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My Boss Leo, The Sex Fiend, Finally Gets Me

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Did you ever work in a job that you had to keep in order to feed your child? I lived in this little town that had no work for hardly anyone. It was a farming town. I had one person who could help me. It was momma. By help I mean she took care of my little boy while I worked. I could trust her. There was no one else. I worked as a waitress in this little diner. My boss was a sex fiend. He took advantage of me because he knew I had to have this job.

I had to wear this outfit he picked, which was a very low cut top and a mini skirt. To get any other job I would have to go almost 60 miles one way. I couldn’t afford that. My boss, Leo pays me very well. I think he did that so I didn’t go anywhere else.

Leo was always touching, feeling or grabbing me. He talked about sex all the time to me. Now, this
happened years ago when men could do and say anything they wanted. I didn’t mind the job, just the harassment from Leo. I had to go to the store room for supplies and bam, Leo was there. He would push me up against a wall, rub his hard on on me. He would put both of his hands on my breast and push them up to make more cleavage, which would make them almost come completely out of the top.

He has grabbed my pussy countless times and I hear everyday how he wants to fuck me. He’s told me many times he’s gonna get me. I just play the game and ignore all the things he does but sometimes I get so sick of having to tolerate it.

We have downtime during certain hours and that’s when he’s the worst.I just have to be on guard all the time. Today he got me against a corner counter and pulled my boob out and started sucking on it. I was trapped in that corner counter and the thing is, as bad as he is I liked it because I haven’t been with a man in two years, since I had my baby.

Even though I liked it I still tried to make him stop. But, he’s wearing me down. Leo’s a big guy and towers
over me.I think he has a hard on all day. I don’t know how he does it.
There’s times when I think he would rape me given the chance.
The other day, I got caught by Leo. No one was in the diner and it was closing time. I went to the store room for some coffee and I heard the door lock. I started to yell I was down here but just as I opened my mouth Leo appeared around the corner.

I said, “Leo, why did you lock the door?” He said, “Cause I didn’t want any chance if being interrupted.” I said, “From what?” He pointed at me. I said, “Now Leo, come on let’s go, I’ve got things to do.”
He took off his apron and walked towards me. He had lust in his eyes. I put the box of coffee down and turned to leave. That’s when Leo grabbed me from behind and pulled down the front if my blouse. My tits are hanging out. He turns me around and starts sucking on them as he traps my arms at my side.

He said, “This is happening right now so, don’t fight me.” There is a couch in the other room and Leo picks me up and carries me in there. He pushes me down and pushes up my skirt. I’m talking to him and he’s unzipping his pants. He grabs my panty hose and rips them off me. I said, “Leo, what are you doing.” He didn’t say anything. He gets on top of me and pulls my panties to the side and sticks his dick in my pussy.
I almost cum. I haven’t been touched in so long it was erotic.
He’s fucking my pussy so hard and fast. All I can do is lay there and take it. It felt wonderful. I was wondering why I had been fighting Leo for so long. My mind was thinking I need sex.

Oh my gosh, I’m cumming. It’s been so long, it feels so good. Leo said, “There ya go babe, cum on Leo’s dick.” So, I did. I don’t want him to stop. He squeezing my titties and sucking on them. I’m just letting him do whatever he wants. Go Leo.

He said, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming, babe.” I didn’t care. I felt so good. He rammed his dick in my pussy and I felt so relaxed. Leo collapsed on me. He said, “Well, that was so worth the wait.” He ask if I was alright? I said, “I’m fine, Leo.” He gets up and I lay there. He turns and puts his hand out to help me up and I pull him back towards me. I said, “Fuck me again, Leo.” “Please? He looked amazed that I was saying it.

He pulled his dick out and stood in front of me. I reached up and put it in my mouth and started sucking. It got hard immediately. He leaned down and stuck it in me again, with a vengeance. I was fucking him back. I started cummng again. I wanted to fuck all night.

Leo said, ” Are you okay?” I said, “I’m fine, just keep fucking me.” So, he does. Leo fucks me a long time. I cum two more times and Leo cums again and when he gets up he said, ” I think we should talk. ” l said, “About what?” He said, “This and pointed to me.” Then, I told him I hadn’t been with anyone in two years and he said he understood now.

Leo holds and kisses me tenderly then says, “I’m here anytime you want or need.” I said, “Thank you, Leo.

Needless to say, my whole attitude changed and I realized I needed sex. And, I needed to be wanted and have a connection with someone who could help give me those things. Leo ended up asking me to marry him. And, I said yes. We’re happy and he loves my boy.

Life’s funny, ain’t it?

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    I think that this story is not only sexy, but it’s kinda sweet 🙂

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    WoW! Life is Crazy indeed!

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    Such a lovely story. I’d love to hear more.

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