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Animal shelter

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I’ve worked at my local animal shelter for a few years. I’m 18 now and I’m trusted to close on my own. The shelter has no cameras except for ones by the external doors, but that’s it. We don’t have the money to put up cameras watching the dogs. Each night I walk through, make sure the dogs are fed and then leave. As days went on with me closing alone, I stayed later and later, taking my time with closing up. I liked looking at the dogs. Whenever I’m at work, the dogs really turn me on. I’m sexually attracted to dogs. I don’t think there was anything wrong with that. I was cleaning one of the kennels and the dog inside started to sniff my pussy. I let her and soon she started to lick through my panties. I moaned and called her a good girl. From then on, I only wore skirts to work, and I’ve been licked through my panties by almost every dog. One dog turns me on more than any other. He’s a big German Shepard named Thor. He hasn’t been fixed yet, so he’s still got a sex drive. He’s almost always humping one of his toys. When he licked my panties, his tongue was the warmest. I took my time cleaning his kennel, watching him hump a stuffed animal. Eventually, I sat on the floor and watched. When he stopped, he came over and started to lick my face. When his tongue started to only lick over my lips, I knew I needed to adopt Thor as my own. I opened my mouth and started to make out with him. He didn’t stop until I pushed him back from my face. I pet him and scratched behind his ears. I felt myself grow more and more wet as I sat here with Thor. I stood and kissed his head before finishing up. I couldn’t sit here all night. The next day, I filled out the paperwork to take Thor home with me. After I finished all of my duties, he and I went home. I told the shelter I would get him fixed, but of course that was a lie. I wanted to be his lover and have sex with him. After he’d settled in, I started to just be naked around the house. He licked my pussy every time I sat down. I orgasmed at least 5 times a day because of his tongue. Whenever he’d jump on the couch we’d make out. He was the perfect partner. One night, I was was ready to have sex with him. I stroked his red cock to get him excited before I got on all fours. He knew what was happening and got on top of me. I helped his cock inside of me and he thrusted into me fast and hard. I knew I made the right choice. When he came inside of me, I knew I was in love with him. Soon, we started having sex everyday.

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  • Reply Alex ID:2xbv0yw949i

    U..a girl here.. always wanted to try with a dog

  • Reply Mandy ID:1ardd6sp8k

    My mother was a vet and so we grew up loving animals. I too became a vet. But my love for animals turned to lust for them when i was 21. I was still studying but helped out at moms practice over weekends. I was engaged and my fiance and i often went to moms office at night and fucked. One night after we fucked he left for an emergency at the hospital cause he was a doctor. I was still horny after he left so i started rubbing my clit with my eyes closed. One of the labs was loose and came in and started sucking me. I wanted to push him away but that tongue was heavenly….thats how it started….

    • Richie Rich ID:2a7ln2vk0j

      You should write about this story

    • Jhonny sins ID:o5ck26vm3

      U should do that while I anal gape u

  • Reply Megan ID:2bgots6t0j

    I have been having it with my dog for a year now

    • Bradley ID:1etj1xt5zyrv

      What have you done with you dog? 😉

    • Amy ID:1eorixamoqp0

      I gave up dating men when I started having sex with my German shepherd he’s a great lover couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend I’ve been a zoophile when I was 19

    • Sunny ID:405copa8j

      Thank you Meg and Amy for sharing. We love you helping us to try too.

    • Greasemagnet ID:2mutfpxyqm

      I need more information.
      How big a dog and can you take being knotted by him?
      Write and post your stories here so we can all enjoy them.
      [email protected]
      55yr male and I love sharing my nudes with all who ask

    • JP ID:1dc4ye0n4h9b

      God would love to meet girl like megan or amy, to be apart of that would be amazing also join in with all love dogs alot

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fzq1f50m3

    More I need more any anal or just more about him fucking you I want detail like him filling you up or his knot all of it

  • Reply S1ckminded ID:fx7ithd9j

    Fuck yeah this is hot

    • Curious ID:1e9hgzx3elq2

      Megan what kind of dog do you have?