very visible yellow stain on the front of them and holds them to her nose and inhales the smell of Janine’s wet cunt and piss mixed. “Well since the little whore decided to stain your favorite panties with her piss I think you should return the favor. Pick her up and put her in the bathtub. And make sure she loses that ridiculous uniform. I walk back in the bedroom where Janine is still passed out on the floor I reach down and rip open her blouse and rip open her training bra which is pretty much pointless the only swells on her chest are her pink nipples. Janine wakes up still groggy. “Daddy what are you doing?” Janine asks. “Oh little girl you heard your mom this is far from over.” As I grab a fist full of her hair and lift her tiny body off the floor by her scalp. I rip her skirt down leaving tiny 4ft 3in 70lbs body naked. Janine’s pale ass is covered it whelps from Jenny’s hand and the belt. “Lay in the bathtub you dirty fucking slut” Jenny yells. “Yes momma” Janine quickly responds and immediately gets in the empty tub. “Show is what you were doing in class” Jenny bellows our. “Momma please I’m sorry” Janine begs. Jenny reaches down and grabs the belt from the floor “show us or I will make sure you miss school for 2 weeks cause your ass is so bruised you won’t be able to walk” Jenny yells. Janine doesn’t try to fight back after her last punishment and takes her right hand and begins to rub her pussy. Janine closes her eyes leans her head back. “Tell me what you’re thinking about Janine” Jenny whispers in her ear seductively. Janine muffles a light moan that escapes her lips. “I keep seeing daddy on top of me in my bedroom tearing open my pajamas and stuffing my princess panties in my mouth” a light moan escapes again. “Oh yeah and why does daddy stuff your princess panties in your mouth?” Jenny whispers. “Because I’m being too loud and I might wake you up mommy” Janine moans. “And why does daddy not to me to wake up” Jenny asks quizzically. “Because I’m too little and you’ll be mad at him” Janine moans louder. “And how little are you Janine” Jenny asks one last time. “9 mommy daddy put his mouth on my princess parts and did things with his tongue to me.” Janine says as her hand begins to move faster on her clit. “Yes momma I did I liked it a lot I was really tingly down there and daddy said he can touch my princess parts whenever he wants tooooooooo” Janine’s body begins to shake as she orgasms. “You dirty little slut I didn’t tell you you could cum did I” Jenny snaps from being kind and sincere back to being dominant. “Mommy I’m sorry I couldn’t help it please mommy no more spankings they hurt really bad” Janine begs. Jenny takes Janine’s ripped blouse and ties it around her eyes as a blindfold. Jenny walks over to me and whispers in my ear “fill her mouth with piss then piss all over her pussy” with a grin on her face as she walks back to Janine grabs her hair and pulls her head back. “Open your fucking mouth” Jenny demands. “Yes momma” Janine replies with her head tilted back and her mouth wide open I push my cock in her mouth and start to fuck her mouth with little resistance Jenny give me a nod so I pull out till just the tip of my cock is in Janine’s mouth and begin to piss. Her tiny mouth fills up quicker than her taste buds can react as I begin to piss on her tiny little red pussy. When it’s clear Janine starts to realize it’s not cum Jenny forces Janine’s mouth closed and growls “swallow it you little slut” Janine reluctantly swallows and just to make sure Jenny pinches her nose forcing her to swallow every drop. Janine sits in the bathtub covered in piss but doesn’t cry or complain. “Mmmm did my little girl enjoy her gold shower” Jenny asks mockingly. Janine sits in the tub trying to catch her composure because she’s learning her tears make her mom mad and that leads to more punishment. Janine’s face has changed from earlier she’s not the same scared tiny 11 year old girl she was when she left for school this morning. Something has broken inside of her and it has been replaced by something much darker. Janine looks up at Jenny and says in a low tone “do you want me to tell the truth mommy?” “Yes Janine I do. Did you like your golden shower from daddy?” “I did mommy but why was it just him that gave me one?” I am completely floored Jenny has successfully broken Janine. “Oh really and who else would give you one Janine?” Jenny asks mockingly. Janine quickly says “you mommy you say all the time I ruined your bladder when you had me why don’t you show me what you mean.” Janine replies. “Oh really” Jenny smiles “and where would my little girl like me to shower her at?” Jenny asks. “My face mommy and let it run down my body.” Janine begins to beg. Jenny looks at me for my approval to which she is instantly granted. Jenny brings Janine’s head to her pussy and tells her to stick out her tongue. Janine does as she’s told as Jenny begins rubbing her clit with Janine’s tongue. Janine’s hand finds her own pussy as Jenny begins to piss on her face. Janine begins to use Jenny’s piss to help rub her swollen little clit. Jenny whispers “don’t you dare fucking cum you little slut”. “Yes mommy as her hand slows down. I push Jenny back on the edge of the tub so her legs are spread wide and force Janine down on her pussy. “Mmm mark is this the big moment” Jenny moans. “It is baby I’m fixing to molest our little girls pussy.” I growl. “Mmmm don’t be too easy on her” I think she wants it.” Jenny happily responds. I lift Janine’s ass up higher giving me perfect access to her right virgin cunt as I begin to rub by cock up and down her barely developed slit. Janine moans and gingerly licks her momma’s hairless pussy. “Mmm mommy you don’t have any hair on your princess parts either” Janine moans. Jenny replies “I get mine waxed your just not old enough to have any yet.” Jenny nods and mouths the words RUIN HER NOW. I grab Janine’s hips and slam my cock through her hymen and bury it deep in her tiny cunt pushing the head into her cervix. Janine screams out and begins to cry. Jenny grabs her hair “don’t you fucking dare cry.” Janine is torn her body is is screaming stop but now her mind is screaming for more. As the sniffles and tears flow Janine says “please daddy harder.” As I pull my cock almost all the way out of her I can see a mixture of piss blood and her own juices around the base of my cock. I slam my cock back inside of her causing her to scream and cry out even louder then she says “more daddy” I begin taking long and deep strokes each time I force my cock deeper into her cervix so I’m rearranging her insides to fit the new found intruder in her tight little body. After about 10 strokes screaming and crying the whole time her body begins to change and she begins to enjoy it a little more. The screams of pain and agony begin to turn into screams of joy. And it was then that it happened and Janine came completely apart. Janine looks back over her shoulder from where her face was buried in her moms cunt and says “mmmm daddy you should’ve done this when I was 9 and you were in my room. You should’ve been fucking your little girl for the last 2 years and turning me into your little cock slut.” Jenny and Janine both begin to moan out as my cock begins to swell so big inside her cunt. “I’m gonna cum in your pretty little pink pussy Janine” I yell and Jenny immediately responds “don’t you fucking dare pull out as my body begins to convulse as I bury my cock in her cervix and begin to flood her insides with my cum. Everyone collapses in the tub so Jenny turns on the water. “You did good baby but you’ll need a lot more punishment.” Jenny says with a kiss on Janine’s head.

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