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Surprise Raped

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My name is Aimee (14 F) and I was having a great day out with my friends. We live in a coastal town so we went to the beach. All of us arrived in sexy bikinis that barely covered us. We got ice cream and then ran to the ocean. Water was splashed everywhere and we laughed when Lilly almost lost her bikini top because she fell over and the wave swept it away. I being the only one that could swim properly went after it and got back to Lilly sitting down with her head barely above the water, arms crossed over her boobs.

It was getting late so we all decided to go home. It was getting cold and I didn’t bring spare clothes so I was only in a bikini and sandals. I got stares from old perverts but I just walked past. To get home faster I took a shortcut through a quiet path in the forest that would cut about 10 minutes off the journey. My friends didn’t want to go with me because they said they felt scared.

It was getting dark and I felt like I was being watched. I sped up a bit. There was no street lights so I could barely see. I heard a rustle from a bush beside me. My arm was grabbed and I got pulled. I started screaming but I got ball gagged. The person had a deep voice and said ‘STOP RESISTING OR I WILL KILL YOU!’ I did and he told me to take my bikini off then give it to him. When I handed him the bikini I was heard a bag open and close so I assumed I wasn’t getting it back.

I was shoved to the floor on my back. He spread my legs and he shoved his cock deep in my pussy. I was almost screaming in pleasure in to the ball gag. His dick was huge! I had sex before but this cock was almost double the size. I wanted it to stop but my body somehow loved it. After a few minutes he came in me and filled me to the brim.

I was exhausted but the person flipped me over and plunged his dick in my tight ass. I can’t lie it did feel really good. It was getting very cold and I wanted to get home. He stretched my butt and released his load in it.

The man took the ball gag off me and ran off. I looked around for anything to cover with but there was nothing. I walked through the rest of the forest and sprinted across the road and down the street. My back door was unlocked and I ran in. Nobody was home so I just put on some clothes and didn’t mention anything to anyone.

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  • Reply Randy ID:6cdla3mqrb

    Ricky you are right on the ball. Perfect age..

  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    In your next story, have her go back and find the man again.

  • Reply Ricky ID:3zxjhzgg49a

    I would have shoved it in your ass. Wickr me trickyrick0000

  • Reply The Entertainer ID:d88f808rb

    Teenage girls especially young ones were made to be raped by older men.

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    But did he breed you

  • Reply Jason ID:bizkxpc8m

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