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Mommy’s Little Rapists

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Janice teaches her 12-year-old son and his best friend to get revenge on the woman who stole her man.

Janice slammed the front door shut behind her. The 39-year-old brunette single mother of two had spent the afternoon fighting with her best friend, Lisa. Their disagreements were happening more often and Tania was beginning to run out of patience with her friend.

“That bitch,” she swore to herself. “Fucking whore, bitch, cunt!”

Janice had been dating a nice guy for three months. For a while, it seemed like she’d met her dream man. He was perfect and she was convinced her luck with men had changed, but then she found him in bed with her best friend! To make matters worse, this wasn’t the first time: back when they were in college, Lisa had fucked another one of Janice’s boyfriends.

“Whore, bitch, cunt,” she repeated, taking a look around her nice suburban house. Her son, Alex, was supposed to have a friend over after school, but there was no sign of the boys. Heading upstairs, she went to look for them, to make sure they’d gotten home safely. She wasn’t supposed to be back until that evening, so she imagined they might have been out riding their bikes or visiting another friend’s house. After all, they lived in a small community and it was very secure most of the time.

As Janice approached Alex’s bedroom, she detected the smell of cum in the air. It was that masculine musk she secretly so enjoyed. As she got closer to her son’s bedroom, the scent grew stronger. Then she heard the faint sound of two women moaning. Reaching her son’s door, she found it closed. The sounds were coming from the other side and so was the smell. Dropping onto her knees, she brought her eye to the keyhole to see what was going on.

The sound was coming from the little computer speakers Alex had on his desk. He was sitting next to his friend, Joey. The two 12-year-old boys had their lubed-up cocks in their hands, pumping furiously as they watched two lesbians eat each other out on the computer monitor.

Janice smiled, believing there was nothing wrong with a little experimentation, even though part of her thought they were a bit young for porn.

“Boys will be boys,” she said.

For a moment, the mother’s eye lingered on the sight of the two young friends stroking their cocks. They were both sporty and fit. Their shafts were a good size too… She found herself licking her lips before hopping to her feet.

“No, no, no,” she reprimanded herself. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Janice?”

Heading to her room, the single mom decided she needed a cold shower. In her bathroom, she ran the taps and undressed. Her body was perfect for a woman five years younger. She was very athletic, with defined abs, a tight ass and natural D-cups. Stepping underneath the water, she felt her own body. Her thoughts turned back to her fight with her best friend and she wondered why she wasn’t good enough to keep her man.

Was she ugly? Not hot enough?

As her fingers traced her skin, she knew it wasn’t the case. She was sexy. She worked hard to make sure she stayed that way. Her body was a temple and she took very good care of it.

Suddenly, her mind snapped back to a more recent memory: the sight of her boy and his friend stroking their hard cocks. She wanted to resist, but she couldn’t… Janice’s hand ended up between her legs and she started rubbing her pussy. It was automatic. She didn’t intend for it to happen, but she couldn’t stop herself. Slamming her palm against the shower wall, she kept herself steady as cold water poured over her MILF body and her fingers worked her warm cunt.

It was the fastest she’d ever brought herself to climax. The feeling took over her whole body and she sank to her knees as her body shivered and the nerves in her brain set themselves alight. The cold water streamed down her back as she kept going. Her fingers worked even faster and she bit down on her lip. She was a woman possessed, thinking about her 12-year-old son of all things, but also thinking about how much she hated Lisa.

It was like the combination of the two awoke a new part of her…

Ten minutes later, Janice was in her room and getting dressed in a t-shirt and sweats. She’d banished her evil thoughts and wondered what to make for dinner. Her 14-year-old daughter, Sam, was staying over at a friend’s place, so it would just be her and the boys.

“Burgers,” she decided. “They love burgers!”

Heading into the hallway, there was still no sign of the kids, and the smell of sex had only gotten more pungent. Again, she heard the sound of pornographic moaning from the other side of her son’s room. She knelt down, bringing her eye to the keyhole just in time to see Alex soak his cock with lube before passing the large bottle to his friend. Joey did the same and the boys kept stroking away.

She couldn’t quite tell, but Janice was pretty sure the boys’ cocks were as coated in their own cum as they were soaked in lube. They obviously had endless stamina and could go multiple rounds in quick succession.

“Ah, to be young,” Janice snickered. Her eyes adjusted to looking at the video playing on the computer. She sighed as she realised the pornstar on screen looked a bit like her friend Lisa, but then she smiled…

It was a rough video and the male star smacked the woman’s face before spitting on her. He shoved his cock in her mouth and made her gag, forcing his nine-inch porn cock down her throat.

Again, Janice felt a strange combination of lust and wickedness that made her think sex and violence go well together. The boys stroked their cocks faster as the action on screen grew more intense, and Janice felt her pussy get all wet. She was practically drooling as she watched the combination of her son and his friend and the rough sex on screen.

Jumping to her feet, she knew it was wrong…

Rushing to her room, she shut the door and swallowed hard. Her heart was racing, her palms were sweating, and she felt like she might puke. It was the feeling of pure adrenaline as she stripped off her top and pants, then bra and panties. She opened her drawer and picked her sexiest black lace underwear, adding stockings and high heels. Her fit body looked divine encased in the expensive lingerie and she walked to a mirror to check her hair before deciding she wanted to wear some make-up. Five minutes passed and soon she was looking like a high class hooker — a very expensive one at that.

“Slut,” she grinned, having decided that she needed some stress relief after the day’s tribulations.

Heading back to her son’s room, Janice didn’t bother knocking before she opened the door and walked inside. The boys were shocked, caught with their pants down and porn playing on the computer! But that was only the first shock as they quickly saw what Janice was wearing.

She felt instant regret, shivering as she froze in place and wondered what the hell she was thinking. In the back of her mind, she still thought she could run away, but she knew it was too late.

Summoning all her courage, she made her voice sound sultry. “Hello boys.”

“M— M— Mom?” Alex stuttered, cock still in hand.

“Yes, dear.”

“I— I— I—”

“You two look like you’re having fun,” she remarked. “I don’t want to bother you, but I was thinking of watching a naughty video myself and was wondering if you’d like to join me in front of the big screen? It’s much nicer to lay back on the couch and touch yourself, instead of sitting and staring at that little computer.”

Alex looked to Joey. Joey looked to Alex. They both looked at Janice.

“I— Uhm—”

Pretending to be heartbroken, Janice pouted. “I understand, boys. I’ll just go watch some porn on my own then… I’ll call you once dinner is ready.”

Suddenly, Joey sprang to his feet. “N— No, ma’am,” he said, “we’ll join you. Right Alex?”

“Eh—” Alex froze, looking his mother up and down as she stood before him in her sexy attire. She’d noticed that his erection had only grown as they spoke, and it was clear any resistance on his part was fake. The allure of laying back and watching pornos with his sexy mom and his best friend (who he also kind of liked) was too hard to resist.

“We’ll just clean up first,” he offered, but his mother insisted they come immediately.

“I’ll clean up for you later, darling. It’s not every day you have a friend over, so I’m happy to play housekeeper. Bring that lube and let’s go cuddle.”

With all that settled, the boys left their pants behind and followed Janice to the living room. She walked ahead of them, swaying her hips seductively in a way that made their jaws hang on the floor. As they reached the sofa, she sat down in the middle and patted the spaces next to her so that the boys would join her.

At that moment, she realised she didn’t actually have any porn to watch. Luckily, their television had a web browser, so she grabbed the remote and asked the boys what their favourite thing to watch was.

“Anything,” Alex answered nervously.

“Oh,” said Janice, “so, some gay porn then?”

“No, euw… Gross.”

“Now darling,” she said, “don’t be like that. You’re young and need to experiment. Plus, I saw what you were watching earlier and you’re in no position to call anything gross. You know the man in that video would be wrong to treat a lady like he treated her?”

Joey and Alex nodded in unison. “Yeah… Sorry…”

“Oh, darlings, you have nothing to be sorry about… I said it’s not right to treat a LADY that way, but she wasn’t a lady, now was she?”

“Huh?” Alex asked.

“She was a whore, darling. Mommy is a lady, but that woman in the video was a whore.”

“Oh… Oh, yeah! That makes sense.”

Janice smiled, kissing her son on the cheek to make him blush a deep red. “I’m so glad I can teach you how to be a good boy.”

Turning to Joey, Janice gave him a little peck too, which seemed to make Alex jealous. He suggested they watch something rough…

“We like it,” he explained. “There are lots of girls in our school who aren’t ladies.”

“Yeah!” Joey agreed.

“Yeah?” Janice asked. “You like to watch the rough porn while you imagine doing the same to them?”

The boys blushed and Janice decided to leave the discussion for the time being. She navigated until she found a good video: two large muscled men and one five-foot porn barbie with a tiny little skinny body that must be so easy to throw around.

The scene definitely didn’t dissapoint, but the boys seemed anxious about stroking their cocks. Putting her hand underneath her panties, Janice started playing with herself as she looked from one kid to the next, encouraging them with her eyes. Eventually, they joined her, lubing up their hard shaft and yanking on their cocks. Janice spread her legs so they touched the boys and the heat of contact saw their virgin cocks explode cum. The sight of the massive loads blasting onto their legs and tummies made her giggle as a heat built in her chest. She came too.

“Fuuuck, yes!” she uttered, rubbing her pussy harder and harder as her orgasm exploded. Her panties were so wet it was uncomfortable and she pulled them down her legs, revealing her naked slit with its trimmed bush. This made the boys’ eyes roll back in their heads as they saw real pussy naked for the first time in their lives, driving them quickly to a second climax.

Looking at Joey, Janice apologised for swearing in front of him (like that was the most inappropriate thing she’d done all day). Then she looked to Alex and saw the smile on his face. “Mommy loves you, darling.”

Her son was so adrenalised it wasn’t even funny. “I— I love you too mom.”

“Keep stroking your cock, baby. You want to get it nice and hard again. Mommy doesn’t want to play all on her own and the night is still young.”

Joey chipped in, “It’s really sensitive a little right after we cum, so we usually have to wait.”

“Ah, yes,” Janice smiled. “I forgot boys do that… Luckily, I know a secret way to make it feel all better.”

Getting to her feet, Janice spun around and faced the two boys. Their eyes went wide as she dropped to her knees and told them to scooch closer together. Once they were sitting side-to-side, she turned to Alex first — to her baby boy. Taking his soft and sticky cock between her lips, she tasted lube and cum mixed together. She loved it.

Though he was young, Alex was an impressive size, but she didn’t struggle gobbling up all of him. After all, she wanted to be the best mommy ever. As she sucked him, his cock grew hard in her mouth until it was really firm. She sat back, looking into his eyes with maternal love as she gave him new instructions.

“Mommy is a lady, but that doesn’t mean you should stop being a man.”


“Hold my head while I suck your cock,” she elaborated. “You should always take charge.”

As she went down on her son a second time, Alex complied and began manipulating his mother’s head as she gave him a blowjob. It wasn’t long before her felt his balls go tight and his stomach tense. He tried to warn her, but the orgasm came to fast and his mom choked on the blasts of cum he fired down her throat.

She wanted to be the best mommy in the world, so she swallowed every last drop before turning to Joey. Again, Alex was a little jealous, but he found a way to get over it, putting a hand on his mom’s head to help Joey get the best experience possible.

He didn’t mind sharing her, as long as he was still in control.

Joey came fast and Janice swallowed his spunk without a bit of hesitation. All the while, she’d been rubbing her pussy from one mini-orgasm to the next. Once she’d cleaned up both boys, she was left with a dillema…

She knew what came next. They had to learn how to fuck and she desperately wanted them in her pussy, her asshole… Maybe both at once, sharing the same hole or spitroasting her. But it also felt like a step too far, and she wasn’t too sure it would be a fulfilling experience. After all, they were inexperienced virgins and needed a bit more practice humping pillows and their own hands before graduating to a real woman.

Resuming her seat next to the boys, Janice looked at the television. The rough porn was still playing and the poor whore on camera was getting absolutely destroyed. The wicked streak in her mind was reignited and she had a sudden primal desire to do something evil.

Checking our the boys, she remarked again how fit and muscled they were. Their cocks were pretty impressive already, and would only grow to be bigger and more beautiful.

“So, you two fantasise about being rough with a girl?”

“Ehm,” Alex stuttered, unsure if he wanted to reveal his darkest desires to his mother, even if she’d just blown him.

Joey was more direct. “We’ve picked a girl we like… We were thinking of—”

“Shut up!” Alex interrupted, but his mother wanted Joey to continue, so he did.

“She’s a bully,” he explained, “and we thought we might teach her a lesson.”

“Yeah?” Janice grinned, grabbing the boys’ cocks and gently stroking to encourage them to tell all. “You boys want to rape her?”

“N— No…”

“It’s okay if you do,” Janice consoled. “As long as she’s a whore, not a lady.”

“She is a whore,” Joey said. “She’s definitely not a lady. Right Alex?”

“Y— Yeah…”

“Boys, boys, boys,” Janice reprimanded. “You can’t go do something like that—”

“We know,” Alex defended, “it’s wrong and illegal.”

“That’s not the reason,” his mother explained, having fully embraced her dark side. “You’re good boys, and good boys deserve a little fun. But you need to be careful and plan things… If you want to be little rapists, you have to be the best little rapists you can be. Is that what you want?”

“Y— Yeah,” the boys said in unison.

Getting to her feet, Janice decided it was time for a field trip to get the boys some more practice. And it was time to teach the bitch Lisa a lesson…

— — —

As Janice pulled up outside her so-called best friend’s house, she turned to the boys to make sure they were still ready. She retrieved the bottle of wine she’d brought along and made sure each had a sip, then she explained the plan once more…

“Remember my lovelies, Lisa is a whore, so she doesn’t deserve your respect or your mercy. You are my strong boys and I don’t want you to hold back tonight.”

Alex nodded, but he was also unsure. “Mommy… I’m nervous.”

Kissing her son’s forehead, Janice consoled him. “Don’t worry, darling. I’ll be with you all the time.”

As the three got out of the car, the boys retrieved their backpacks, filled with the tools they’d need for the night’s work… The three walked to the door and Janice knocked, then knocked again.

Coming down to open the door, Lisa was a hot blonde with shoulder length hair and a bimbo’s body. Her tits were obvious fakes and her lips were a tad too thick to be real, but she was plastic in a sexy sort of way.

Janice didn’t doubt she’d get her two trainee rapists excited.

“Janice? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

“We’ve had a disaster,” Janice explained. “The pipes at our house burst and half the place is underwater. The plumbers are going to have to work throughout the night and we have no place to sleep.”

“Oh, you poor things! I have the spare bedroom and the couch. You’re more than welcome to stay the night.”

“Thanks Lisa,” Janice smiled. “Boys, why don’t you go put your things away while Auntie Lisa and I talk?”

The boys complied and went to the spare room after getting some basic directions. In the meantime, Lisa had dropped the friendly facade.

“You know I fucking hate kids,” she whispered. “Why come to me of all people?!”

“You’re my best friend—”

“Yeah, but I’m not a fucking hotel. Anyway, why are you dressed like a whore?” Lisa asked, pointing at the coat Janice had put on over her lingerie and stockings.

If Janice had any doubts about her plan, those doubts faded. Lisa deserved what she was about to get.

The two women walked to the kitchen. It was a simple suburban home with limited features, comfortably in the price range of a single woman like Lisa. Once they were inside, Janice acted fast. She’d been keeping her pepper spray clenched in her hand and raised it to her best friend’s eyes, pressing down the button to unleash a torrent of burning liquid.

Lisa wanted to scream, but her throat was already constricted. Janice grabbed her by the neck and mouth and slammed her against the wall, dragging her teeth along her friend’s neck to make it clear she owned this bitch.

“You’ve been a thorn in my side for long enough,” she snarled.

The sound of the fight was exactly what the boys had been waiting for and they emerged to come help their mentor. Alex and Joey were naked except for a stocking over each’s head to hide their identities on the video Janice planned on recording of the night’s adventures. They were carrying duct tape and rope. Joey had a kitchen knife that was the size of his arm, and Alex was carrying his favourite baseball bat… Precautions to make sure Lisa didn’t resist too much.

Punching her so called best friend in the ribs, hard, Janice made Lisa fall to her knees before taking a step back. “You’re not going to make a sound, understand?”

With tears and snot streaming down her face, Lisa couldn’t comprehend what was going on. “Wh— Why?! Why are you doing this to me?”

“Me? Well, bestie, I’m doing it because you’ve crossed me for the last time. They’re doing it because boys will be boys and they need the practice.”

“I’m— I’m going to scream—”

Lisa was cut short as Janice drove a knee into her friend’s head, stunning her. “Now or never boys!”

With the signal given, the two 12-year-old trainee rapists made their move. They pounced on the older woman, placing duct tape over her mouth and taping her hands together. She tried to resist, but it was no use. At one point, it seemed like she would break free!

“Control your whore!” Janice encouraged, causing her son to launch the baseball bat at Lisa’s side. The blonde grunted, tears streaming down her cheek as snot ran from her nose.

As Janice removed her coat, she grabbed her phone, took a seat on the kitchen counter, and started recording. The two boys with the stockings pulled over their heads looked strangely cute manipulating their victim, and she got a heartwarming feeling in her chest as she watched them figure out the female body. She’d told them they could go bareback, knowing Lisa was clean and well cared for.

As they cut up the whore’s clothes, they nicked her skin here and there, making her cry out in pain. At one point, Joey said sorry before proceeding to slap her face simply because he felt like it. Little moments like that made Janice giggle as she recorded and rubbed her pussy.

Soon the boys had Lisa at their mercy, on her back, with her hands taped behind her back. Kneeling next to each other, they seemed unsure what to do with themselves…

Janice climbed off the counter and took a step closer. “Aw, look at that shaved pussy. You see, boys? That’s one way to tell if the girl you’re about to take is a whore. Stick your fingers in there.”

Without giving it much thought, the boys began sliding their fingers into Lisa’s warm cunt. Both had two inside as she writhed and moaned.

“Make it three each,” Janice encouraged, cackling madly as the boys followed her instructions and violated her friend.

Their inelegant hand motions must’ve hurt like hell because Lisa looked truly pathetic.

“She wants your cocks boys,” Janice encourage. “Flip her around so one of you can take her asshole.”

“Her asshole?” Joey asked. “Won’t that hurt?”

Janice rolled her eyes. “You or her?”


Alex was a faster study. “Who gives a fuck how much it hurts her? She’s a whore. Eh— Sorry for swearing, mom.”

Janice snickered. “I’ll spank you later. For now, enjoy your meat.”

Another thing the boys had brought with them was some lube. Flipping Lisa onto her face, they sprayed the slick liquid everywhere with very little of it actually landing on her cunt or asshole. Joey picked pussy and Alex was more than happy to take his mother’s enemy’s asshole raw.

“Don’t be afraid of touching each other,” Janice explained. “It’s inevitable you’ll make some contact while tagging up on a girl. Embrace it.”

The boys seemed unsure, but they were open to all and any advice. For a moment, Alex seemed to struggle penetrate Lisa’s hole, but once he did he forced his way in without any ceremony. His cock split open her ass crack and she screamed under the duct tape on her mouth as he loved the feeling of the intense anal tightness and began banging her.

Joey soon made his move, slowly penetrating Lisa’s pussy after struggling to find the opening. He moved slow at first.

“Grab her hips,” Janice encouraged, filming everything. “Make her yours. Don’t give a fuck about her comfort. She’s meat to you. She’s a whore.”

Joey nodded vigorously, the end of the stocking stretched over his pretty face flapping around as he accepted the instructions.

Lisa was being fucked hard and it wasn’t too long before she had the boys moaning in anticipation of an explosion. They sawed in and out of her, their bodies two thirds the size of her bimbo physique, making it all the more adorable to Janice. Lisa’s eyes were red and puffy, but she didn’t close them. She couldn’t close them. It was like nothing could drag her to peace. She had to experience the terror of the moment.

As the boys grunted and groaned, they started moving faster until their balls tensed and cum started plastering Lisa’s insides. The feeling of the boy spunk in her made Lisa cry out in emotional agony as she realised she’d been fully violated.

Alex and Joey were very proud of themselves, stumbling back in shock and giggling as they saw their cum leak out the broken blonde. Not knowing what else to do, they high-fived each other and congratulated one another on a successful first conquest.

Ending the recording, Janice set her phone down and placed her high-heeled foot on Lisa’s back, pushing her flat onto her stomach.

“I hope this will teach you, Lisa… I’m not going to be fucked with anymore. My little video should ensure your silence, unless you want the whole world to know what happened here tonight. Of course, we could always just kill you.”

Shaking her head fast, Lisa made it clear she wouldn’t tell anyone. She didn’t want to be humiliated in public and she didn’t want to die.

“Good girl,” Janice complimented, pressing down the spike of her heel into her bestie’s skin. “Now, boys… We’ll do a second round soon. This time, Alex will get her cunt and Joey can take her asshole.”

The boys nodded happily. “You’ll like her ass,” Alex said. “It’s very tight.”

Joey was glad. “Her pussy is amazing. It’s so soft and warm.”

Janice took her foot off Sam and explained they’d take a break first. “One round whore, one round lady… C’mon boys, I’m going to teach you how to eat my pussy before you get to have another go.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Thanks, mom!”

“Oh, lovies… This is only the beginning!”

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