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My GF’s Dog take the revenge

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I am a very stubborn man i am 24 lives with my Gf . i am a very dominating kindda man or atleast i used to be. I always liked to dominate my gf or treat her like shit and i know she did not deserves that.she has a dog i always enjoy teasing that dog because i know i was a bad men then who hurt other for his pleasure

Once i come to room after taking shower and saw my underwear gone under the bed i go under the bed to take it but when i tried to get back i was stuck i start to call my GF but she was in kitchen i guess , Then her Dog came and my ass was point at him.First the DOG lick my ass it feels very strange then he put his front to leg on bed and try to put his dick on my ass

But he was missing my ass hole i tried to get out but i really could not then after sometimes the dog put that dick into my ass and fully penetrate and i cry like hell and i bleed to and he started stroking hard it was paining like hell i screaming for my gf .but she did not come .Then the dog keep fucking me and after 5 min the pain become bit less then i feel that my dick was rock hard and after some time i started to cum.At total i cum thrice till her dog cum in my ass and he stoped but then i notice someone put hands on my hips

Its my GF that then i saw she had a mobile and she was recording that then i ask till when you recording that she said about 5-10 mins i asked why you did not help me she said that i like the way to was crying like a bitch . I try to grab the phone but she said no bitch if you dont want that anyone to see it then be a nice bitch



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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Hard to read. Needs more build. If you send the video, then everything else is irrelevant

  • Reply Adam ID:153ke6rthrd

    I’d like to see the video also
    [email protected]

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2xmdwn620c

    i wouldlike to see the video…

  • Reply Femdom boy ID:7r05j3f7v4

    I love your story plz include femdom things in next part

  • Reply Daichi ID:cq1lcf4qm

    Please part 2