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my sisters cunt – part 2

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I woke up in the night with the taste of my sister’s 27 year old cunt juices still coating my mouth and my cock as hard as rock under the sheets. I threw off the covers and wrapped my hand around my swollen cock and began to stroke it. Fuck I was horny remembering what had happened earlier in the night with my sister. Shooting my load on her big ass, touching and licking her sweet hairy cunt , the taste was incredible, I stroked harder my balls rolling in my sack. Fuck I moaned as I shot a load up into the air that came back down all over my cock and stomach. Geesh fuck, that was incredible.
I lay there thinking, if she was sleep walking tomorrow night what could I do? Could I lick her cunt again with out waking her up, I think she almost woke up last night. As I thought about it I drifted off to sleep again.
The next morning I was a little nervous as we all sat down at the table to eat breakfast but everything seemed normal, so I relaxed. My sister never acted any different to me and all I could think about was her naked as I sat there with a big hard on. My cock wasn’t super large or anything after all I was just a boy not a man but it was decent for my age, probably around 5 or 5 1/2 inches. I was gonna measure it for sure next time I was alone and thinking about my sister’s cunt. The day went past as any other day does and I jerked off 6 times thinking about my sister, it seemed my cock was always swollen and I thought I had a really nice boner. I had been jerking off for over a year now and it had grown a lot since I first stroked it, I wanted it to keep growing and maybe one day I could fuck my sister with it although that would probably never happen.
Night came and everyone went to sleep except me I was waiting, waiting for my sister to walk around naked. She didn’t do it every night but I didn’t want to miss it if she did, so I tried not to fall asleep. Just as I was drifting off I heard the floor outside her door creak and knew she was up, the question was, was she sleep walking? I slid out of bed and peeked out of my door and there she was my beautiful naked sister walking slowly down the hall towards me giving me an awesome view of her attributes. Her big swaying full breasts with the large brown nipples, her thick black bush, her meaty pussy lips hanging out the bottom of the hairy patch, wide hips and long legs. My cock was at full attention as she came near and I stepped out into the hall, as naked as she was.
Hi Sis I said and looking at her blank expression I knew she was out of it. I reached out and took her hand as she got to in front of my doorway, pulling her into my room, She turned and came slowly behind me and I sat her down on the edge of my bed. I looked down at her my cock aching to explode and shoot my cum all over her tits but I tried to hold back. I told her to open her legs and put my hands on her thighs to pull them apart, her legs opened easily revealing the black hairy bush and her meaty cunt lips.
I looked at her closely but she just sat there with a blank stare on her face making me smile as I reached out and began to play with her tits, Oh fuck, oh fuck yeah this was awesome. My cock was so swollen and sensitive I had to touch it, I couldn’t take it, my hand had barely wrapped around my cock when I shot my load all over my sister’s stomach and hairy cunt. I almost fell on the floor my legs went so weak and I watched as my cock shot glob after glob of white creamy cum onto my sister. I watched her face but it didn’t change and I dropped to my knees in front of her. I had eaten my own cum lots of times but it was so much better sucking and licking my cum off my sisters tummy and pussy. I had to suck the cum off her pussy hair which took a while longer but I finally got to suck it of her beefy cunt lips. Sucking them into my mouth and pulling on them with my lips. I was in my glory and my cock was hard again but I wasn’t paying attention and I heard my sister groan and thought she said something. I took my mouth off her cunt and looked up at her. She didn’t have the blank look on her face like before but a troubled look and she was blinking her eyes.
OH FUCK I thought as I lay down on the floor out of her view, then slid under my bed hiding. She sat there for a minute and then she stood up and I heard her say, “What the fuck am I doing in Gary’s room? Where is he anyway? then she walked out the door and I heard her say “I hope he’s not in the bathroom, I have to pee really bad” and then she was gone down the hall and I scurried out from under the bed. Fuck that was close, obviously she doesn’t stay asleep for ever. I would have to be more careful.
I climbed into bed and was laying there stroking my cock when I heard her coming back up the hall, she stopped in my doorway and called my name. “Yeah what do ya want?” I answered and she asked where I had been a few minutes ago, I told her I was getting a drink of juice, which wasn’t a lie, I just didn’t say it was her juice. She said good night and continued down to her room leaving me to plot and plan and jerk off.

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    I love sisters

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    Next time , just lay her down on your bed and fuck her

  • Reply CA ID:2qlks70zk

    nice you horny little perv….taking advantage of your sisters pussy while she is not aware…. but you are gonna get caught…my brother did

    • Lonelybrother ID:5sp0kz8rd

      I’d love to hear about when your brother got caught

  • Reply Terry ID:h9azenvqm

    Now read both , that’s very horny
    Would eat both of you mmmm