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How I close deals (2)

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Another time I closed a deal. I’m 29 5’3 and work out a bunch. Might post pics of myself someday. But this is real.

There’s a dinner every year where all of the docs get together to discuss the going’s on around the area with their office managers. I finally talk My buddy into inviting me to the dinner. I know I’m going to meet some big names that I haven’t had the chance to get face to face time with, so I know I want to make sure I look good so the docs will pay attention to me. I put on the thigh highs with the swirly patterns, and of course, the go to black dress. I curl my hair, pinning it back on one side, and make sure to wear a bold lipstick color. I meet My friend in the parking lot, he makes a comment about my appearance but I tell him not to get any ideas.

We walk into the dinner, everyone is staring at me. Dinner begins I’m talking to Dr smith and Dr jones from about myself and how they need to have me in their office. They seem interested in what I’m saying, but dinner is coming to a close. Dr smith gets brave, grazing my leg with his hand he says we should stay longer for drinks if Dr jones and my friend want to. I agree, thinking I might get another big client sized office.

We move over to the bar, there are some of the other docs there chatting with us. Having a few more drinks, one or two more than I should we decide to call it a night and all walk out. My friend leaves, but smith and jones stay chatting in the parking lot. Smith tells me he needs a little more convincing and jones probably does too and suggests we go to his car to discuss it more since he and hones rode together. Jones gets in the back seat, me in the front with smith. As soon as the doors shut, he wastes no time pulling my legs apart and shoving my underwear to the side. He slides a finger in between my lips and then into his mouth. Telling jones how good it tastes. Yost unzips his pants, and says jones don’t you think this is how I need more convincing? Jones says I wonder how convincing she can be? I lean over the console getting to work with my mouth on his already hard dick. At some point jones gets out of the car, the parking lot is deserted and lights are off he opens my door and tells me to get on my knees while I’m giving smith head, he gets on his knees and starts going down on me. I start moaning with smiths dick in my mouth. Jones stands up and grabs my hair and says it’s his turn to be convinced I was doing such a good job on smith. Still having me by my hair he twists me around and pushes my face down so I can start working on him. He keeps a hold of my hair in pig tails so he can thrust himself down my throat, gagging me. This goes on for a while until I have to beg him to stop. They say we all need to get in the back seat. Unzipping my dress all the way and taking it off, they’re still in their suits, I’m just in my thigh highs, bra, and thong. Smith tells me to lay down, pushes my legs apart and shoves himself inside of me as hard as he can, I cry out in a little bit of pain so he tells smith to keep me quiet so I don’t ruin this for him. Jones straddles my chest, his hard dick still out and slides it in my mouth to make sure I’m not making any noise. Both of them thrusting in and out of me as hard as they can until smith finishes inside of me, jones still going, makes me rub his balls so he can nut all over my chest. They tell me to get dressed and come to the office for paperwork tomorrow since I did such a good job earning their business.

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