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Wanking over Hermione and sucking her pussy

I help out at a film studio and knew my way around backstage like the back of my hand, all the places you could sneak to for a quick wank or snog with someone. I also knew of a peephole into both changing rooms and between them, all of which I’d made myself. Harry Potter was being filmed at the moment and I’d been wanking myself silly on a daily basis watching Hermione getting changed and the time was approaching when I’d be at it again as the current scene was coming to an end. This scene had all the girls in it and I noticed no boys watching and wondered where they’d all got to so I had a peek through the hole into the men’s changing room. Harry and Ron were in there alone whispering to each other and kept glancing to the wall where I knew the peep hole was. I was wondering if they realised it was there when suddenly they jumped up and went to it taking a turn each looking through.
It didn’t take long Harry was there and unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock and began stroking. Immediately Ron got his out and gave Harry a nudge so he could have a look. I watched them for a bit and then moved to my peephole into the girl’s changing room and there was Hermione getting undressed. By the time I got there she was down to her underwear so I began stroking as that came off. She went to the showers so I went back to see what Harry and Ron were doing. They were still taking turns and stroking their cocks now waiting for her to come out of the shower.
Then I had an idea that had been brewing for a long time and this could be my chance. I went back to watch Hermione and when she came out of the shower I reluctantly went back to the other peephole and the 2 of them were wanking hard now. I saw Ron shoot his load and then move away for Harry to watch. Then I opened the door on them and said “enjoying the show boys?” They both turned to look at me, trying to hide their cocks and began stammering something but I stopped them and said it was OK because I did it as well. Ron had managed to get his softening cock back in his trousers but Harry was having trouble with his still rigid cock.
Then I took my chance and asked them if they’d like to see her naked body up close and wank over her as she watched them. They looked at me warily and I wondered if I’d misjudged them but they looked at each other and asked how they could do that. I had them. They were as horny and stuck on Hermione as much as me so I explained what I had in mind and though they thought it was risky agreed to try it.
I tied their hands above their heads to a rail and told them to call for help as I hid just outside the door. They did as I said and knowing only Hermione would hear them I waited for her to come from her changing room. She did and heard them so with a quick look around hesitantly opened the door to the boys changing room. “What are you 2 doing like that?” she said moving towards them. I followed her in quickly and quietly and grabbed her from behind and she shrieked. I told her it was no good shouting as everyone else had gone, it was just us left here now. She started blabbering on about being silly and stuff but stopped when I got one hand on her tit and the other on her pussy. She started wriggling and I told her she was such a tease that I wanted to see her naked and I expect the boys did too. As agreed they denied this and told me to let them go but I got both of her hands in one of mine and began undoing her blouse exposing her naked top. Harry and Ron’s eyes nearly popped out of their heads.
I managed to get her top right off and said that as they could see her half naked they should do the same. So I pushed her to them and undid their shirts exposing their chests. “Do you want to see the rest Hermione” I asked. She told me not to be silly and both boys objected as agreed but I ignored them all and holding on to Hermione with one hand I undid and dropped both boys trousers and pants. “Look at them Hermione I bet you’ve always wanted to see them like that haven’t you?” She shook her head and tried to turn away but I held her tight and reached out and cupped Harry’s balls in my hand. We hadn’t agreed on this and Harry was startled as I went on to stroke his cock a bit. “Look at that Hermione, it’s growing, I wonder if Ron’s will as well, why don’t you try it?”
She fought it but I held her hand and rubbed it along Ron’s cock making that grow as well. “Well now you’ve seen theirs, it’s only fair they see yours” I said as I slid the zip down her skirt and let it fall to the floor. “Are you ready for this boys?” I said as I eased her panties down. Their mouths were open but they said nothing until they were off and both of them gasped, up close and naked Hermione stood before them and their cocks began to grow. I pointed this out to Hermione who was trying not to watch but curiosity got the better of her and she saw their cocks gradually stiffen.
“Do you know what boys like to do Hermione?, they like to wank, they like to stroke their cocks until they cum and we’re going to help them”. She was horrified but I walked her close to them but she refused to touch them so I got hold of Harry’s cock and began stroking. It didn’t take long because he hadn’t cum in the changing room like Ron had. He was soon groaning and I kept stroking telling Hermione to watch closely; and then he was there, what an impressive load. I kept going until he’d finished and slumped back. “Now it’s your turn Hermione you can do it to Ron.”
“I will not” she said.
“You will do it or I will fuck you, can you feel my cock digging in your back? Would you like that in your tight pussy?” That was enough, she reached out to Ron and tentatively held his cock which immediately sprang up. Then she did as I’d done to Harry and having Hermione’s hand working on him was enough for Ron, he was soon thrusting his hips forward and in no time shot his load as well.
“Now it’s my turn Hermione, do the same for me and I’ll let you all go.” I undid my trousers and pulled out my rampant cock, it felt so good being set free and even better as Hermione got it in her grip. I knew this was going to be a quick one, my wildest dream come true, Hermione Granger giving me a wank. As she did it I was imagining a blow job but didn’t want to push my luck and was soon there shooting spunk all over the place.
“Thanks for that Hermione, now so you don’t go telling anyone about this look at this”. I showed her the pictures I’d been taking of her naked and rubbing cocks.

I walked out then leaving them all naked. Hermione immediately went for her panties and pulled them on as Harry and Ron began pleading with her, saying how sorry they were and how they’d been tricked into doing it and they really were very sorry it had happened. Her skirt was on and she was putting on her blouse keeping her back to them oblivious to the fact that they’d seen everything she had. “And of course you hated it didn’t you? You both got off and I got sweet FA” she said looking at them, “I’ve a good mind to leave you there like that until someone comes in the morning you perverts”.
“Nooo, please Hermione, please let us go you know we wouldn’t have done that, come on Hermione let us go, we’ll do anything you want, don’t leave us like this”. She paused for a bit seeming to consider it but walked to the door ignoring their cries but as she reached the door she turned and said “anything, you will do anything I ask if I let you go?” They couldn’t agree quick enough, both promising anything. Another pause as she slowly walked towards them smiling then she reached out and slapped Ron’s cock gently, then Harry’s. “Not so big now are they?” as she slapped them again. Then she got to Ron and untied him and told him to leave. Ron yanked his trousers up but said he wouldn’t go without Harry. “You promised, Harry tell him to go”. Harry looked at Ron and told him to leave nodding on the direction of the girl’s changing room where he knew Ron would be able to watch and help if needed.
So Ron left and Hermione went to Harry and grabbed his balls “anything” she said. Harry gasped as she gripped his balls and nodded and said “anything, I will do whatever you ask, please don’t squeeze them any more.” She let go of him and slipped her panties off and then untied him. He went to lift his trousers but she told him to leave them as they were around his ankles. Then she sat on the bench, lifted her skirt, opened her legs and said “kiss it Harry, kiss my pussy”.
“You heard me, kiss it, you said anything, kiss it”. Harry wasn’t quite sure what he was supposed to be doing but got on his knees and kissed her pussy lips and then looked up at her. “Don’t be stupid Harry do it like you would normally, use your tongue”. Harry threw caution to the wind and did just that making her groan with pleasure. “Finger Harry, use your finger”. When nothing happened she screamed at him to do it so he did, started a slow finger fuck with his tongue still there. That did it, that was what she wanted and she began moving her hips to him. Then, out of control, she clamped her thighs round his head and held it in place with both hands as she groaned her way through an orgasm.
“Oh fuck, yes” she moaned as the climax ripped through her holding Harry’s head tight against her cunt. Then she relaxed and let him go and slumped back exhausted her pussy pink and wet. Harry just knelt there and stared at it, not quite sure what he’d done to bring about that reaction but felt his cock hardening with desire. He touched it and found the tip wet with pre cum and he was so worked up began stroking it as he looked at Hermione’s gaping cunt. He was getting close when Hermione sat up and saw what he was doing. “I didn’t say you could do that” but too late, Harry shot his load on the floor between her legs. Hermione got up, forgetting her panties and left him there.

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