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Betrothed to a pervert! Part 2/4

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Sweet, delicous young pussy, Varun loves. Yo, email me some stories. Some young ones. [email protected]

***Chapter 2*** After Priya changes and warms up some food, they eat, then he lets her freely explore the property, but he tells her she cannot leave it. Happily, she explores the large house, familiarizing herself with her new sorroundings. The main floor was about the size of two of their old houses put together, and it had four really big and nice rooms. As she kept going, she saw the backyard, and a large pitbull in the back chewing on a bone. Her robe was raised and a hand quickly and playfully slapped her petite ass. “Her names Raylana. Purebred and a beauty. Got her for a steal too.” She blushed at his touch and pulled away slightly, before he pulled her back. “We’re now husband and wife. We should be comfortable with each other.” He quickly stripped her of her robe and untied his own, revealing his once again hard cock. She sucked in a breath. Was it bigger than before? He smiled at her face and slid open the screen door. Raylana jumped on Priya and started licking her face, and Priya started giggling. “Down girl. I said- down Raylana!”, Varun commanded and she immediately sat, and started licking her paws and fur. Varun picked up Priya and started kissing her deeply again as he walked to the hot tub. She kissed him back, and it was just like before, only this time his lips and tongue tasted savory from their dinner. He set her down and got in the hot tub. The water was hot, and it swirled in the middle where the jetstreams met. Priya clambered in after and sank down to her neck. The water felt amazing, and it felt even better because she was naked. She had almost forgot Varun was there, until he slid his hand over to her pussy. She looked at him and tried to smile, but it was so unexpected that she had a face of fear instead. “Don’t worry, my little Priya. I”ll be gentle.” She nodded and bit her lip as his finger slid in. His fingers where large and took up her entire canal, but they also where warm and sexy, in a way. Like arousal embilished his fingers. It hurt though, like she was trying to sit on a stick. He grinned as he felt her become wet, then increased his speed. She moaned slightly. It had begun to feel good again, and her body reflected it as she shivered and squirmed from his touch. And just like that, it was over. He pulled his fingers out and stood. He began to jerk his cock in her direction, and like a shot from a sniper, a stream of cum fired and hit her in the face. It felt wet, but she liked the taste a little before, and he said to swallow when he did it in her mouth, so she took her finger and scraped the cum into her mouth and swallowed deeply. “Delicous, Owner.” ***Chapter 3*** “Fuck. Motherfuck. These biscuits are motherfucking good.” Priya laughed uncomfortably. He didn’t use language like that. “Momma taught me.” He nodded in approval and took another. She was sitting in his lap, and he was feeding her while he ate. As she felt him sweating all over her, and a little lump below, she knew what was next. After they where done eating, Varun took her robe off, revealing a tight thong that slid between her vaginal flaps with every movement she made. He smiled at it, then took her to the couch. He began gently licking her neck, then down to her armpit. It was ticklish, but the gesture itself made her aroused. “Slurp. Smack. Mmmm.” God, how could she not be wet when he was making such dirty noises? His fingers felt her clit and began pinching and rubbing, and she came on his fingers quickly. She practically had no stamina. He leaned back and smiled, then folded her knee around his tower. He started thrusting hard into it, and she could feel slime from his cum on her leg, but he didn’t stop. “O-owner. P-please, I, -I want to be done.” He shook his head. “No. Your my property, and I”m using you right now, so shut up. I want to take your virginity before the others get here.” Her eyes widened and she started to try and get up, but he held her down firmly. “O-others?” He chuckled. “From the senior center. You thought I was the only one going to use this little body of yours? They’re moving in tonight, so I want to be your first before they arrive.” He pulled her down to him and started pushing in, but she was too small. “O-owner, ple-ase It won-t fit.” “Shut up. It will you little bitch.” She recoiled at him. She had never seen him act this way before. Not to her, not to anyone. He was never this rude or aggressive. Just then, there was a pop, and he forced all the way into to her. Tears started pouring from her eyes, as he recklessly pounded her adolescent cunt. His old man moans where blurring together, and she could feel was his pressure, his pounding as if he was a machine. Her somewhat developed tits jumped as he slammed in and out, and he leaned down and began sucking hard on them, as if she was lactating. “O-owner, that hu-ahhh-rts!” “I said shut up you little bitch!” Suddenly, his back arched, and she felt warm, sticky stuff pour into her violated body. She began to cry quietly, and he picked her up and placed her on his lap. “I”m sorry.. I got a little intense back there.” She nodded. He looked down for a moment, then took her hand and wrapped it around his manhood. “Spit on it.” Still crying, she spit, but some tears and snot got mixed in with it. She moved her hand up and down, even as tears poured down her ruined face. He came in her hand once more, then pushed her down on the couch. “You know I love my little Priya.” She nodded. He leaned close and mashed his sloppy lips to hers. She tried to pull back but was pulled closer by her betrothed, pulled closer into his web of lies, pulled closer to this man she never knew. And she was too far in to be let out. I’m so damn proud of that ending lmao. Email: [email protected] (I usually reply around 11:00 pm – 3:00 am) I have COTR 10-11 coming out soon, along with a new series. Stay tuned, or send me **NWSLTR** at my email to sign up for a news letter. To my Bollywooders and homies, {:

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    Really good that the pervert is becoming more aggressive.

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    WOW! love that slamming hard fuck – I had that quite often in my 20s … till my pussy got swollen for the next day or two!

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