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Baby Girl 2

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Brothers cock, cock sucking, cum swallowing

I thought about what I had seen while spying on my brother and his girl friend. It was the first time I had seen a blow job in real life and I had orgasmed like crazy. I had seen my brothers cock lots of times as I spied on him jerking off. I thought he jerked off a lot although I was kind of young to know for sure because he was the only male I had shoot his creamy cum out of his cock. Anyhow I lay in my bed rubbing my little virgin pussy and thinking about how I could get my brother to let me suck his cock like his girl friend did. I wanted to swallow all his cum down my throat and into my tummy. The thought of it going down my throat sent me over the edge and i clamped my legs around my hand as my pussy juices covered my fingers.
Some people have said just go ask him so that is what I am gonna do. I think the next time I know he is jerking off I am gonna go into his room and tell him he doesn’t have to jerk off cause i will suck it for him. I thought that was an excellent plan as I drifted off to sleep thinking he was sure to let me.
The next afternoon I heard him in his room jerking off with the door closed and I took a deep breath and turned his door knob slowly opening the door. There was my brother naked in front of his computer watching porn and stroking his beautiful 8 inch cock. It was all swollen up to its full hardness and the head was filled with blood. I walked up behind him and watched his hand slide up and down his cock as he stroked it. I wanted to stroke it for him, I wanted to suck it for him and I wanted to swallow his creamy white cum. I stepped up beside him “What ya doing?” I asked, he saw me and nearly fell out of his chair.
“What the fuck are you doing in here?” he screamed “Get the fuck out”. I just stood there and smiled up at him he was so tall and handsome. “If you want me to suck your cock for you I will” I said “And I will even swallow your cum”.
He looked at me like I had grown 3 head, then he laughed and said “What the fuck do you know about sucking cocks?”. I told him I had seen a girl at school sucking off a senior behind the school a couple of times, which was a lie of course. He looked at me and called bullshit. Then he said “Show me how she did it” and he twirled around in his chair so his cock was facing me and his legs were open. “I think you are full of shit and chicken to do it anyway”. I wasn’t chicken and knelt down between his legs and took his cock in my little hand and began to stroke it for him. He looked down at me and gulped, then he said “Listen Shelly, maybe we should stop this. I was only kidding for you to show me.” but his cock said otherwise cause it was hard and swollen.
I looked up into my brothers eyes and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth making him gasp. It was pretty big and I had a hard time opening my mouth big enough but I managed. It tasted great, a little like piss, a little like something else that was kind of funky and something else that was really good. “OH fuck” my brother moaned as I got use to his cock head and tried to take more into my mouth. I remembered his girl friend had stroked his cock while she sucked on it and with the other hand played with his balls, so that is what I did too.
His cock felt awesome in my hand and mouth, it was huge and velvety and hard. I could feel the skin moving over the hardness inside and I stroked him faster. His balls were covered in hair and I rolled them over my fingers like I had seen his girl friend do making him moan and his balls move in their sack
He wasn’t complaining now he was leaned back in the chair moaning “OH fuck yeah Shelly suck your brothers cock”. I loved that I was doing it the right way and he loved it, even if it made my jaw sore. He was pushing upwards with his hips and his cock head kept going into my throat and I was trying not to gag. I was so turned on I could feel my little pussy leaking in my panties and then he moaned he was gonna cum and to let go of his cock but I just took as much as I could into my mouth. Then his hand was on my head and his cock jerked in my mouth shooting a blast of hot cum down my throat. I struggled to swallow as another and another blast filled my mouth and my pussy creamed in my panties.
I sucked him as his cum dribbled out making sure I got it all, then he pulled his cock from my mouth and it fell down between his hairy legs. “Did I do good?” I asked him with a smile. “Yeah you did real good Shelly but fuck we aren’t supposed to do stuff like that. I am your brother for fuck sake. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have let you do that” and a tear fell from his eyes. “I wanted to” I said “I love you and I wanted to suck your cock and swallow your cum. I really did and I will do it every day any time you want me to. You don’t have to look at porn and jerk off cause I will suck you off. Okay”. He looked down at me between his knees and said “It’s not right Shelly, I could get in real trouble and could even go to jail if anyone found out what we just did”. I told him I would never tell anyone as long as he let me suck him when ever I wanted. He laughed and said “Okay but I am a horny guy and like to cum pretty often. can you swallow my cum 4 times a day?’. I smiled and said “OH yeah I can”.

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