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Father, Daughter Time Part 7

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Daddy got me pregnant last time, what could happed…

(Read Part 1 – 6)

It has been a few mounts since I found out I was pregnant I went to the doctor a day after I took the test and my doctor said I was a few weeks pregnant, there was no question it was my dad’s. When I started to show my mom question it, I made some story as I dont want to be taken from my Daddy.

7 Months Later…

Now I’m 16, I am about a 1 and a half months away from giving birth and my dad said we can carry on having sex after I give birth so in the mean time he’s been fucking my friend who is now 15, hearing her moan is amazing she he always finished with a cream pie.

1 Month Later…

I gave birth to my Daughter a few days ago and it was the worst pain I ever felt, me and my dad are very happy with our daughter and my brother and friend are the only ones who know her real father is, a few days later I am able to go home and my mom said she will help me raise my daughter and as soon as she heads out to the store my dad takes me into my room and starts to strip, he said “Oh I have missed your pussy Baby girl”, and I said “Oh daddy I’ve missed your cock”, he didnt hold back and got on top of me kissing me all over my body, he slowly pushed his cock into me “Oh daddy its feels so good” I moaned, the feeling of pleaser and slight pain was amazing, with in a few seconds he came deep inside me and it was amazing to feel my dads cum inside me again, my mom took her time at the store so my dad was able to fuck me again and he didnt hold back this time putting his dick in my cum soaked cunt and fucking me hard and with a few hard thrust he unloads all his cum inside me.

I laid in my bed with my dads cum leaking out of me, my dad put my covers over as my mom just got back she came to see how I was doing and how her granddaughter it, The next day my friend called me saying her period was late, I told her to take a test and tell the man she’s been with she reminded me that my dad is the only man she’s had inside her. A few hours later my friend told me the test came back as positive so I told her to tell my dad.

A few days later my dad comes to me and said “Baby girl mom is at work lets head to your room”, he lead me to my room and started to kiss me until he pushed me onto my bed and started to fuck me hard, “OH FUCK DADDY MORE”. The front door must of opened but my moans where loud so we didnt hear it and with in a few seconds my mom watched my dad cum inside me…

To Be Continued

(Completely Fiction)
(I just wanted to say sorry if this is a bit boring but thank you for reading all parts)

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