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Author: Ped0l0ver

Love incest

I love fucking my cousin Riko, we take showers together and watch porn together it’s amazing but lately I’ve had my eye in his friends Nani, he’s Latino with curly... # # #

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Love eating pussy

From a young age i was being touched, started when I was four and didn’t stop until last year, I loved it tough, I love being fu ked open against my will it turns me on and makes... # # # #

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Need to be raped

I remember from a young age I started playing with my pussy and getting off anyway I could, I would hump the couch or opened my legs in the shower and let the water hit my clut until... # # #

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Me and my cousin

I remember falling asleep on the couch while watching tv, I felt cold fingers run over my shirts because I’m a light sleeper, I opened my eyes to my older cousin he looked at... # #

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More about me and my cousin

I felt my body get cold as the blankets moved from off of my lower half, I only sleep in panties and a thin shirt I layed there for a few seconds with my eyes shut before I felt two... # #

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Eating my cousin

I remember when I was 10 we had a party for my cousin it was her 12 birthday after cake and presents the adults partied and me and her went to her room we would kiss and make out in... # # #

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