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The invisible sex Joy of a scientist –Part-2

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Robert a scientist invented many medicines. One of it made him Invisible . Using that medicine he matted with many girls and enjoyed his life.

In part -1 Robert the scientist, was inventing many medicines. One medicine made him invisible. He found the recovering medicine also. Using that, he seduced and matted with the girl Nancy, who was living in the same street. As she had been very horny earlier, she accepted that and continued the sex play with him.
Let’s come to part -2
As Robert was a very lusty man, he and his penis were not satisfied by Nancy and her pussy alone.
So both were searching for a new sex partner.
One day Robert went to a milk booth to buy milk.
There, he was stunned seeing a very charming lady by name Anna. She also was attracted by the extreme personality of Robert. So at the first sight itself they both became good friends. They were returning home talking closely.
Anna got married with Danny before some three months. It was a love marriage. Against the strong opposition of both the parents they got married. Danny was a military man. He came home during the holidays. But on the very next day after the marriage, he was called back to join in his duty.
Both Robert and Anna reached the house of Anna. Surprisingly it was just opposite to that of Robert. Anna pulled him inside the house. While sitting on the chair, Robert saw the portrait of the joint photo of Danny and Anna.
Anna returned with a coffee and sat near by Robert. She displayed the conversation between the wedded couple. As a mimicry artist by nature Robert grasped the voice of Danny. She expressed her loneliness and wept. Robert caressed her head and consoled her telling that he would try to solve it by all means. Then he returned home.
Through out the day , he was thinking about Anna. Then he planned to quench his sex thirsty of his own and that of Anna. Yes, on that night at about 12 midnight, he drank the medicine and became invisible. He jumped on the compound gate and entered into her house. He switched off the main point and climbed up to her bedroom.
There he saw Anna deeply sleeping on her bed. He also leaned on by her side and started talking like this in the voice of Danny.

Robert: How are you my sweet heart? I’m Danny.

Anna: Oh my sweet darling. How are you? How can I be normal with out your presence?

Robert : That’s very true my honey. I’m also missing you for the past three months darling.

Anna: Your separation gave me a great sexual craving.

Robert: Yes, my beloved sweet darling. Let’s us stop talking and start our first night. I want to see your marvelous boobs and bunny pussy. Shall I switch on the light honey?

Anna : Oh. No..no. I feel very shy. Please do anything in the darkness itself. Please my honey.

Robert took it for granted to start and continue the game. He slowly undressed her. As three months had passed, Anna couldn’t identify the difference of Robert and Danny.
She also hugged Robert and started kissing him on his mouth. In turn Robert sucked her lower lip and admitted his tongue inside her mouth. Both the tongues played with each other.
He suddenly turned his body and leaned on her in the 69 position. At first he started licking, kissing and biting from her toes to hip. Of course, he licked her palms of the feet. Then he sucked the thumbs of both the legs. As it’s one of the G- spots, she moved her body like a worm.
Slowly he lifted his head and bit her thighs. alternatively. He started kissing her circumferential part of her pussy. Though her husband had been away, she was taking care of her body especially her pussy. Yes, it was cleanly shaved and with velvet touch. There was not even a single pubic hair.
So her licking gave her a very good sensation.
Using his two thumbs, he opened the lips of her pussy and admitted his tongue well inside it. At the same time, he was moving his middle finger on the clitoris up and down like tuning the chords of the music instrument Veena.
By these both actions, she was was tuned wonderfully well. So she had her first orgasm. Robert was sincerely sucking oozing out viscous liquid. The more he licked and sucked, the more the liquid oozed out.
Anna also was sucking his penis nicely. Like a drawing master, she was drawing many designs on his penis using her tongue and lips. Actually lips and tongue are generators of mild electric current. So with great sensation, his penis grew more and more. It attained it’s extreme erection and extended up to 10 inches or even more.
At one stage Robert was about to came. So he asked her to stop sucking. Then he turned again and slowly pushed his rigid penis. As her pussy was very tight, he inserted it inch by inch. In addition, he was cracking sex jokes also for example,
One day, a couple were deeply sleeping after the intercourse. In her deep sleep , the wife in her dreams shouted ,” Run,.. run..out of here. My husband has come”. At once, the husband winded up his dresses and jumped through the window. He fell down and was wounded. He woke up fully and thought,” This is my house and why should I run.” Then he jumped in using the same window and went to sleep. That foolish fellow didn’t think, why his wife shouted like that. Both laughed and laughed for a long time.
Meanwhile Robert had inserted his full penis inside her pussy. But he didn’t start fucking her. He kneaded her boobs and pinched both the nipples. At the same time, he was kissing and biting on her neck and shoulders. In his one hand he was caressing on her head and back. Another hand was playing on her naval part.
Doing these things in one side, he was moving his penis in and out increasing slowly the length of the movement. Slowly her vagina is giving way to the penis. The lubricant also is oozing out more in quantity. So he slowly increased the speed. Anna held the edges of the bed tightly in her hands and moved her head on both the sides
She started prattling like this,” Oh my God! Oh my God.. how nice it is! Hum..um..um… It’s very much pleasure ful.. I.
.I..ai…ai..a..a..mm..mm..fl..ay..ing…in..nn..n.. the..a..a..sk..ai….. Th..an..k.. you .. my .. sweet..
da..aar..li..iing come..on.. fuck me hard. fuck me speedly my. sw..eeeet..hhea.art.” and so on.
Hearing that Robert increased the speed still more. Both touched their peaks and had their orgasms at the same time. So they hugged each other tightly and kissed each other.
Then she requested Robert to fuck her in the Doggystyle. Both came down and Anna stood on her fours. Holding her boobs and lying on her back, Robert fucked her speedly as if a dog was fucking his bitch greedily. Here she was just humming the sound ” m..m…um..umm..”.
After three ejaculations Robert was fucking. So this time, it took a very long time to cum.
In this way both enjoyed utmost up to 4 am.
Then Anna started sleeping. So he covered her by a blanket and left from there.
The next day morning Robert went to her house in his visible figure and confessed what he did the previous night ( honestly ). At first Anna got terribly outraged and stroked on his chest.
But Robert hugged her and caressed her head saying,” Sorry.. sorry.. sorry. I could not bear with your agony of loneliness and sexual craving. Punish me in all ways if you could. Please forgive me.” She recollected the things went on during the last night. She thought that it was her mistake also. So she forgave him and hugged him kissing on her face many times.
After that, both continued the relationship during the forth coming days and both enjoyed it very much.
Dear readers, I am Aruna the writer of this story.
Please write and send your comments and suggestions to my mail ID
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See you in the next part. Until then bye bye.

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