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Author: Hellish

No longer (A rape poem)

(Girls prespective) To anyone normal Anyone without all-seeing eyes Would just have saw a little ten year old girl and her father walking down the street Not a predator and his prey.... # # #

316 words | 8 |3.50

The Dirty man that owns me

My parents died on my sixteenthth birthday. I was there, at home in our mansion, waiting for them to arrive with cake. The decorations where set up, streamers hanging from the ceiling,... # #

1901 words | 6 |3.90

Betrothed To A Pervert

***Epilogue*** It all happened so fast. The Subaru came roaring down the hill. The ball was kicked, but missed the goal entirely and strolled into the street. A little girl named Priya... # # #

1340 words | 12 |3.67

Cult Of The Rahum

Epilogue Their members are all male. They wear nothing but a single feather glued to their chest. Hair shrouds their crotch like bush, so much to where they couldn’t see there... # # # #

1140 words | 7 |4.54