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Discovered my husbands dirty secret

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My husband was in to child porn, and his daughter, my step-daughter was a real bitch, so I blackmailed him in to fucking his precious little girl.

I was married to my husband, Gary, for 4 years, however, he came with his daughter from a previous marriage and she obviously became my step-daughter, everything was great for the first couple of years, our marriage was great, my relationship with Chloe was the perfect mother and daughter relationship and life was good.

Then she turned 12 and everything change, for nearly a year now Chloe has done nothing but make my life miserable, she doesn’t call me mom anymore, now I’m “That Bitch” whenever she refers to me, and doesn’t do as she’s told, she never cleans her room, and every time I go to punish her she runs to her father and he takes her side, and it has caused falling outs between us.

Gary always sides with his precious little girl, it’s like the sun shines out of her ass.

Well, last month I joined a mom’s forum online to try and get some advice on what I should do and they gave some good advice but it didn’t help much.

I was lying in bed awake one night after having an explosive fight with Chloe and Gary, I wanted to get online and talk to the new friends I’d made, but my laptop wasn’t working, so I went downstairs and used Gary’s laptop instead.

He’d changed his password again so it took a while to get the right one and get logged in, I got a coffee and sat down to chat with my online friends, about an hour went by and I was finally getting tired so I shutdown the web browser, then I saw a file on his desktop that was titled, “Hush-Bunny”, I thought that was rather odd, so I opened it, and I got a huge shock.

The folder was filled with pictures and videos of children, in sexual situations, all naked and very graphic, looking at the dates on some of the files, it looked like Gary had been downloading them since just before we got married, I just learnt that my husband was a secret paedophile.

I felt physically sick, but instead of getting angry and raging upstairs to confront him with what I’d found, I actually had a more sadistic idea, oh yes, I’d had enough of them both and it was time to let my evil bitch side out.

A week later, after planning everything out, I waited for Gary to come home from work, I greeted him at the door with a kiss, I was pretending to be the loving happy wife, and I sat him down at the dinner table and brought him his favourite meal, steak and chips.

When he finished eating he leaned back in his chair, rubbed his belly and burped and told me what a lovely meal it was, it was only then he realised Chloe hadn’t joined us, “Where’s Chloe?” he asked.

“Upstairs.” I replied, taking a drink from my wine glass.

“Have you two had a fight again?” he asked.

“No. She’s actually been quiet today, it’s been really peaceful.” I replied.

“That’s good. So, you two are finally getting along then.” He said.

“Sure.” I said, “You know what, why don’t you pop your head in, say hi, let her know you’re home.” I added.

He got up and headed up the stairs, I followed him closely behind, but gave him a head start, I wanted him to get there first, he knocked on her door and opened it, then he ran inside shouting her name, “Chloe! – Chloe!” he shouted, running over to her bed, when he saw that his precious little girl was tied up and gagged naked on the bed, I stepped inside the room and kicked the door closed behind me.

When he heard the door slam shut he turned and looked at me while trying to untie her, “What is this – what have you done?” he snapped.

“Leave her.” I said.

“I can’t believe you’d tie her up like this.” He said.

“Leave her!” I yelled at him, “I’ve seen the files on your computer.” I added.

He stopped what he was doing and stood up to face me, “What? – What files?.” he asked.

“You know the ones I’m talking about. Children – really? – Is that what gets you off these days?” I asked.

He huffed, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’ve lost your mind.” He said.

“Oh really. Well those files you know nothing about, I’ve saved them all to a thumb drive and emailed them to a friend, and I’ve hidden your laptop.” I said.

“I don’t believe you.” He said.

“Believe it. My friend has instructions to send those files, along with your photograph, name and address, to the police, your family, your work and everyone in your contact list, if they doesn’t hear from me by morning.” I explained.

He started to sweat and look very worried, “Okay, what do you want?” he asked, knowing that I had his entire life by the balls.

I stepped up to him practically nose to nose, and looked him straight in the eyes, “I want you to pack up all your shit and get the fuck out of my life, and take this little cunt with you.” I growled.

“Fine. I’ll leave.” He replied, once again trying to untie Chloe.

“Not yet. First you’re going to do something for me.” I said.

“What?” he asked.

“Seen as you like watching children having sex, I want to see you do it.” I said.

He shook his head not understanding what I was saying, “What do you mean?” he asked.

“I want to watch you fuck your precious little girl, right here, right now.” I said.

“What?! – No. No way. Are you out of your mind.” He replied, pacing around like I was the sick minded one.

“This little bitch deserves to be fucked, who knows, it may be just what she needs. Watching little girls getting fucked obviously turns you on, judging by the amount of videos on your laptop it’s obvious that you want to do it yourself. Now is your chance, there she is, your little girl, don’t tell me you don’t want to fuck her.” I said.

“She’s my daughter for Christ sake.” He snapped.

“I know. So why don’t you take out your cock, and be her daddy.” I replied.

“No. I’m not doing it. Nope.” He said.

“Okay, that’s fine. I’ll just tell my friend to go ahead and send the emails.” I replied.

He walked over to me angrily and ready to hit me, but he stopped himself, “Chloe was right, you are a bitch.” He said, then he spat on me.

“No, she’s the bitch, and you’re her sick fuck of a father. Now, do it!” I snapped.

He took off his trousers and climb up on to the bed, parted her legs and shuffled himself up between them, he turned to me one last time, “Can’t we just talk about this?” he asked.

I sat down in Chloe’s desk chair and watched, “Do it!” I replied, firmly.

Chloe started shaking her head trying to tell him no, stop, I was shocked at how quickly he got an erection, he was never up that fast with me, I guess little girls really did do it for him, “I’m sorry.” He said to her just before he thrust his cock between her legs and penetrated her pussy, her muffled screams were like heavenly music to my ears.

I sat in the chair watching and smiling as he fucked Chloe on the bed, and despite his initial protests, he actually looked like he was enjoying it, and proper pounding it in to her, “Come on, this is your one chance, fuck that little bitch.” I shouted across the room to him.

It worked and got him to power in to her.

I got up and walked over to the bed and kneeled down on the floor next to Chloe’s head, “How you doing, Chloe. Does your dads cock feel good? – I imagine he’s really stretching your pussy out, huh. Is it painful? – Yeah, I bet it is isn’t it.” I said, taunting her, and wiping the tears from her eyes like I cared, then I grabbed her hair tightly and pulled, “This is what you deserve you little cunt!” I yelled at her.

“Come on, fuck her harder!” I screamed at Gary, getting really pissed off that he was holding back.

It took him a good 20 minutes to come, which was pretty depressing because he’d never once lasted that long with me, the best I ever got was 5 minutes.

“There you go. Wasn’t that fun. Wasn’t that good.” I said, smiling at their misery.

Gary sat on the bed holding his head in his hands in shame, and Chloe lay crying on the bed, with her dad’s sperm oozing from her freshly pounded pussy.

I walked over and cut Chloe loose, she curled up in the corner of the bed, she was finally scared of my authority.

“Now, I want you to pack up your shit, and get the fuck out of my house. Oh, and if either of you get any thoughts about telling anyone about what happened here, don’t! – I never want to see or hear from either of you ever again, is that clear?” I said.

Gary wrapped Chloe in a bed sheet, carried her out of the bedroom, packed up both of their belongings and left an hour later.

My life is now a happy one.

I know I’m an evil bitch, but you can’t tell me they didn’t deserve that.

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  • Reply Bob ID:1v4n6s520b

    God that got me hard!

  • Reply Lucien ID:3zxjfle2m9i

    Damn! Visualizing her watching him fuck his daughter like that gave me an instant erection! Reminded me of 2 Fridays ago when I bought this woman’s groceries and she let me have her daughter for an hour while she watched.

    • Poundout ID:60apuid9j

      Tell what u did to her

  • Reply Kitty ID:7nu6wvq6i9

    One word DESEVERD

  • Reply Rotten bastard ID:2mmja0sz

    This is a really well put together story with good plot and good writing, perfect uwu

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Should have kept them around, and made sure daddy bred his little girl properly. Hell you could have put a collar on her that read daddy’s breeding bitch

  • Reply feminist ID:1fto8yx78l

    You did the right thing girl.

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      Feminists r so fun to take hard

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    Would of loved them to all sudden get their own revenge back on you. 😉

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      Hot 🔥 yes u should have kept them around., would have been your slaves,

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    Do you know what happened next? I would like to know if the dad carried on a relationship with the daughter?

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      I also want to know this

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