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Help me find my Teddy

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Little girl ask the wrong person to help her find her Teddy bear.

Well I was enjoying my self at a hotel after having a pretty nice vacation to myself when all of the sudden I hear someone speak to me “ Excuse me sir, can you help me? “ I turned around at the soft voice to find a little girl in pajamas, she looked around 10-12 with blonde hair, and blue eyes. She wasn’t developed at all but she still looked cute, I ask her what she needed and she just said “follow me,” and grabbed my hand, yanking me down to the elevator. once we got there she pressed the button to the 5th floor, as we waited she stood in front of me and I saw the most beautiful site, sitting there were two fat plump cheeks with a wedgie outlining her ass, I immediately got a boner, but I tried to contain myself after all this was just a kid. We soon got to the 5th floor and as she walked in front of me leading me to her room all I noticed was her ass cheeks shaking as she walked, it was a beautiful site. She then walked up to her door and I completely forgot this was a little girl and I immediately asked “ Where are your parents? “ She then told me that her parents were out and won’t be back for 6 hours.

I was shocked, who leaves they’re kid unattended in a hotel with the room key? Putting that aside I asked her “ well then what is it you want me to help you with? “ She said “ It’s my teddy bear, he’s stuck behind my bed!” I snickered and followed her to the bedroom, before I was able to even kneel she got in front of me and showed me where it was, bending down right in front of me to try and grab it, I was hypnotized by her ass, I’ve never ever seen an ass like that before in my life, the curvature was astounding. She then yelled “ I got it! “ and tried to come out, but she couldn’t she said she was stuck and she needed help out of the bed, this broke me from my trance and I grabbed her hips and tried to pull her out but she was stuck in there good, I told her “ here let me try something else! “ I then grabbed the sides of her ass and tried to bull her out as best as I could but I was flung back when my hand slipped.

When I looked at her to see if she was alright I noticed her ass was jiggling like crazy; It seriously looked like jello. I then walked up with the hardest boner of my life, my cock was practically coming out of my shorts. I then sort of admired the beauty of her firm butt. I then realized I couldn’t control myself and just grabbed her cheeks hard, she yelped and asked what I was doing, I stopped and said “ Well I need to get a grip on you to pull you out! “ she replied “ Ok, just don’t hurt me trying to get me out, “ little did she know I was going to do unspeakable things. I walked to the entrance door and locked it, went to the bedroom she was in and locked the door; Now she was stuck in here with me.

I then pulled down my pants and got my knees where she was stuck I gently laid my cock in between the crack of her fat bottom as i slowly rubbed my meat up and down, I then said “ fuck it “ and squeezed her cheeks together around my cock to try hump her in her pink fuzzy pajama pants. She said “ What are you doing? “ I told her not to worry about it and kept dry humping for about a minute before I got bored. After I was done I asked her a weird question, “ Are you by any chance ovulating? “ She paused for a minute and said “ I- I think, I don’t really know what that means but sometimes my mommy gives me these pads when I start bleeding. “ I was excited and my dick grew again, I said “ Are you bleeding now? “ She said she wasn’t and I immediately ripped a hole in her pajamas, she asked “ Mister what are you doing to my pants, my mom just bought those! “ I didn’t even answer her practically drooling at her cheeks. I then quickly pulled aside her panties and plopped my sensitive cock right on her crack again, I looked at her virgin pussy and saw how dripping wet she was, I told her “ Tonight I’m gonna plant my seed in you, and your going to carry my baby. “

I then rubbed my cock a little on her slit, “ She said wait wha-, “ And before she could ask what I was talking about I rammed my hard on into her tiny Pussy in one thrust, ripping her hymen. She squealed and I moaned, This was the tightest and most creamiest pussy I have ever felt, and to top it off she had the most finest ass I’ve ever seen too! I rammed in and out in and out as she wept “ Mister what are you doing to me that hurts! “ I didn’t answer and shoved my full length all the way into her with my tip touching her womb, I was like a jack hammer, repeatedly tirelessly ramming into her. Her sobs then slowly turned into moans as I grabbed her ass tight with one hand and slapped her cheeks with my other, I demanded she called me papi, she said “ W- What.” And I yelled “ Call me your Papi now slut! “ and she lightly said “ Papi, your my Papi. “ I said “ Louder and tell me how much you like getting fucked! “ She then yelled “ I love what your doing to me Papi, I love every bit of it and wish to carry your baby!” When I heard this it sent me over the edge and I rammed balled deep into her tiny pussy and unloaded my white sticky ropes into her little fragile vagina. There was so much cum leaking out of her gaping pussy that a large puddle formed around her, she was breathing real heavy and wasn’t speaking. I told her that now she will have to raise my bastard child and no one will ever know who the father was, I left her lying there still stuck in the bed, packed up my belongings, and left the hotel immediately. As I was driving I thought about what a good time a had, and how it was a good thing I found out who her family was while I was locking the doors so I can check up on her in the future, I then pulled up my phone and saw her story on the local news and smirked.

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  • Reply Cyberwolfl ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    I got to say it man this is one of the best stories I have read on here
    The Big Bad Wolf cyberwolfl [email protected]

  • Reply Hellish ID:3057hetqra

    No motherfucking 12 year old calls her parents mommy. Do some damn research.

    • Cyberwolfl ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Oh really know a 30 year old woman that calls her mom.mommy and her dad daddy. The Big Bad Wolf.

  • Reply dll*** ID:2c3g7uer8l

    here little ti bit bet did not know identical twin share same dna.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:vuf1mt0b

    10 or 12. WTF?!?
    Does anyone on this site know how kids really talk & act?
    All in all, still an okay story, keep trying.

    • Cokeslut ID:2kyhpc18rd

      Hi how exactly do you mean?? Do you have kik or ???

  • Reply Fbiopenup ID:8bvupkbv9j

    Bro this bitch I hope he is in jail rn yea bro keep smirking when ur ass is getting fucked at the jail bathroom fucking piece of shit imagine raping an innocent girl I would love to see you burn in hell

    • gareth ID:5es1dqb0a

      bro stfu. the girls there are just 10/10

  • Reply Annoymos ID:7zv2zow49k

    I’d love to roplay with my nasty little daughter

    • Princess ID:iy7o67kk0i

      I would love to have someone like that

  • Reply Red ID:1cxmulzqgtrl

    Among Sus

  • Reply Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

    Should have fucked her in that asshole. I bet it was sooo tight

  • Reply Anonymous ID:gmix5nov2

    ayy u retarded have u ever heard of a dna test dipshit

    • SofiaKi ID:g4sk81k0a

      And for that to work they need the DNA from the person who raped her, so they need to either catch him or already have his DNA in the database, or the DNA from someone that are closely related to the man.

    • Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

      Pretty sure it didn’t really happen

  • Reply Jhonny sins ID:o5ck26vm3

    Good on you I would of finger her ass wide open to

  • Reply Dam man ID:n247y9gzl

    Dam bro

    • Maddison ID:1frtu1hrj

      bro i was gonna say that before i read the comments