The military wife

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My name is Luz Marina, I am 42 years old and I live in Puerto Ordaz. I am a pretty tall woman with long brown hair, a medium chest and slender legs. I am a doctor, I am married to a military man and we have a 21 year old son. I am telling you what happened to me a few months ago, which caused me so much physical and moral suffering. Today I believe that I have overcome the trauma and I think of the moments lived with a different feeling.
It was about 09:00 at night and, when I was about to enter the garage of my residence, being on board my vehicle in the company of my friend Blanca, we are intercepted by an unknown subject, of the apparent age 20 years old, who carrying a firearm, aggressively and under threat of death, manages to submit us stating that it was a robbery, forcing us to enter inside the residence, where my son Luigi was, and the same at realizing the presence of the robbers, he goes out in a fast race for help, violently preventing him from another unknown subject, who was also armed with a firearm, managing to subdue my son, beating him brutally with his feet, his fists and with the handle of the firearm it carried. Then the two armed young men go up to the second floor of the house, in the company of us, proceeding to lock us in the main room of that house, that is when the first assailant (who was appealed to Adrian by the other) makes a phone call stating:
“Everything is already dominated, it happens, do we take everything in the van or in the fiat? Ah, ok, good in the van.”
Then, Adrian orders me, Blanca and my son to undress completely.
I protest but the subject points the gun at my son so we start taking off our clothes.
I take off my shoes, then the sweater and the blouse. Blanca and my son do the same.
“All the clothes!” Adrian says, pointing the gun at my son again.
So I also take off my skirt and socks, leaving only the bra and panties.
When we were all in our underwear, Adrian proceed to take the keys of my car, our cell phones, gold garments and other objects.
Then the other bandit (who was appealed Alejandro by Adrian) arrives in the room.
“Search the whole house, take valuables and put them in the car of this bitchr” Adrian says throwing the keys to Alejandro.
Then Adrian talk to us again:
“Come on, take off your underwear too”
“Why, what need is there?”
“I know you are the wife of a military man and you can hide weapons.”
“Please, I can’t do it in front of my son”
“Are you ashamed to show your son your pussy? Are you afraid to see how big his cock is?”
“Come on, you have 3 seconds to take everything off, then I’ll shoot the young man. 1,2 …”
So we take off our underwear and we are completely naked.
“Well, now turn against the wall, because I have to look for you”
Then we put our hands on the wall, turning our backs to Adrian.
The robber begins to touch Blanca’s body, then Luigi’s and finally mine.
Adrián palpates my tits, then caresses my ass and finally runs his hand over my pussy. I hold my breath, then I beg him to stop.
“You can put on your panties again, just those.”
Then Adrian yells at the third robber to enter the room.
“Jackson, tie the feet and wrists of these two and then close the room. I take this lady with me.”
“Please don’t hurt her.”
But Adrian doesn’t listen to my son’s words and takes me by the arm, leaving Jackson, who looked like the youngest of the three, with Blanca and my son.
I’m screaming as he takes me to another room. I look at him in terror while he takes off his clothes. Then Jackson and Alejandro also enter the room.
“Please don’t … please.”
Then Jackson grabs me and puts me in bed, then the other two raise my legs, tear off my panties and tie my legs.
Now I am in a position of fetus in bed, so that my ass and my pussy are outstanding.
“I want to be the first to fuck this bitch.”
Adrian climbed onto the bed behind me and I feel his hard cock trying to get into my pussy.
Then he places his cock at the entrance of my dry vagina and penetrates me wildly, strongly, causing me tremendous pain that makes me cry and scream.
A few minutes later Adrian takes my cock out of my pussy and spits in my anus. I, guessing the intentions of Adrian, begins to shout: “No, please don’t, no!”. The guy does not pay any attention to my words and smiling he shoves his cock in my ass and begins to put it slowly, causing me great pain, so I shout with more force and feeling: “Oh no, please, stop, stop, I beg you, please!”
Meanwhile Alejandro had gone to the side of the bed near his head.
“Suck my cock, bitch!”
At this point, I don’t have an instinct for reaction and I started sucking Alejandro’s cock, while Adrián was rubbing behind my ass. After an indefinite period of time I feel that Adrian ejaculates in my ass and shortly thereafter Alejandro releases his sperm stream into me, forcing me to swallow it.
“Jackson, come and enjoy it.”
It’s Jackson’s turn to fuck me in the pussy while Adrian puts my cock in my mouth.
In the end the three men fucked me both in the pussy and in the ass and left me full of a mixture of semen and blood product of the ejaculations in each of the holes and the tearing I had suffered.
Then the three of them took me out of the room, asking me about the firearms, and I, frightened, replies that my husband is a military retired from the national guard, that he is outside the area and that there was no firearm in the house. Then the three leave the place, leaving me, Bianca and my son tightly tied up with thick cables, taking my vehicle, loaded with various objects.
I have suffered serious injuries, as a result of the ties with thick cables with which I was immobilized by the robbers and that caused injuries to my hands and wrists.
But I finally recovered, and today that I’m fine, I can’t help but masturbate, thinking about that night.

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