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Need to be raped

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I remember from a young age I started playing with my pussy and getting off anyway I could, I would hump the couch or opened my legs in the shower and let the water hit my clut until I came, I was thirteen when I bought my first dildo online, it also vibrated one day while I was home alone I heard a knock on the door and it was my brothers friend he was tall and dark I love bbc

I threw on some shorts and a loose tank top with no bra, answering the door I let him in and told him it was just me home by myself, we sat down on the couch and talked for a minute he kept staring at my tits and I was still so horny from not being able to finish so I invited him to my room and he came up and we layed in my bed making out for a whole before he pulled his dick out

It was big about 9 inches or so and thick, “rape me” he looked at me shocked “use me daddy please” I said stripping infront of him, he got up and grabbed me throwing me on my bed on my stomach I was already so wet he just slipped in making me scream out from how he stretched me open

He pounded into me rough and hard until I started squirting even then he didn’t pull out instead he kept going while I was shaking I couldn’t breath and kept begging him to stop but he didn’t listen instead he slapped me and fuck me until he was done and I was crying

I need him to fuck me again I need to be raped and bruised and tied down

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