She Became My Fuckbuddy

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It took me a long time to get in her panties but it was worth the wait.

It was some three years ago that I first met Helen. She was the receptionist at an organisation that I had applied to for a career move. I was attending for an interview and was greeted by Helen. Inevitably, when attending an interview, you tend to be nervous and a little stressed. I certainly was and Helen must have recognised this. During the 10 minutes or so that I waited to be called in to the interview she chatted away and completely put me at ease. I would much sooner have stayed talking to Helen than going into the interview but eventually I was called in and Helen wished me good luck as I left her. Helen wasn’t on reception when I came out of the interview and I left without being able to say cheerio. On the way home I thought of Helen a lot and was just hoping that I would be offered a job so that I could see her again. I even thought that if I was not given a job then I would phone her and ask her out on a date. Fortunately, however, I was offered a post and gladly accepted, happily looking forward to meeting Helen again and becoming a work buddy.

I am by nature a little shy and reserved and so on beginning my new job I didn’t do what my instincts told me to do. That is, I didn’t invite Helen out on a date. I concentrated on learning my new job and familiarising myself with the new building, my new colleagues and the culture of the organisation. I did, however, make sure I passed through reception as often as I could so that I was able to see Helen and chat to her to get to know her better.

Helen was not beautiful in the classic sense but she was attractive and had a nice figure. She was only small, standing about five feet tall. She was still in her twenties and single. I was disappointed to learn that she had a regular, long term, boyfriend. I was made aware of this fact when I overheard a conversation she was having with a female colleague. They were discussing their sex lives and Helen was boasting that her boyfriends penis was 8 inches long and that they enjoyed a very active sex life. I’m pretty sure that they were aware that I was within earshot and wondered whether they were deliberately teasing me in a playful manner and trying to make me blush. Whatever, it was true that Helen had a long term boyfriend and that she was faithful to him. This meant that my chances of dating Helen were very remote, if not impossible. For the next two years I fantasised over her, but managed no more than a kiss a Christmas time.

All this changed when a colleague resigned to move to another job and a leaving do was arranged. It was to be held in an Italian restaurant one Friday night. The colleague was popular and most of us turned up for the meal, some twenty or so people.

We sat at a long table, 10 down each side and I noticed that Helen was at the end. Spotting a space at the side of her I went and asked if she minded me taking this seat. She readily agreed and we immediately got into conversation. We laughed and joked throughout the meal whilst she steadily drank wine. I was driving so didn’t drink much alcohol. During the night she told me that she had in fact finished with her boyfriend some six months previous and that she was not in any relationship.

When we had finished eating we all still sat around talking and drinking. At one point I put my arm around Helen and found that I could feel the side of her breast. I tentatively squeezed gently and she didn’t object. After a little more exploration with my fingers she positively seemed to be enjoying it and moved a little closer to me so that out thighs were against each other and I could feel the pleasurable heat that she gave off. Her breasts were soft and malleable and fondling the side was indeed pleasurable.

After a while I decided to be a bit more daring and taking my arm from round her I placed my hand on her thigh under the table. Whilst I still wanted to feel her breasts I was enjoying stroking her thigh just as much, if not more. At this point we seemed to be in a world of our own and totally ignored the others who were happily conversing among themselves. We squeezed together even closer and my hand was moving up her thigh ever nearer to its objective. Helen was wearing a very small mini skirt so it was easy to stroke the inside of her thigh. It felt wonderful but I could not get to her vagina because of the tights that she wore. She was as eager as I was and so I whispered that she should go to the toilet and take of her tights. After a bit of giggling she excused herself to go to the toilet. I couldn’t wait for her to come back. Would she have dared to take them off? Would my passage to her cunt be unhindered?

She seemed to have been gone for ages but eventually returned and sat very close to me. I did not dare dive straight in but rather put my arm round her to feel her soft rounded breast again. After a little while she asked in a husky whisper whether she had removed her tights for nothing. I needed no further invitation. My arm moved slowly from around her waist and down under the table and my fingers felt the delicious warm skin of her inner thigh. As I gently stroked her leg, moving gradually to the top my own pants were damp with my pre-cum. She slowly opened her legs wider as I got higher up her leg. Suddenly my fingers were there and I felt the dampness of her panties which she had left on. She later told me that she had left her panties on for modesty since her skirt was so short. I didn’t mind since my fingers could still access her cunt and I felt the softness of her pubic hairs – unshaven by the feel of it. She cautiously wriggled her bottom forward a little while leaning back to give me better access to her cunt. I probed for her clitoris and on finding it gently massaged it between my finger and thumb. Helen was having to bite on her tongue to stop her crying out and she struggled to avoid moving too much in order not to draw too much attention to us. I could feel her juices on my fingers and wanted sorely to taste her and let her taste my fingers. She was getting really wet by now and I managed to insert two fingers in her cunt. This seemed to send a tremor through her but she fought to make it not too obvious. Her cunt was deliciously warm and receptive and I would have given anything to bury my head between her legs to taste her juices.

While we were both enjoying this and in the land of Utopia we knew that it was not enough. We needed some privacy to continue our intimacy. Whilst still fondling her cunt we discussed going home together. Helen had her own home but had been brought to the restaurant by another couple and they had said that they would take her back to make sure she got back safely. She gave me her address and said that I should go to her home and wait until she had been dropped off. Things were getting a little hot by now and it was increasingly more difficult to contain ourselves in public. I gave her, by now, sopping wet cunt one final stroke and brought my fingers to my mouth to lick.

Fortunately at this point people started to leave and so we parted to seemingly go our separate ways, but in the knowledge that we would be together shortly to continue our sexual promiscuity with complete abandonment. I felt sure that somebody must have caught on to what we had been up to, but if they had, they didn’t say anything.

I was the first to arrive at Helen’s house and parked a few house away to await her. She followed minutes later and her companions saw her safely to the door bidding her goodnight. I had to duck down across the front seat of my car to avoid being seen in the headlights of the other car. I then drove the short distance to Helen’s door, parked and knocked on the door. She must have been waiting at the other side of the door because I was whisked in without any wait. We embraced and kissed. A deep, long, kiss that we had been building up to all night. Our tongues explored each others and she tasted wonderful. I still had not wiped the fingers that had soaked in her juices and I put them in my mouth and in Helen’s before we started kissing again, this time with her juices as flavour. We were several minutes kissing and cuddling before she suggested we move from the hall. She suggested that we have a drink; she particularly wanted a drink of tea and so we moved into the kitchen. Helen removed her jacket and it took all my willpower not to take her there and then. She had a flimsy top through which you could see her bra and the miniskirt that barely covered her panties.

I sat at the table whilst Helen put the kettle on and got cups and saucers out. As she leaned over to put the crockery on the table the top that she was wearing fell loose exposing a beautiful view of her tits. I couldn’t resist and got up standing behind her. I reached round her and cradled her breasts in my hands. This was so much better than just touching them from the side. They felt full and rounded and I moved my hands under her top, gently pushing her bra up until her tits fell into my hands. They felt heavy and were a delightful C cup. I loved the weight and feel of these in my hands and I felt for her nipples to gently squeeze them making her give out a little ‘ooh’.

The tea was forgotten as I quickly turned her round and removed her top and, already undone bra, freeing her tits for me to see for the first time. They looked fabulous. The areola was very dark and must have measured 50mm in diameter. I was fascinated by her tits and gently kissed each one, then took each nipple in turn and put as much as I could into my mouth, sucking on them and twirling my tongue around the nipple. I feasted on them for what seemed like an age but could have only been a few minutes. I couldn’t get enough of them. I have seen and handled many tits before but these were an absolute joy. Recognising my need to experience her body and her own desire to be fucked, Helen suggested that we go to bed to get to know each other better and to enjoy some uninhibited, no holds barred, fucking. I didn’t need a second invitation.

As we moved towards the stairs and up the stairs we ripped each others clothes off in our anxiety to start the action. There was very little of Helen’s clothes for me to remove, just her skirt and panties. She demonstrated some expertise in removing my shirt and trousers although we did stumble as my trousers fell around my ankles. But by the time we got to her bedroom we were completely naked. We agreed to leave the light on so that we could both see each other.

At only 5 feet tall Helen appeared very petite and nymph like. She was gorgeous with everything well proportioned and I could barely believe that she was there on the bed, completely naked, and wanting me to fuck her. Her pubic hair was natural and formed a delightful triangle pointing down to her cunt. It signposted me down there and I spread her legs as I went to eat her out. She was already very wet and this tasted and smelled very nice indeed. My tongue flicked at her clitoris and she gave a low moan as I put my tongue into her cunt as far as I could. She continued to secrete her juices and I was fighting a losing battle trying to clean them up with my tongue.

So far Helen hadn’t had much chance to feel and hold my prick. Apart from occasionally brushing her hand across it under the table in the restaurant, she hadn’t got near it. She badly wanted to hold it and play with it and I wanted her to take it in her mouth. It turned out that she hadn’t done much of this and was very wary of gagging on it. I coaxed her into just sucking the pre cum from the tip and as she gained a little in confidence she took the head in her mouth. She didn’t however want to take any more in to her mouth and so taking it into her hands she licked and sucked the bell end. This was wonderful and I still couldn’t believe that I was living a dream.

I moved Helen to the middle of the bed, laying her on her back with her legs over my shoulders. We were both longing to fuck each other and Helen gave out little gasps has I rubbed my prick against her labia. She was very wet and started to beg me to fuck her. I was more than happy to oblige. I placed my prick against the entrance to her cunt and gently pushed to enter her. Though there was plenty of natural lubrication, she was very tight and I had to push harder to get the end of my prick in. If her previous boyfriend did have an 8 inch cock, then what it had in length it lost in girth. Helen was deliciously tight and the sides of her cunt clung to my prick. I gently eased forward and glided deeper into her until our pubic hairs were together. It was such a warm and pleasant sensation to have my cock buried deep in Helen’s cunt. I started to move in and out and Helen trembled with joy. She cried out for me to fuck her hard and I started to slam my balls against her. She loved being pounded and she soon came, and our fucking was accompanied with sexy sloppy noises. We continued in this way to make her climax again and again. She continued to ask me to fuck her and told me to fill her cunt with my cum. I wanted nothing more than to do just that and after a minute or two longer I shot my load into her and felt it filling her up before squeezing back down the side of my prick adding to the juices that we had created.

We lay back, getting our breath back. I think we were like minded and had both secretly wanted to enjoy each other since the first time we met. It had taken a long time but, at that moment, the waiting seemed well worthwhile. It was lovely to cuddle together, talking sexy, kissing and waiting for my cock to be operational again. With Helen’s gentle teasing getting another erection didn’t take long and for this fuck she asked to do it doggy style. Providing I could fuck her I didn’t much mind what position but hoped that we would be able to try as many different positions we could think of. We were still both nicely lubricated and I slipped my prick in with minimum resistance, due only to the tightness of her cunt. Whilst enjoying fucking this way I was able to reach forward and feel her gorgeous tits. My hands clamped on them and toyed with her nipples. Helen began to groan again and to demand that I fuck her hard. I pushed and fucked to the best of my ability and it was not long before I again filled her cunt with hot cum. I turned her on to her back again and put my face between her legs to clean her up with my tongue. It was delicious and we then shared the taste with kissing, our tongues intertwining and exploring each others mouths.

We lay back talking and discussing sex. We agreed that it had been exceptionally good sex and that we both wanted to repeat it. We explored each others fantasies and wondered how we could help each other to fulfil these. Many would just involve the two of us but Helen said that she had often thought of being doubly penetrated. She had never experienced anal intercourse and we agreed that we should explore this first before inviting somebody else to join us. We fell asleep at some point and woke late, both a little startled at first to find ourselves side by side in bed. I woke with a hard on and wanted to carry on where we left off but Helen had agreed for her Mum to come round and she was expected shortly so I should make myself scarce. She sexily told me that she would have something special for me next time if I left now. I could tell that she would have preferred to stay and fuck some more but in the circumstances she couldn’t. After dressing quickly we parted with a kiss knowing that we would see each other at work on Monday.

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