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Birth of a sub

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A daddy creates a sub, born out of abuse

Bringing out the sub I had met my partner in London at a party, I was your average divorced 23 year old just looking for fun, she was 17 year old living ,working away from home, (turned out she was quite mixed up in the family/home front ,more of that later) Within an hour or two we where back in her room at the hostel she was working it fucking like rabbits, high on beer sex and youthful energy, We started seeing each other after awhile but she became like a leach couldn’t fucking get rid and was beginning to bore me with her childish ways, I’d had my fun and was trying to ease her out of my life nicely till the fight, The fight changed everything, was a normal sat night busy pub, few drinks a laugh , my partner Beth was quite pissed I was stood at the bar waiting to get served, flirting with my ex girl friend, when I felt something strike my head twice,I turned there she was eyes blazing, fucking bitch had hit me with her high heeled shoe ! Wtf, I grabbed her marching her outside, frog matched her shouting her blubbing trying to say sorry to my flat, where she had almost taken up residence, ” what the fuck do you think you are doing you stupid cow” I screamed at her throwing her to the floor, her small slim body hitting the wooden floor hard.” are you fucking mental, stupid bitch her your stuff and fuck off back to the looney bin you work in” Even though she was drunk and sobbing she still looked hot, she may have been dense but at 5 feet dead and a size 8 with 34 tits and a bubble butt ass, I loved fucking her young body. I’d dressed her over the months we had been together, slipping her away from jeans into a fashionable young girl, short skirts thigh highs ,French panties, she looked great was like dressing a sexy live doll ” I’m sorry its just I don’t want to lose you,I just got jealous, l know you still love your ex, please ill do anything I’m sorry please forgive me” as she was saying this she was on her knees in front of me begging for forgiveness, my cock wanted down her throat ,I had other plans, pushing her hands away saying nothing, she was on her hands and knees still sobbing, saying please, please forgive me. I sat on the sofa, ” come here you bitch stand before me, if you want to stay with me it’s time you learnt your place, you have a choice come here or fuck off now,” my voice was cold with emotion, my cock was hard as nails. She stood and made her way toward me, I directed her to stand to one side, grabbing her hand pulling her across my lap , my hard cock sticking in her stomach, ripping her short skirt up with one hand, ripping the panties away, I started to smack her ass, enjoying the springy feeling as my hard hand connected with her firm white skin, her shouts became louder as I have her 20 hard smacks, ” shut the fuck up or leave now, I’m trying to count” she eventually became quite her body shaking,I admired my handy work both cheeks where red raw, my hand itself felt hot,” now bitch I’m in charge this is just a start do you understand ?” ” yes” her small voice quivering “Yes, fucking what” I brought my hand hard against her cheeks, ” yes, yes” ” no you dumb fucking cunt yes daddy, when we are alone, or I tell you two its daddy from now on “ ” yes” Once again I smacked her hard “yes what!” I shouted ” yes daddy” her voice a whimper now, I pushed her off my knee onto the floor, her eyes confused looking at me, her ass red, her cunt visible and ripe for fucking, “stay there, I have something for you” I still had my old dogs leash and collar in the kitchen,I brought then back, making her sit up and fastened it around her slim neck, pulling on the lead I spoke slowly close to her wet face,”you can stay bitch, but from now on your mine, and shall do as I bid do I make myself clear, just nod I don’t want to here your whining voice again tonight, she nodded slowly tears rolling down her face, I dragged her into the kitchen, making her crawl, “now stand and bend over the kitchen work top, she complied the fight gone out of her,I ripped the skirt up her back, forcing her legs apart with my hand, her tight cunt was dripping,a low moan came out of her as slid my fingers in, pushing herself back wanting to enjoy the feeling, I pushed her down hard another hard slap, “doing fucking move cunt” Another sob as I finger fucked her hard and quick, enjoying her squirming trying to stay still,I removed my hand she didn’t move, her legs open cunt dripping, waiting to be filled, I opened my trousers my cock hard as nails, shouting for relief, grabbing the oil from the counter side so she didn’t see, I lathered my hardness,grabbing her still glowing cheeks I seperated them, teasing I let my cock head part her lips, before drawing back, lining up her tight virgin ass and hitting it hard forcing my way in, her screams where music to my ears as I felt her trying to push me out, my fingers gripping her raw cheeks till I felt myself bottom out,I gave her know time to get used to it, and started fucking her ass making her scream and cry,I started to smack her ass as I fucked her. ” please daddy your hurting, please daddy it hurts,” she sobbed more and more, could feel my cum bubbling wanting to fill her insides, grabbing the lead I pulled her up wards impaled on my hardness, all the inside her, one arm wrapped around her holding her off the floor, I suddenly withdrew throwing her back down, holding her head up, so could see her tear stained face ” open up bitch time to feed you ” there was no fight she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock, glistening with oil and her ass juices,” suck harder cunt use that fucking mouth” , she sucked going as hard as she could, my cum soon hit the back of her throat,I held her tight by the leash making her swallow every drop, removing my cock I wiped it over her face very good bitch, “do you have a thank you for daddy for fucking you and feeding you?” ” thank you daddy” she said quitely “good girl” I unclipped the leash leaving the collar in place “time for bed I think” I made her strip in the kitchen, standing behind I held my hand on her red ass, sliding a finger in her open ass, one hand on her naked tit, “remember this is just the beginning your mine for life, this is what you wanted, ill grant you it as long as you serve me and do as daddy says, are you sure you want to stay tell me?” With one tear sliding down her cheek she whispered “yes daddy I’m sure” A sub slut was born

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    bitches are made to be anal fuck toys for men!

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    Would love to have a nice sub

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    Ahh just what she needed a dominating male

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    Yes. You are grooming, the perfect sub slot open for every cock to play with.

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      Let’s see how it turns out

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    I would do this with you<3

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