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Foreplay with Amy 2: Aftermath

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My Dad was always cool with me. He never flew off the handle with me. We were at home and he offered me a beer. “SHIT”, I thought. Ever since I was 12 the only time Dad gives me a beer is when he wants to discuss something serious or we are at a campfire. The house was not burning so this can’t be good.

This was the night after they went out and Amy and I fooled around. Dad asked “So did you talk to that girl we were talking about.” I said, “Eh no. Trying to build up the courage.” “Be straight with me Ken.”, he said, “What happened last night? You were awfully nervous after we came home and Gina found Amy in your room this morning. What is going on?” I was a terrible liar. I could never lie to my Dad. He was an attorney and could always see right threw me. I threw him a half truth. “Are you going to tell Gina?”, I asked. Or Va-Gina as I like to call her. Because she sure was one at times. Never said it to her face. “No”, he said. “We just kissed Dad. She wanted to learn how to kiss and I showed her. We were making out when you got home.”, I said. “Jesus Christ Ken she is 12! You are 15! What the hell were you thinking?”, he said. “I wasn’t ok?”, I said. “She is an impressionable young girl. She thinks the world of you. You two got to stop before it goes any farther” my Dad said. I nodded. “Ok Dad.”, I said. He left it alone.

I told Amy what Dad said. Amy and I did slow things down. There was the check it out sessions but we never went as far as before. She discovered masturbation and let me watch her as I jacked off but that was about it. Her pussy was filling in nicely. It matched her beautiful strawberry blonde hair. “She was going to be a heart stopper in a couple of years”, I thought.

She turned 15 and she definitely was a heart stopper. Now it was me peeking in on her in the shower. I was 18 and she was 15. She was beautiful. She invited me to come in the shower with her. Man I wanted to touch that beautiful red bush. Dad and Va-Gina were in Chicago and would not be back until tommorrow. Do I? Or Don’t I? Break my promise to Dad or fuck a hot teen? “Make up your mind big brother!”, she said.

It was too much temptation. I stripped and hopped in quickly. She laughed. “Don’t kill yourself. I am not going anywhere!” She grabbed my cock. “Does not seem that clean.” She said. “Dirty dirty dick” She took the liquid soap and just started lathering up my dick. It got hard instantly. “Damn!”, she said. “Something turning you on? That was quick! You like little sis?” She kissed me. Grabbing my dick and rubbing it against her bush as we made out.

I reached for her pussy and she grabbed my hand away. “Something wrong Amy? Let me touch your pussy.” She was teasing me. “I don’t know. I thinking that is too personal.” Mocking me for what I said to her when she was younger and wanted to see my hard on. She kissed me again taking my lower lip between her teeth and pulling away. “Come on you are killing me here!”, I said. “I know isn’t it fun?”, she said. I grabbed her hard as the hot water ran down our bodies. I reached and felt her wet bush. I spread the lips and explored with my fingers. I started rubbing her. The look on her face as I rubbed her clit between two fingers was priceless. She said, “enough of this. We are clean. Lets get dirty.” We dried off and went to her room.

“Do you like it rough big brother?”, she asked. I said, “huh”. “Rough sex? Do you like rough sex?”, she asked. “I…I dont know.”, I said. “I do. Lets find out if you do.” She said. “Damn” I thought “What happened to the sweet little girl?”

She pushed me onto her bed. Grabbing my dick. “This is mine now.”, she said. She sucked it getting me hard again and inserted it into herself. She gasped a little. She started rocking on my dick. She grabbed my face and then slapped me lightly. “Feeling good. You really are a big brother.” She smiled sarcastically. She touched her wetness and rubbed it down my nose with her index finger. “Smell nice? By the way Rough sex Kenny!” she said. “HUH?”, I said. “Spank me dufus!”, she said shaking her head like I am an idiot. I did it lightly. She slapped me. “Dont be a pussy! Hit me!”, she said. I started spanking her hard and she loved it. She was totally turned on as was I. The sweet little girl turned vixen. What did I create when she was 12. Damn! She pulled my dick out and turned around. “You wanted to touch it so bad! Lick it.”, she said.

Her gorgeous 15 yo snatch was a slice of heaven. The aroma was fresh clean pussy was in the air. I danced my tongue on her clit. “What happened?” She asked. “Did I tell you to stop spanking me?” She asked. I started again. I fingered her pussy with one hand while hitting her with the other. She started trembling and her legs were like a vice around my head she yelled out “uh ah” as she came. She turned around. “Top now!” She said. “Be nice!” I said sarcastically. “Fuck you” she smiles and said. “I think you are!” I replied sarcastically

I got on top of her I shoved my cock in her. She said, “Well for an amateur you’re great at the rough stuff.” I laughed. “You like it rough sis? How about this?”, I said as I pounded her as hard as I could. I like doing the pounding but the fact is I do not last very long when I do do it. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. She was loving it. She started shaking and grabbed my neck as she came again. She frenched me madly. As our tongues danced together. It was too much. I tensed up and I blew my load into her. “Fuck!” I said. “Damn that was fucking great!” I said.

We held each other in her bed. Exhausted. “Well shit Kenny can’t you show a girl a little respect?”, she said. “What is wrong?”, I said. “You could fuck like that this whole time and you held back on me?” She kissed me. “Little step sis feels dissed!” I laughed. We held each other. We held each other like we were 12 and 15 again. The night she came into my room after our foreplay session. We fell asleep in each others arms.

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    I love a red bush on a woman

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      Fucking awesome aint it