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My roommate raped me

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My roommate overpowered me and raped me, even though I put up a fight I was no match for him.

I’m 18 years old and pretty small. I’m only 5’0 and I weigh 95 lbs. I have B Cup tits and a perky, firm ass. On the other hand, my roommate, Seth, is 6’0 and although he’s slim, he’s quite muscular.

Now, I’ve always thought my roommate was a total jerk. He clearly thinks women like me are only toys for men’s use, almost as if he doesn’t even think we’re people! He’s always been totally annoying and has always made snide comments about how women are nothing but holes to be bred and filled, but there is no way I ever let my roommate make those comments without giving him an earful, I’m making sure I stay in control around here. Honestly, I would’ve moved out by now but I can’t afford any other place in my city.

A few days ago, I was in the kitchen making myself a quick sandwich when Seth walked in. I immediately rolled my eyes and said a few not so nice things under my breath, but apparently I wasn’t quiet enough. This time though, instead of making some rude remark back, he just looked at me with an intense, angry stare. I was weirded out because that wasn’t normal. He suddenly walked up to me and pushed me against the wall with his hand around my neck before giving me a back handed slap straight on my face! I tried to push him away but to my surprise, he didn’t even move an inch.
“Hey, what the fuck, you assho—“ I started to speak, but he immediately cut me off by speaking himself, “If you wanna act like a little bitch, you’ll be treated the same way as one. All you are is a fucking hole for my pleasure, a toy, I can do whatever I want to you and you can’t even fight back.” He spat at me.
There was no way I was gonna let him do this, I started kicking my legs and hitting him with my hands, but all he did was smirk. He didn’t even flinch once. I never knew he was that strong, or maybe.. I was weak? He threw me onto the floor and I started scooting away from him as he walked closer, towering over me.
“Get away from me!”
“You’re just a pathetic little girl, what could a woman like you possibly be other than a whore?”
He grabbed me by my collar and dragged me into his bedroom before closing the door behind him. I managed to get out of his grip by taking my shirt off, revealing a black laced bra. I bolted to the door only to realize he locked it too. He grabbed me again and slapped me once more, a lot harder then the first time. My face stung and tears started forming in my eyes. He threw me on the bed and ripped of my bra, shorts, and underwear as I flailed my arms and legs and was screaming. He put both of his big hands around my neck and choked me, making me go silent then start coughing. Before I could even take a breath he shoved my panties in my mouth and flipped me around. He spat on his hand and rubbed my pussy as I tried to scream but they were muffled. He grabbed both of my hands and held them behind my back after taking off his pants. I could feel his long, hard cock poking me. Then, with no warning, he pushed his full length into me and started furiously pounding into me and ruining me.
“MMMH!” I tried to scream once again, but failed. My small body could hardly take his huge dick. He was ruthless and kept taunting me about being helpless, which ushered me to try to get away more but he was simply too strong. After a few minutes he came in me, my eyes widened and I struggled more, I was completely filled with his cum. I thought it was over so I kept struggling to get away, which was only met with painful slaps on my ass which made me whimper in pain. He suddenly started to penetrate my tight, virgin ass, he went even faster then before. In the beginning I struggled, but eventually I couldn’t anymore and he fucked me hard until my whole body was shaking before finishing in my ass as well. I was a cum filled mess. He flipped me around on my back and took out a sharpie, beginning to write on me. After he was done he grabbed me by my hair and dragged me in front of his full body mirror.
“You look like a real fucking whore now. A pathetic bitch like you deserves this.”, He said before dropping me to the floor and leaving the room. My cheeks were tearstained and I had things written on me like “Fuck me!” “Whore” “Bitch” and two arrows pointing to my pussy and ass saying “Penetrate me”.

I thought I could at least kind of be in control until now… I could hardly even leave a scratch on him! There’s no way I’ll let him do that again… he just caught me off-guard.. right? Ever since then I’ve been avoiding my roommate at all costs, I still can’t move out because I can’t afford it. I’ve either been locked in my room or out of the apartment, I’ve only seen him once in these past few days, and he stared at me with a smirk on his face as I ran to my room in fear, locking the door.

What do I do now!?

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  • Reply Urmom ID:1dgqm1vkytx2

    I hope u all die in a hole if u think this is hot 💀

  • Reply Lustyrose12 ID:2w2av29q499

    I loved being raped. I hope it will happen again.

  • Reply Sad0wrd ID:mzgdgcd1

    Submit to him bitch

  • Reply Daddy ID:2c3h3cerzk

    Maya you sound lovely

  • Reply Want More ID:99wekc4z

    Lucky You! Be extra nice, submit and enjoy. Hoping for a part 2

  • Reply Steve ID:1fr6b72d2

    Have a gay friend rape your roommate se how he likes is

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    Find a few guys bigger than him, and arrange for them to rape him. At the end, when they’re all done filling them with her cum. You walk in and make him eat your pussy

  • Reply Icanfuck123 ID:1jybr2m4

    Let him just fuck you. It hurts the first time but not the second time. I can fuck you if you want just type your phone number

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    just submit to him and do as you are told as he rapes you in the ass over and over! maybe even pay your rent with your tight asshole

    • Sigh ID:3c3umj7v1

      U R that ROOMATES aren’t u

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      sure am, and have been! use to rent to an 18yo couple a couple years ago. they were terrible with money and it wasnt long before they were months behind on rent. one day, they came to me with a proposition; the girlfriend would service me whenever i wanted, however i wanted to help clear the debt. i instantly agreed. i fucked her pussy right there in front of her bf. this continued over several months and greatly escalated. they kept falling behind, soon owing me thousands. one day the bf came home from work to find his gf bent over the counter, gagged and sobbing as i violently raped her ass! he was shocked, but said nothing and walked away. soon i was fucking her ass non stop, even going into their room at night to take her to my bed to assfuck full of cum.

    • Slut Maya ID:2wp31e3fv9d

      You could rape me anytime anywhere, anyway you’d like. Treat me like an object or an animal, keep me gagged, make me crawl, make me bark, don’t allow me human speech, only animal grunts, barks and oinks.

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      @Slut Maya
      lets chat, email me!