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Foreplay with Amy

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My step sister Amy was getting at that age where she is getting curious about male anatomy. I was 13 and she was 10. I would take a shower and she would walk in on me while I’m toweling off or she would just “accidentally” walk in on me as I was getting dressed in my room.

She was over with one of her friends. I just got done with baseball practice and came home. Her and her friend were in their room doing something. I turned on the shower and waited about 10 minutes. I shut the shower off and open the shower door. Both of them came in. I was still in my baseball uniform. “I let out on “arrrrr” and chased them to Amy’s room and I started tickling her. Then her friend. I felt weird. I was getting turned on by this. I told myself, “they’re only 10 years old.” I felt a little guilty and ashamed and of course erect afterwards.

So I really did hop in the shower this time. It is not like I’m not locking the door. Amy was a very intelligent girl. She knew how to pick the lock. I noticed the door open slightly and a compact mirror went into the room. I started laughing. “That sneaky little kid!”, I thought. I just thought, “Screw it. They want to see me naked that bad I’ll let them.”

I am toweling off and in she came with her friend. “I’m sorry I thought you were done. I just got to use the bathroom.”, she said. “Both of you?”, I asked. She said nothing. Her friend was about as white as a ghost. I asked her what was wrong. She didn’t answer either. I stood there before them with just a towel around me. “Why do you keep coming in here? Why do you always barge in on me when I’m getting dressed?”, I asked

Amy was turning white as a ghost herself. I totally got to the point and called her out on it. “Well?”, I said “There must be some reason you keep coming in here.” “Don’t be scared of me. I’m your step brother I’m supposed to protect you”, I said. “We talking about boy parts and wanted to see one. She was telling me about her brothers. I just wanted to see yours.”, she said. “Oh of course and asking is just totally out of the question right?”, I said. She just stood there. “Mom said you don’t ask people stuff like that”, she said. “You can ask me anything!” , I said.

“Well how do I know you too won’t go and blab to Mom and Dad?”, I said. She said she wouldn’t. “What about you? Can you keep a secret? Can I trust you?”, I asked her friend. Still white as a sheet she just nodded. “All right no touching though. You’re only 10.”

I dropped the towel and felt kind of proud of myself when her friends mouth dropped open in awe! Lmao. Amy just looked at it. I palmed it show them the whole thing and my balls.

She asked, “what are those for? Is that what holds your pee?” I laughed. She was so cute at that age. I said, “Nevermind. You’ll learn about that stuff soon enough.” I told them I was going to get dressed.

Amy kept wanting to look at it more and more. I just showed her what she wanted to see. She watched me urinate and kept coming in when I showered to look at it.

Her friend Karen told her that dicks get hard and they grow a lot bigger. She asked me if this was true. I said, “yes it is.” “Can I see it get hard?”, she asked. I thought this was getting a little too personal now and told her “no”. “I can’t show you that it’s a little too personal”, I said.

She got all whiny and bitchy. Complaining how she never gets anything. Spoiled brat. “Well you show it to me all the time! What’s the big deal?”, she said. “Karen says you rub it back and forth and it will shoot out stuff. Is this true?”, she asked.

I said, “What’s true is you need to stop listening to Karen. I shouldn’t even be showing you my stuff. I’m your brother.” “STEP BROTHER”, she pointed out. “We are not really related. What does it matter?”

Confusion. Confusion. Confusion. What do I do? Part of me wanted to corrupt her. Part of me wanted to be her big brother and not do such things with her. “Fuck.”, I thought kicking myself over this whole thing. ” I never should have started this”, I thought

A couple years later my stepmom and my dad were going out and asked if I would watch Amy. She was 12. I said “okay.” I popped in a DVD and we watched a movie together. She really wasn’t interested in the movie. “Can I see it?” she asked. “What is this obsession you have with it?”, I asked her jokingly. She laughed. “Come on!! Please???”, I said. She said jokingly she won’t ask anymore. This cracked me up. “You are such a little liar!”, I said.

I unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my fly. I pulled down my underwear and took it out. “Can I touch it??….PLEASE? Can I?” All excited. I sighed and said “Go ahead.” She lifted it and started touching it all over. Feelings. Dirty feelings. “Oh man” ,I thought. “This cannot be right.” Feeling guilty and excited at the same time. I asked her, “Why am I always showing you my stuff but I have never seen yours?” She told me, “well you never asked.”

She took off her pants and shirt. She had budding little breasts. Her pussy was mostly bald with a few hairs coming in. I was a virgin as well but my friend had showed me a couple pornos his dad had.

“Put the tip in your mouth Amy.”, I said. I was still flaccid. “Make it get hard.”, she said. Ignoring what I just asked her to do. “No you!”, I said. “Play with it. It will.” I basically gave her a quick lesson in masturbation and up it went.

“Come on Amy! Put it in your mouth. That’s what girls do.” I said. For a first-timer I was impressed. I had gotten a blow job before from a girl I liked but that was about as far as it went. We broke up after that. Amy wasn’t afraid to lick it. She said she wanted to see what it tasted like.

“Make the stuff come out!” She said. “It will.”, I said. “Just be patient. You begged me to do this stuff with you. So let’s enjoy it.”

I told her to spread her legs. I got in between her legs and started licking her. I just learned how to do this from the movies. I spread her young lips apart and just dove in. She told me what felt good. So that was what I concentrated on. The little dot thing is where she seemed to like it most. Lol. Not knowing what a clitoris was yet.

She started moaning. She kind of lost interest in my penis now since I started doing this to her. She had a look of concern on her face as I rubbed her and licked her. Feeling things she never felt before. I shoved my thumb in her and that was about it for her. She started to tremble a little bit. She was trying to get me to stop. The feelings are coming on hard and heavy now. I just had the feeling I shouldn’t stop. I’m glad I didn’t as little step sis had her first orgasm. She let out the loudest “ahhhh” Her legs locking around my face. I kept going to see what would happen. She started laughing trying to push my head away. She put her legs on my shoulders and shoved me away. She giggled, “Asshole” and slapped me playfully.

“Come on make the stuff come out!!” She said, ” I want to see! Please!” Giving me the puppy dog eyes. “Well the whole idea is you’re supposed to do that to me. Like I just did to you.”, I said. “You to work for it! Much like life.” I said sarcastically. She asked me what to do. I told her to keep doing what she was doing to get me hard.

She started jacking me off. It felt wonderful. Her hands were amazing. I started tensing up and I told her “harder! Faster” She did it. I yelled, “HERE IT COMES!” as I came. “Aw fuck!”, As my orgasm came on “fuck fuck fuck” “Here let me.” I took over the wheel for Amy. Here hands were soaked in cum. I was totally out of breath.

I told her to “lick it off your hands”. “Ew!” She said. “Oh grow up! Just do it!”, I said. “You do it first” she said. “Ew…no”, I said. “Uh huh! But it’s okay for me to do it.” She said. Then she called me a jerk. She got playful and flicked my cum at me. “You brat!”, I said.

I grabbed her and started tickling her. She was laughing and fighting it. “Not fair” she yelled. I stopped and we just stared at each other. I feel different about her now. Everything is changed. She was no longer my kid step sister. I kissed her. I showed her how to kiss. Our tongues met and it was amazing. Looking back I thought it was weird. Most people start with the kissing and then the foreplay. We started with the foreplay and then the kissing. LOL.

We were on the couch making out and I noticed headlights pulling in to the driveway. We lost track of time. “Oh fucking shit!”, I said. We both scrambled to get dressed and I turned the movie on. I told her to sit on the couch and act like nothing happened. “Get on your phone or something!”

We are sitting close together as they walked in. My stepmom made a comment to my sister that she shouldn’t hang on her step brother like she always does. She told her to sit up and move over a little. It made me chuckle. I was so scared we were going to get busted. My dad asked if everything was okay. I think he could tell I was nervous. I said everything was fine. I made up a story about a girl at school I was thinking about asking out and was a little nervous about it. He gave me some father-son advice on what to do.

We went to bed and I couldn’t sleep. I wanted Amy to be here with me. I heard somebody open the door and she snuck in. She laid with me in my arms all night. In the morning my stepmom found her in bed with me. She said she had a nightmare and then I made her feel safe. I think my step mom was a little smarter than we were playing her for. I think she had suspicions something was up between us. She gave Amy a lecture how she is growing into a woman and shouldn’t be hanging on to and sleeping in bed with her brother like that. I was praying she did not take Mom’s advice.

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  • Reply bill ID:fx7ita58i

    My little sister would do that

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhk

    It is always a pleasure to hear a good genuine sexual awakening taking place. Those urges are so natural as is sex and I am so glad you two got to experience this at a young age. I am certain your sex life has been wonderful since that moment forward. All young females should be taught he art of sensual sex and foreplay learning of their bodies and self confidence. This will lead to very healthy decisions about their bodies building confidence with ambitions to seek and fulfill all their sexual desires and fantasies openly without shame or remorse. Just remember you are a goddess and as such can create life and should be pleased when ever you so chose and I for one will be right there with you along your path of enlightenment.
    Seek and be taught proper!
    Love your bodies girls as you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of what so ever. Seeking sex is a natural hard wired instinct so please seek it then embrace it fully.
    Nothing better then a 12 yea old tight pussy, well uh, only if she is 11 hahaha!

    • Ken ID:4o717tkqm

      It is fantasy actually. I like writing stories like this as much as you like hearing them. Lol. I wrote a couple others under different names.

  • Reply Bearclaw ID:fzq6k718i

    Very interesting. Please continue. I’d like to know if she listened to mom. Or?

    • Ken ID:4o717tkqm

      It is coming