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Another surprise in the kitchen

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I actually have been thinking about a third dog.
Hi,Jill again. All was going good with my secret. It was almost like the dogs knew our playtime was taboo. When one or both wanted my pussy, they would wait till Jan left for work to come into the bedroom. Where they’d find their juicy.meal waiting, now days I sleep naked so my babies could easily get what they wanted.well here they came, I was waiting with a smile and my legs spread. Wasting no time they went straight at her.
They had me wet and cumming in no time. Like always once I came it just made them want more and only stopped when they had their fill.. By now I had found a position so they both comfortable lay with full access to my pussy and ass, but after today I will have to find a way for three hopefully any way.
I got up to shower but I called my boys to shower with me. After all they needed to look good to help me find a suitable step brother for them.
The search was a success , he was a bit smaller and younger shepherd. They hit it off in the play area romping aground and playing, and when I introduced myself to all three together my boys knocked me down and licked all over my face and arms. Jim and Jack is their names. The new member of the family was just watching from a distance.
Jack stopped looking towards Beam is was I named him, Jack kinda barked at him then ran to his side as if inviting him to join. Yes I knew then he was the one when he joined them licking on me. Home we headed.
We arrived home and I couldn’t stop thinking about the three of them licking me all over, I was so wet and horny and Jim an Jack knew it. They kept nudging at my crotch. So I gave them the treat they wanted.
I went to the place it all started in the kitchen. I sat down naked on the very edge of the chair. My boys went right for my pussy. And in no time I was flowing. Beam crawled under the chair and finally I felt the third tongue. Lapping at the very bottom of my pussy an ass.
I had multiple orgasms before pulling away from them. I lost my balance and fell over the chair with my ass pointed to Beam. Which instantly continued to dig into me with his tongue. Then it happened he mounted me thrusting his doggy cock at my pussy a few times. Then he got his mark and I felt his little cock swell as he pumped in and out. It got enormous in me. I have never been that full with cock or anything else in my life. I realized then Jack and Jim were locking my kitty as their new brother fucked me. I felt something bigger around than his monster cock was. Forcing its way into the entrance of my pussy. He finally got the huge ball in me, and did it hurt. That is till that cannon opened fire inside me with long jet streams of cum which made me actually squirt for the first time. He kept pumping his cum in me like a fire hose gushing deep in me in till the big round ball started to get smaller and slipped out
All three of them cleaned my pussy sending me to yet another powerful orgasm. That’s when Jack mounted me and it started all over. It was mid afternoon when Jim finished his turn in me. That was the first of many doggy gang hangs. I. Gladly received from my boys. And they say dogs don’t like kitty’s well my boys love mine.

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    What a delightfully fun story Dick! Girls do love their dogs. Dogs love human pussy. Such is life.

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    You should suck one while getting knotted by the other

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    Jill is one lucky girl, isn’t she? Loved that each dog took his turn fucking her and depositing his cum in her hot, tasty pussy hole. Love it!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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    Thank tou

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    Great story tank you

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      You welcome and thank you

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    Would love a pt 3, of the 3 dogs continuing your rape/ breeding throughout the week

    • Dick023it you do let the doggy pick uou ID:8ldlnvp20j

      Thank you hope you enjoy it

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    I want a doggy

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    i love your story❤(sc_rawr1551rb)

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      go get

    • Caramel_fan ID:7ylren3hrb

      Would love a pt 3, of 3 dogs continuing your rape/ breeding.

    • Dick023it you do let the doggy pick uou ID:8ldlnvp20j

      Thank you

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      Thank you