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Childhood relations – 1

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This is part 1 of the series. I have a friend about 18 years old. The series describes how I fucked her and her family.

This is the story of my childhood friend. I know her since she was 12 years old. Our families also know each other. Since we met, she was a very simple and timid girl, but she used to keep staring at me. We studied in the same school too. As she was beautiful, many of the boys had a crush on her but she was not into this very much. She was a normal girl till 16 until puberty hit her. She turned dripping hot after 16. Her boobs and ass were much developed. When we both were 17-18 we visited each others houses many times for different reasons. I used to look at her physique, it was very hot, and I guess she looked at me too. She had blonde hair, so sometimes I fantasized of holding her hair while pushing my dick into her mouth. Other fantasies were like fucking her in my room etc etc. I have masturbated to her pictures many times. Although she calls me brother sometimes, but I guess she thinks differently about me. One day she came to me house and she was wearing a jeans and a shirt. Her ass was blooming through the jeans and her boobs were looking nice. So one day, I went to her house for some work, she was with her mother at her house. Her mother was a real milf. With large boobs and spongy ass. Whenever she walked, her ass bounced and got everyone’s attention.
So I was sitting at her house when her mother asked me how was everything going. “Fine”, I said. “Jess is bathing right now, she’ll be here in a minute”, her mother said (Calling the teen Jess for this confession). Her room was visible from where I was sitting. I saw her going into the room with a trackpant and just a bra. Those titties were looking nice, I was starting to get hard. After changing, she came and asked a few thing. It was a normal conversation until I started getting a boner. She was wearing a loose shirt and a pyjama. I was dreaming of pressing those thick asses and thighs. Her mother noticed my boner. She grew a little conscious and started changing topics. But still I couldn’t help. Her mother a little smile on her face noticing my boner. So, her mother asked me to put a bulb on the wall because they were not able to reach the holder. I got up at one and took the chair for help. While I was putting the bulb, her mother stood really close to me, her shoulder was touching my hard cock. I didn’t want to get down from the position so I kept acting as if I was fixing the bulb, pushing my body on her mother’s shoulder. Next thing happened so swiftly, her mother turned and opened my pants at once. I got down from the chair, “Let’s do this”, she said. Jess was at her room in this moment. I had a 7 inch thick dick. Her mother laid me down on the sofa and started rubbing my dick with her hands. I was pressing her boobs simultaneously. She then kissed me cock and took it into her mouth. Damn that woman, she took it all in. She spitted on it and made it wet and kept sucking. I was getting super hard, I closed my eyes and rested my head on the sofa while she sucked my dick. I could hear the sound of “slurpp” and “ummmm”. She may be old but she had a damn thick body. I pulled her up and kissed her while pressing her ass. Those were really big. Next I put her on the sofa and took round 2 of blowjob. This time I held her hair and fucked her mouth hard. She liked it and pushed her face against my body. I cummed inside her mouth but continued fucking her mouth. At last I slapped my dick all over her face, making it full of cum. It was at this moment, Jess entered the room. She was thunderstruck. She ran into her room. Her mother went behind her. “Nothing’s wrong”, her mother said. “Are you not fulfilled by giving blowjobs to dad”, Jess said. “This guy has got a 7 inch dick, I got out of control”. I sat there waiting for satan to land upon me.
Read childhood relations – 2 for continued story.

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