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Luscious Little Lilly Moves Next Door ;)

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“Hey Mom, Hey mom” I said , running into the house, excited with the news.” I think someone bought the house next door”, that’s nice Dear, she said, continuing to fold laundry. “Do you think they have kids ?” I ask.. I’d had just watched Mrs. Anderson ,the lady from our Church, and part time real estate agent take the sign down. I was so freaking excited. For the past three years we have been the only house that was occupied, in this Cul -de – sac, well, if you don’t count the one, half built, half way around the circle, that one was started and abandon. A family of Dogs lives there.

Mom was busy getting the house cleaned up, for when Daddy comes home. Daddy is a long haul trucker and is only here on the Weekends. She wasn’t even excited about the news. I was, Id been the only kid in this development since we moved here three years ago, that was 1979, I was 8 then. I hope they have Girl’s for me to play with.

As Mom , Dad and I set down to Sunday dinner after Church, Mommy informed us she talked to Mrs. Anderson. She went on to tell us that, yes the house next door was sold to a young , divorced , Mom…..and, drawling…it out, for effect.. She has a Daughter about your age. Before I could ask more questions, my dad ask “When are they moving in, I hope they don’t make a lot of
noise?”, my mom retorted “If you had gone to Church you could have ask Mrs. Anderson yourself” . With that, the decussation was closed.

Since it was summer, and I had nothing to do, I didn’t miss the Two moving vans as they pulled in at the house next door. On the tail of this convey, was a really cool , white ,Datsun 280z . As the mover’s backed in the van’s , a Women eased herself out of the little sport’s car. I say eased because her pencil skirt was so short and tight. The skirt was bright red to match her lipstick, she wore a tight white blouse and matching heels. She must be a movie star, I thought, and went and got Mom, she was busy making cookies in the kitchen.

As my Mother and I watched thru the window, I could see She must be someone important, the way the men hung around Her, till there foremen got them working. She seemed nice, we could see her laughing with the men as she directed the men with boxes. As Mom and I listened to her saying,” Kitchen, dining room, that one go in the bedroom” Mom said “she’s very glamorous, isn’t she”?.
Wow , I thought, I could only wonder what her Daughter would be like?.

I soon found out. The following day the Datsun reappeared. I watched thru the window as the glamourous mystery women got out of the car, This time in Daisy Duke’s and a white tank top with white high tops. What I was really interested in is what got out of the passenger side, also in a white tank top with shiny black spandex shorts on with white sneakers. Her daughter was a little taller than I was, the girl also had the biggest red sunglasses on I ever seen, large, very large hoop ear rings and even from this distance I could see her chest. It wasn’t like they where huge or anything, but see I Just had little “buds” , “pokies” my Dad called them. This girl was no doubt an “A” cup. You see ,to a Tween like me, growing tit’s is the holy grail, I so wanted bigger Breast, so boy’s would like me.

I bugged my Mom all day if we could go over and meet them? She told be that would be rude, we need to let them settle first. Be patient she said as she went back to making cookies.

The next day, as we started to ring the doorbell, a man came out of the house with a telephone repair man’s uniform on. Mom and I waited as the new neighbor lady signed the paper on his clipboard. As she signed I could clearly see him looking at her rather large breast. As he tried to make small talk, she seen us standing there and quickly came over and said hi to mom and I. My mom said “Hello im Becky Fairchild, and this is…waiting for me.. My name is Madison”, I said.. As she leaned over to take my hand, she said “of course it is” whatever that meant. Then we all chatted on the porch as the telephone guy looked dejected and packed his tools in his van. As we chatted I seen the young girl coming to the door.

We quickly learned the Mom’s name was Chloe , that she was 30 and her daughter’s was Lilly, who last just week turned 13 .They had moved in our area after a her divorce, they had lived in Paradise Valley, Az. before moving to Phoenix. Later Mom told me Paradise Valley was very fancy, then Mom went on and on about Chloe’s make-up and her hair, she must be six feet tall, did you see her jewelry, It must be real she said, and her perfect nails, she must never do laundry…She’s 30 but looks like she’s 25, on and on.

As arranged, I was to go over and get to know Lilly the next day, That night I carefully picked my cloths, my best jeans, and a really cool Miss. Pacman tee shirt I recently bought at the mall. I was nervous, Lilly kind’a intimidated me , after all she was 13 and I was only 11, and she was so pretty and confident.

When her Mom answered the door she was wearing a huge smile, as she held a glass of red wine, she directed me up the stair’s to Lilly’s room. The door was open when I reached the top of the steps. Lilly set on her bare bed, clad in only a little pair of silk panties, very little, and a training bra. She looked up at me, wearing those ridiculous huge sun glasses, she said in almost a tearful voice, “Mom wants me to put all this shit away, myself”, looking at the boxes .”We used to have maids to do this stuff” Then her mood changed in a heart beat, she ask “what’s the the boy’s like around here “? I went on to tell her about some of the boy’s from church and a few from school, she flung herself back on the bed “I’m in Mayberry” she gasp loudly. I soon left.

The next day when I went over she seemed in a better mood, her bedroom was “mostly” unpacked, I seen she had her own TV, then I seen it.” Is that a real Nintendo” ? I ask, we only have Pong at home” I said. She looked puzzled, then said ” I only have Mario Brothers, but I need a Donkey Kong” laughing at her own joke, I didn’t get it.

What surprised me ,and made me happy, was how my Mom and Chloe were becoming such good friend’s. My Mom was over her house a lot, They would drink wine and gossip, and I never seen my mother touch alcohol before. I was good to see her out of the kitchen. They would go shopping and go get there nail’s done. Mom even started wearing make-up. That Friday night when Dad got home off the road, I could see him looking at mom kind’a oddly. I thought he was mad because Mommy had make-up on, but later on, when they went to bed I heard a lot of giggling and noise coming from there room, so it must me ok.

Three weeks after they moved in, Lilly’s mother had a pool installed in the backyard, after all her ex was paying for it, she giggled. That pool was so welcome in the Phoenix sun. Mom, Chloe and us kid’s where in it all the time. Chole had a really sexy French cut , string bikini. Lilly had a thong type bikini in neon red, that barely held her little tits, mine was a one piece with a sewn on skirt around the waist. I felt like the odd duck in my suit. That was soon solved, all us girl’s went on a weekday road trip to some store’s Chloe shopped at. Chloe bought me my very own little thong bikini, Mom and Chloe thought I was ready for it, I was so shy as the sales girls helped me put in on, her adjusting the cups, I almost died when my little nipples got hard. Chloe came into the dressing room and helped arrange it, centering the butt string thru my little ass crack. and telling me what a hottie I was, after all Mommy was having her own new bikini fitted.

The next time we girl’s Laid around the pool, we looked like movie stars. Mommy even let me have wine like Lilly did. I felt so “grown up”.

One day when we where going to Lilly’s room we passed her mother’s bedroom on the way, I stopped when I heard what I thought was my mother’s voice, in quite whisper’s, then giggling, then whimpers, that sounded like my dog Skippy, then more giggling. I stopped and almost knocked on the door, Lilly stopped me, rolling her eye’s as she lead me to her room. She said, “we have to talk”.

As she closed the door behind us, she said. “Look Maddy, (she refused to have a friend with the name, Madison) my Mother and Dad got divorced when Dad found mom In the hot tub with the maid” I looked puzzled, so, your Dad got mad because your mom was helping the maid clean the hot tub?, wait, so you had a hot tub? . Again, another eye roll, no you dumb ass, they only thing getting cleaned was my Mom’s pussy, don’t you get it….My mom’s a lesbian, my Dad calls her a “Lipstick Lesbian”, she likes girl’s, a lot.

Are you that way, I ask?, No she said, well not quite, I like both…your so “backward for 11” she said. She then went on to tell me ,a few of her Mother’s girl friend’s wondered in her room a couple times when they had had parties at there old house. It’s not bad , kind’a fun, she said. I was in shock. I then went on to ask her if she’d ever been with a boy, Just hand job’s she answered , and with no shame. She then, with a look of pride on her face, Took an odd shaped plastic toy out of her night stand. Is that some sort of toy ,I ask? sure is ,she said smiling. It’s a dildo. Mommy bought it for my 12th birthday. Mommy said hand job’s and dildo’s never got anyone pregnant.

I was in some kind’a alternate universe, I thought. My Mother was down the hall in another women’s bedroom, the door closed, with our dog Skippy, doing God know what. This girl was waving the plastic cock around like it was a light saber. And if that wasn’t enough Lilly turned it on, I could hear the buzzing as Lilly pressed it to her little nipples and they quickly became erect. Lilly smiled at me as she got off the bed and came to stand beside me, she lowered the buzzing dildo down to my bikini bottom and massaged it on my slit, even the spandex couldn’t stop wild feelings that shot thru me when I felt it buzz on my little clit. My knees started to buckle, Lilly quickly lead me to the bed, as she guided me down on the mattress , she kissed me, I mean really kissed me, I felt her tongue and everything

I kind’a just gave into it. It’s not like I wanted it I guess, but I did nothing to stop her. I knew it was sinful, but it felt so amazing. My whole 11 year old body was in complete bliss as she worked the dildo on my baby clit. I looked up at her, she was smiling as she untied my bikini top, my little titlet’s falling free. I was so embarrassed , they were so small. Lilly kissed and nipped at each one giggling, then she set her A-cup’s free, they felt like little hard cones, the nipple’s so hard. She lowered me on the bed and she showed me how to please my body, she was 13 but I could tell she had a lot of experience. She took my cherry that day, well her toy did, but it felt wonderful as it plowed my baby pussy. We laid in bed all day, sipping wine and playing with our little girl bodies. After a little more wine she introduced me to the joys of licking a little girl’s pussy till she scream’s..

After that special day, we rarely wore our bikini’s in the pool, even if our Mom’s where around. why bother. By that time, it was obvious they were a couple like Lilly and I were. Mom was even wearing heels around the pool. Her mommy melon’s dangling, Id see Mommy watching me as I strutted around, little tits out, bare slit showing, wine glass in my hand. Was that pride or lust in her eyes?

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Hope you liked it Lilly;)

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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