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Walks with Daddy issues.

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Daddy loves making me drink water on our walks, it’s a fun game we play sometimes. My aching pussy loves the attention.

Afternoon sun was out, high in the sky. My forehead was dripping, I followed Daddy through the quiet roads of our small town.

He handed me his big water bottle again and I drank deeply, the cool water refreshing my dry throat. I could feel the liquid sloshing in my stomach slowly making it’s way to my bladder. We had about 20 mins left until we reached Daddy’s friends house and I already finished more than half this giant bottle of water.

I was wearing some torn jean shorts, my ass barely covered. My black sports bra was stuck to my body along with my sheer shirt, slick to my skinny frame with my sweat.

With each step down the nearly abandoned gravel path I could feel my bladder filling, my pussy hole clenching with each wave of desperation getting more intense. I squeezed my knees together and put one hand between my legs. Daddy smiled at me seeing my struggle, he gave me ass a squeeze and continued walking.

Daddy loved seeing me squirm and leak on our walks, he always insisted I drink lots of water everytime we’re out. I learned to love this game with Daddy.

We walked a few more min before I stopped again, crossing my legs fully struggling to hold off my urges. My piss hole tingled and my pussy lips pulsed from the squeezing. Daddy’s eyes drank up my desperation. He adjusted his cock and walked up to me. I felt frozen in a pee pee dance for control my legs shaking and my weight shifting back and forth between feet.

“Do you need Daddy’s help, Baby girl?” He hummed, wrapping his hands around my hips.

My eyes looked pleading up at him. Daddy smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the lips.

His firm hand cupped my mound and he pulled upward applying pressure. The pressure was so hard that my piss hole felt like it was being crushed between my pelvis bone and his palm I moaned and squeezed my muscles. The pressure sent waves of pleasure through my body, my pussy clenched desperately and I regained my composure.

He smiled and began rocking his hand back and forth, my lips and clit being massaged roughly through my shorts.

I my breathing quicken and the urges suddenly began overwhelming my exhausted muscles. I heard the flow before I felt it, my pussy numb from Daddy’s hand squeezing me. Yellow liquid spurted out between my legs, soaking Daddy’s hand and my shorts. Holding my piss was no use now so relaxed and let my whole bladder empty. A dark puddle of piss surrounded me by the time I was empty.

Daddy smiled at me and began groping and stroking me through my wet shorts.
“Such a good kitten” he whispered as he kissed me again. Fingers now rocking the seam of my shorts, my piss hole and clit tingling with pleasure.

I moan and pull my panties and shorts down just low enough for daddy to squeeze his cock between my pussy. My lips hugging around his shaft and the head pointing back twords my asshole. He slid his length up and down my lips, and rubbed my clitty with the head of his cock. My pussy tingled and he came. The thick red cock gliding in and out of his foreskin looked swollen as the cum dripped down my bare pussy lips and down into my soaked wet panties.

Daddy kisses me again and called me a good girl. I love his praise and his touches.

I pulled up my shorts and panties, the mixture feeling dirty and sexy against my now swollen tingling lips and we continued our walk.

We make it to his friends house finally, the sun dried my shorts almost completely. I smelled like dried piss and cum so Daddy told me to wait outside. The dried cum sticking my slit and panties together. I sat outside while I waited for Daddy to finish talking with his friend inside.

Our walk home daddy showered me with praise. I felt like such a good girl.

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