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Little and short

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I loved fucking dogs since I was 15 and I still enjoy it

Hi everyone that loves or into reading about having sex with dogs 🐶. This will be my 3rd story or 4th on here I don’t really remember. 😁

My first time having sex with a dog was with my family dog probably when I was 15 years old. I posted it about the story already how it happened the first time with my familydog.
I want to tell one more story about my family dog. it was one night I was watching movie with my whole family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 the dog she was in her little cage in the living room too 🐾 in somehow I started thinking about fucking her and idk why. I got really horny and hard for the dog. I stud up and grabbed her and put her on the couch I was sitting on my whole family was there was with watching the movie so I couldn’t really fuck her 🥺 but I was secretly fingering her ass and pussy and made her lick my fingers off her her pussy and ass juicy 😊 my family knew about me and the dog was really close but didn’t knew that we were that close 😉. I wasn’t focused on the movie I was focusing making her wet and horny for me 🥺💦 I kept fingering her pussy and ass until the movie was done and we put on another movie too and I was keep fingering her pussy I licked off my fingers and tested her pussy cum and she was fighting with me to let her lick my fingers too 🥵 feeling her wet holes made my dick hard asf it was little dark I made her lick my dick little bit and was so scared but I was so horny I came in my pants☺️ that night I took her in my room kept fucking her all night 💦🥵 I loved eating her pussy so much too she was always so wet 🐶🥺😁💦
I know this story is not that good or exciting but I wanted to tell you about this lol hope you like it and if you want to tell me stories with your dog or had similar story come and tell me about it add me on sc doggy.fun2022

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    I so love fucking a sexy dog’s pussy and reading about it. So beautiful and very hot!

    Thank for writing. More please and feel free to contact me

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    Can you make her Yelp?