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Merry Christmas and Happy birthday to me

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I had the best day of my life. I finally got to join in with my families incestuous fun.

There’s 4 of us in the house, me, I’m Tommy and I’m 12, my sister Sadie, she’s 16, my mom, Lisa, and my dad Johnathan, and I live in a house on incest, but even though my mom, dad and sister have been doing sex stuff together for years, I wasn’t allowed to join in until my 12th birthday, and my birthday was also Christmas day.

At 6am On Christmas morning, my 12th birthday, I ran downstairs in my Transformers pyjama’s, excited to open my presents from the under the tree, I was hoping for an Xbox, however, when I got in to the living room, there were no presents under the tree, not a single one.

My dad made me jump, “Morning, Son.” He said from behind me, I didn’t notice he was there at first, he was sitting in his favourite chair wearing his Santa Clause outfit, “Happy birthday.” He said.

“Thanks, dad.” I replied, but I was still gutted that they were no presents, “Did I get any presents?” I asked, not that I was being selfish or anything, it was my birthday and Christmas day after all.

My dad tapped his lap, “Come here, Son.” He requested, so I ran over and jumped on his lap and he put his arm around me, “We’ve got a very-very special present for you today. Look over there.” He said, pointing towards the door.

I look at the doorway, then Mom and Sadie came dancing in to the living room, both were wearing Mrs Santa outfits, very sexy and revealing outfits, tiny red skirts with white fluff around them, and red bras with white stuff around them, candy strip stockings, and Santa hats with bells on, they danced in to the room singing “We wish you a merry Christmas.” And they dance, sexily, for me and my dad’s enjoyment and amusement.

My mom held out her hands, wanting me to get up and dance with her, I did and also danced with Sadie, it was a lot of fun, Sadie took off her hat and put it on my head, then they both leaned down and kissed both my cheeks, “Happy birthday, love.” Said mom.

“Happy birthday, Runt.” Said Sadie.

Then they looked at each other, smiled, took hold of their bras at the back, and in one swift move, quickly pulled them off, “Merry Christmas!” they shouted with joy, as they exposed their breasts to me for the very first time, I was gobsmacked and also excited.

“You’ve been a good boy all year. But now it’s time to be naughty. Very naughty.” Said Mom.

Then Sadie put her hand on my chest and gently pushed me backwards toward the couch, she then dropped to her knees and yanked down my bottoms, I wasn’t wearing anything underneath, then she pushed against my chest causing me to fall to a seated position on the couch, she opened my legs and my cock and balls dangled over the edge of the cushion.

My virgin cock had already started to swell after seeing their breasts, and now Sadie was rubbing my cock and balls with her warm hand and making it swell even more, “Let’s see what we’ve got to work with here.” She said.

After a couple of minutes I was rock hard, and Sadie was jerking on it with a very tight grip, “This will do. It’s pretty big, mom.” She announced.

“Wow. That’s my boy.” She replied, she was giving dad a lap dance while he sucked on her boobs.

“Merry Christmas, Tommy.” Said Sadie, rubbing the tip of my cock against her soft breasts.

“Merry Christma-a-a-a-ooooaah.” I replied, losing my train of thought when she suddenly leaned down and started sucking on my cock, this was turning out to be the best day ever.

But the pleasure didn’t last long, I ejaculated after about 40 seconds, shooting off in to her mouth.

Sadie stopped sucking on it, then licked her lips after swallowing my stuff, “Don’t worry about it, I was expecting that to happen.” She said, ruffling her hand through my hair.

Then she stood up, and I watch, with my cock still hard and dripping leftover sperm from the tip on to the floor, as she slid her skirt down her long thin legs, she wasn’t wearing any panties and I couldn’t believe it, I almost passed out, her bald pussy looked nice and smooth.

She sat down on the middle of the 3-seater couch, forced me to stand up, then she spread her legs wide open, placing each leg on an arm of the couch, then she started to rub her pussy and finger herself and fondle her own breast, “Do you like my pussy?” she asked.

I nodded, “Yeah.”

She looked down at my still hard and twitching cock, bouncing between my legs, “Come closer.” She said, I stepped closer and closer until my knees were touching the couch, then she reached out and guided my cock to her hole, “Fuck me.” She said, licking her lips.

The tip of my cock was perched on her entrance, so I just lightly pushed forward and it went inside her, my balls started to sweat from the heat of her pussy surrounding my cock, I kept pushing forward and felt a tingle, so pulled back, then forward again, another tingle, the tingles felt so good, I started to push it in and out faster to get more tingles.

Very quickly I was fucking her, the inside of her pussy clinging to my cock and pulling my foreskin back, my legs were shaking a little so I leaned over her, placing my hands on the couch at her sides, and repeatedly thrust my cock in and out of her.

“Go on, Son. You’ll never forget this day. My boy becomes a man today.” Cheered dad.

Sadie was moaning a lot, enjoying me fucking her, I liked hearing her happy moans, her pussy started to squirt water out as I fucked her, my balls were already sweaty and now covered in clear sticky fluid too.

I was having so much fun and I started to pound her real hard, “Ungh – Oh, you little stud – fuck.” She moaned out.

“How’s he feel, Sadie?” asked mom to her.

“Oah – He’s good, mom – Ungh – Ooah.” She moaned in reply.

Then I ejaculated for a second time, it felt more intense than the first time, like it shot out faster, then my legs just gave out and I fell to the floor, but with a smile on my face, I was a man, like dad said, fucking pussy feels good.

We all spent the entire morning licking, tugging, eating, fucking, and just having the best time, I even got to fuck my mom while Dad pounded Sadie on the coffee table.

Then we had Christmas dinner, and in the evening, we all went upstairs and fucked each other all night, it was the best birthday and Christmas ever.

We’re still in to incest, and have sex regularly, Sadie was off limits for a while because dad got her pregnant, but she joined in the fun again after having the baby.

I’ve been challenged to knock mom up with my first child, I haven’t been successful yet, but I’m working on it, nightly.

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  • Reply Lust4u12 ID:1cysfu3ehyky

    Mmm I love it. Made me so wet.

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Darf ich deine Nasse Fotze lecken und deinen fotzensaft trinken da darfst dann mein Sperma aus meinen harten Schwanz säugen bevor ich deine Fotze und dein Arschloch ficke

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    Love an incestuous family . Nothing better than fucking your siblings and parents .