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I destroyed Jenny’s social life

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This bitch Jenny had the audacity to post her cute ass pics on Social Media, which got a like from my BF. So I ruined her social media presence. BITCH

Last Monday when I(16) went to school, my bestie told me that my BF has liked a pic of Jenny(16) the dork. I immediately opened the app and saw it was true. I was like really? This pic? She was wearing a peach color full sweater and a jeans. She is not even sexy. Wearing glasses and that stupid huge hoola-hup earing. I don’t know why Sean(my BF) liked it. She does not even has huge tits, just some B Cups I guess, that too you cannot see in this pic.

I had made up my mind, I have to show this bitch her place. I waited for the right time. Me and my girls sent a secret note asking her to meet in the washroom after school. Jenny, didn’t even suspect, she thought it related to the Secret Santa game’s slip exchange. (A game our school plays before Christmas, Not important). So she came to the ladies room.

As soon as she came, Stella jumped her from behind and climbed on top of her, bringing her down to the floor. Amber placed a towel covering her face. Nancy removed her backpack and started to undress her. Jenny was fighting back so I have to hit her with her own backpack on her head. She just went quite. She was knocked out. Sweet.

We removed her clothes and made her sit on the washroom floor, her back resting on the wall. Then Stella, rifled through her back and found her shades. We removed her specs and placed the shades on her eyes.
Folded her knees and placed one hand on top of it as if she is chilling all naked. We placed her bag next to her to make sure she does not fall on one side.

Then we took her phone, it was fingerprint lock. So used her fingers to see which one worked. It opened. Then we took a lot of pics with her. We also tried placing her in some more positions like resting her head on the toilet, planking on the sink counter etc.

We were amazing. Then went to her Instagram and posted some of the best shorts. We did some touches to the photo, like make her smile in the pics, to make her look.. just say more alive. 😉

And since we had the phone why not just send it to the contacts too. That seemed like a nice idea so yeah. We sent it to her whole contact list, these amazing nude pics of her. Her dad, her mom, her brother, the principal, teachers…and on on. She does has beautiful boobs, I most say. And now she can flaunt it for everyone, since they have seen it in it’s full entirety.

Enjoy Motherfuckerrrrrssss….

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    Your life is nothing, you serve zero purpose.

    You should kill yourself, NOW.

    And give somebody else a piece of that oxygen, and ozone layer, that’s covered up so that we can breathe inside this blue trash bubble.