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My two bus girls

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My job as a school bus driver was more exciting as I got to know two young girls

I had been driving the school children’s bus for about 3 years and loved it, seeing all them school girls on the bus little short skirts and white blouses some with black tights some with none.
It made my day 2 girls had made me look more I picked them up from a children’s home first one everyday and last drop off .
They were 12 and 14 and the 12 year old was bigger than the 14 year old. The youngest was called Sofia and to describe her she was about 5ft 1 not thin not fat her tits were nice size and she had long black hair and she wore glasses.
The older one was a little bit smaller and thin not big tits she had long blonde hair she was called Katie I got to know all the girls by name and also talked to a few,Sofia and Katie seemed very shy but I talked and they did talk back and after a while were very chatty I found out Sofia had been I’m a home for 3 years and Katie 4 they didnt do much as not a lot of pocket money that’s when my plan started .
I asked them both if they were going to be in town sat as I could get them a Macdonalds they jumped at that yes we go walk around on a sat looking at stuff so we planned to meet outside macdonalds in town .
Thr next few days I was expecting them to cancel but they were still up for it I couldn’t wait when I dropped them off Friday after school I said meet you at 10 they both said OK and skipped up the drive to the home .
The morning arrived and I set off into town just to let you know I’m a 30 year old man, I parked the car up and headed to macdonalds I was a bit early about 15 mins but stood away so could see them come and about 5 mins later I saw them I was amazed that they did and they looked nice Sofia had on a denim mini skirt and a white t shirt and Katie had on a black pair of shorts and a white tshirt both looked superb they stood outside waiting as I walked over, I said hi everything OK they both said yes I said should we go in my treat and we went in found a table and ordered, we started chatting and I found out that they didn’t get much pocket money so didn’t have many treats I said well it’s my treat and if you like we can look in Primark and maybe I can buy you something as long as you don’t tell anyone else I will get into trouble ,they asked a few questions like was I married kids etc I told them I was divorced and I was just having fun now they both said they don’t have much fun as it’s strict but can go out when ever I told them I had a big house garden and a hot tub and sauna so I have fun and if they wanted to could come over anytime even if I was out .Honest they said yes and if you want cam show you both later they smiled we ate our food and headed to primary and looked at the girls stuff I just imagined them in all of it but I said should we buy some swimming stuff then if you come you can wear and just leave at mine. By now I was fantasising they both picked 2 piece swimwear this was my plan to find sizes Sofia was a 10 and Katie was large girl. After looking at other shops I said we can go to mine if you like and have a chill I had hoped they would say yes as I had some bottles of pop which I had put roofies in not alot just enough to make them relax .
They agreed and we got in my car they both sat in the back and headed off only 15 mins drive just out of town secluded but only 10 mins walk from thier home they said how nice and big my house was as we pulled up the drive and into the garage we got out went into the house I asked if they wanted a drink they said OK I said the fridge is over there get what u want out of it they both got a bottle of coke I had put the heating up high as I knew with the roofie they would get hot I showed them the sauna and the hottub outside they both wanted a try as never been in one I said OK get changed in the room and I will you and get some towels and gowns I was dying to see them in bikinis and I was not let down as they came put skipping I gave them both a towel and a robe explained that after getting put put robe on to go in the sauna .I had my shorts on loose ones for a purpose we climbed into the hot tub and I put the bubbles on we sat and relaxed then they started splashing around for awhile they had drunk the coke and it would be working I asked if they wanted another and got out to get them when I came back they were smiling and a bit drowsy so I said time for the steam room before the sauna ,so they got out put on robe and we headed in it was very hot and steamy on purpose we sat down me in the middle Sofia said it was so relaxing Katie said she felt like sleeping and lay down as she did Sofia lay against me as she did I put my hand around her and held her tit she looked and smiled I lifted her bikini top up to feel her tit properly for a 12 year old they were nice as I fondled them she just lay more into me my cock by now was rock hard as I slid my shorts down Katie was now lying on her back and looked like she was asleep I reached over placing my hand on her bikini bottoms she didn’t move so I took my hand of Sofia tit and used both to pull them down right off her legs exposing her blonde pubes Sofia was now lying down now so I did the same to her and also took off her top I reached for Sofia and picked her up I was going to carry her to my bed room take some photos and fuck her I arrived her naked body into my room lay her on the bed and got on top, I placed my cock at her entrance making sure I was in view of the camera and pushed my cock it was tight I have a large cock 11 inches and thick but all I could think about was fucking a 12 year old as my head popped in and then I was in by about 5 inches as I pulled back then pushed then back them in and I was right in my balls banging as I fucked her little body it only took 5 minutes before I shot my load into her She was out of it now was time to get Katie she was lighter so much smaller but older as I lay her Next to Sofia and did the same she was harder and she had her hymen which I broke as I rode her and eventually shot up her it was the best feeling 2 young girls fucked by me and going get fucked so many more times but now my plan was to put them together and get a video and photo in positions that I put them in as if they were doing each other after that I got them in their bikinis and lay them on the bed each side of me and let them sleep for a hour and they should wake up and see what they do as I was going to have my shorts down abit cock out and pretend be asleep I had put Sofias hand on my cock and Katie’s on my balls and I had my eyes closed as Sofia started to wake I felt her hand move on my cock not wanking just moving then I felt her lean over and shake Katie and whisper Katie we been asleep and look his shorts have come down and I can see his cock first one I’ve seen Katie whispered first she has except on video she said should we wank him as he’s been good to us no one will know as I felt 2 hands on my cock moving slowly, how fast do we go she said I don’t know Sofia said I’ve never done but I tell you them bubbles in the hot tub have made my pussy wierd like it’s been fingered Katie said the same it feels great as they wanked me Katie says to Sofia I dare you to kiss it if you do I will too ,ohh my god I felt her lips on my cock the Katie’s then Sofias again they were giggling and the Sofia said to Katie should I suck it like on video and I felt the end in her mouth a 12 year old mouth on my cock she was sucking I could not hold it in any longer and I shot my cum in her mouth and she kept sucking I still had my eyes closed as she let go and I heard them go out the room. After about 20 mins I got up and went they were on my lounge watching tv I said I must of fell asleep have you been OK Yes they both said and giggled, I looked at them in their clothes and just said it’s been good would you like to have £20 each yeah they said and I replied it naughty but if you show me you pussies I will give you it ,they looked at each other and said OK but you have to show us too a deal I said as I pulled my shorts down and Sofia dropped her skirt and panties down Katie took off her shorts she didn’t have panties on I grabbed my cock and wanked Sofia said I will do that for another 20 deal but take off all you clothes to do it Katie said I will suck it too for 20 agreed we were all naked .

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  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Try this new amazing concept, it’s called punctuation. It is taught in schools now a days. Also break this story up into paragraphs, also taught in schools.

  • Reply Spydr ID:bk960i54q

    Terrible grammar, writing in general

  • Reply Dude ID:bchpt9bb7i4

    I’m impressed a bus driver has a sauna and hot tub. They’re usually dirt poor.

  • Reply Badman ID:1yqzgh20c

    Needs a bunch of proofreading. In this form it’s barely even understandable.
    I gave up while the characters were still at McDonalds… Too bad! It has potential.

  • Reply Reality ID:3zxiknno6id

    So unbelievably stupid and fake that I’ve shriveled up! A 30 year old owning a house in this market on a school bus drives pay. Come on, such BS!!!