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I want go fuck my 12 year old daughter part 6

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It was party time and 2 more girls for the family

I noticed that the girls were all in bra and panties and different sizes one was quite chubby lovely face though and long brown hair, 9another was like Asian lovely coloured skin long black hair and a slim body small tits and then Tanya and Shania, Sophia looked at me and said girls line up where going play a game Simon says.
So the girls line up and Sophia starts you do know how to play they all giggled yes, so off she started Simon says bend over they all do Simon says jiggle your tit and they bounce then she says sit-down and the chubby one does your out so come sit on the bed next to us.
As Sophia continues the chubby girl who I now know is Ashley sits next to me her tits very nice size,as I talk to her I ask her if she fancies playing with my cock while the other girls play she nodds and her hand goes on it as she does I kiss her and my hand goes in her bra feeling her tit, it so soft and quite large for her age which i guess is 13.
I see Sophia look over at me as my other hand goes between her legs she opens them she whispers to me finger me please, I didn’t need asking twice as my hand went in her panties and her lips were wet her hand on my cock now was tight as she wanked me ,her pussy was tight and wet as i pushed 2 fingers in her ibask her if she is a virgin she nodds says I’ve been fingered but not had sex but I want it, Your going to get it as I lay her down I pull her panties off and lye on her pushing my cock in the other girls Starr shouting go Ashley go as my cock goes in her pussy it’s tight very tight as I start to fuck her my bum is going up and down as the other girls come to the bed Sophia goes to the Asian one her hand goes straight to her panties I’m watching as I fuck Ashley I can feel I havnt got long and I’m going to pump into her and fill her womb with my warm cum, she is a screamer as she has a orgasm her arms grip me tight and I can’t holdp back I feel it going in her.
I couldn’t believe that this plump little girl was such a good fuck ,her body moved with mine in sync and she had never had sex before.
After I rolled off I motioned Tanya to come over and asked about Ashley she told me her and her younger sister Claudia lived with Foster parents who are not very nice she spends most of the time putvof the house at the mall with her sister,Tanya had been given her some of her old clothes for Claudia, she also said that Claudia is calling later and that Ashley had always talked about sex that’s why she asked her to come to the sleepover and that the Asian girl Maleka was the same except she lived with her aunt and uncle who treated her like a slave .
I asked Tanya to take Maleka to my room and I will take her virginity, I had never had a Asian girl/women before and this one is beautiful I told Sophia what I was going to do and she could have a bit of fun with Ashley ,Tanya and Shania .
When I entered my room Maleka was sitting in the chair she had a tshirt on over her bra and panties I talked to her softly making sure it was what she wanted she said yes she did and not just to piss her aunty and uncle off she wanted to feel what Tanya and Shania had and also she wanted to be part of our extended family, I told her we would just go straight into the sex and asked her to strip and lye on the bed she lay down she was only 4ft 9 and looked so nice her brown body glistening and she had small perfect tits her pussy was marked by a little rough Bush of pubes.
I climbed onto the bed and kissed her my fingers went straight to her pussy and her legs were tight so I opened them she resisited, it was natural and my fingers entered her wet pussy, her face was a look of fright the unknown as I pushed she still had her hymen, I moistened her pussy so that my cock would enter easier and I would have to break her hymen which I felt as I pushed in she put her arms around me gripping me tight as I pushed in once in she was like a glove a perfect fit, whenni had it all in she was crying I asked if she wanted me to stop No she said it was tears of enjoyment as I pulled back pushed in her body lifted of the bed my mouth was on her nipples back and forth as I was continually in and out inlasted longer than usual as had just filled Ashley up and soon I had the feeling as my balls tightened up and out shot my cum into her beautiful body. I cuddled her kissing her she was smiling she actually thanked me for taken her virginity it should of been the other way.
I told her put her bra and panties on and we went into the main room where everyone else was sitting talking I walked in wearing my boxers, I told everyone to listen as I said happy birthday to Tanya and then said you girls are welcome here anytime you want even if just to chill away from your home count this as your home as well, Ashly said would it be OK if her sister Claudia came to Yes I said and treat me and Sophia as mum and dad.

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  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Ich liebe den Teil mit dem Pumlligen Mädchen ich würde so gern ihre kleine Fotze lecken und lutschen und sie Ann ficken erst ihre kleine fotze und dann ihren pumelligen hintern

  • Reply George ID:3zxjhzgg20j

    Loved this

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:bbm28vfyulx

    I loved all of the stories too, and that was actually my fantasy as well, when I was younger of course…

  • Reply Bob ID:7pqjf5w49d

    Omg loved all the stories. I’d love to have that fantasy cum true!