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My first lesbian experience. Pt 1

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So I had a few of my friends staying over and we decided to go swimming at a secret waterfall by my house around midnight or so. I’ll refer to my friends as Lucy, Kelly and Taylor. We’re all between 14 and 16 The moon was full which made it easy to see where we were going. Once we got there all of us changed into our bikinis. We all got in the water and started swimming and playing. I’m not sure what led up to it but we all ended up nude and skinny dipping. Taylor swam up to Lucy and started to make out. Kelly then swam to me and started to kiss me. It was the first time I kissed a girl and it made my heart flutter. I didn’t really know how to respond so I just let her continue. I felt her tongue go in my mouth and started exploring. I decided to return the favor, she tasted absolutely amazing. Kelly stops kissing me and looks me in the eyes and places her hands on my boobs. She starts to grope them which makes me moan. I glance to Lucy and Taylor who are just embraced nude with each other and silently watching Kelly fondle me. I go back to enjoying Kelly’s amazing hand work. She then starts to move her right hand down my stomach and stops right above my pussy. She whispers in my ear “Do you want me to keep going?”

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  • Reply Lez Lover ID:1dj85krmj37f

    Heck yeah! Keep going, and keep on licking!

  • Reply Spôtléss beauty ID:2kyee16vzl

    Now Leave Your Comment… Yes more

  • Reply PervyD ID:1ec7vhg3j2sn

    Yes, really want to read more

  • Reply ace9247 ID:80c64w8i

    yes, please keep going