Sister and me 3

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Going round our aunt house for tea and having a fun time

I haven’t spoken to my sister for 2 months since we were caught in the shed by our aunt.
She phoned me said the aunt had phone her and asked if we could go for tea one afternoon my sister had a job wish you could take half day I had a job that it was job and finish
It was about 2 weeks later that we both managed to get get an afternoon off with out saying anything to her partners
My sister was already there when I turned up our aunt made some tea and we had cakes we were talking and our aunt brought up the party and said that she really enjoyed it and the special event we both laughed she asked us if we’re seeing each other after the party you told her no this was the first time we’ve seen each other
She said she’s going upstairs to the toilet me and my sister sat talking she was a long time then she called us then after to go upstairs me and my sister look to each other and went.
My aunt bedroom door I was facing the stairs so as you walked up up you look straight into it she was standing here in a very low cut dress she asked me if I liked it and I told her yes it looks very nice my sister said it may day look younger he had quite big breasts that was pushing out the top of the dress she put a hands to the bottom of the dress and slowly pulled it up me and my sister’s just looked an interview you game stockings and suspender belt she turned around and they had the black scenes at the back very nice
I walk to her run my hands over her body my sister came over and was doing the same I was playing with her tits my sister took her dress off then stood her behind her I put a hand down her knickers but sound my sister and and was already there f************* her which was a real turn on I back to way and watched as my sister and rest up then my aunt undress my sister and they both laid in the bed did this was the first time I’m I seen my sister with another woman my cock was rock hard I stripped off as I watch them my fingering each other sucking each other’s tits then my auntie said to my sister has she ever lick another woman my sister said no so my arm got into the 69 position on top of my sister and slowly lowered her c*** onto my sister’s mouth has she put her mouth want to my sister’s c*** I just stood there slowly jerking off after a while my aunt tell my sister how to change positions so she was on the top put my arm call me over and told me me to f*** my sister while she was licking her which I did my sister cried out as a orgasm came my aunt told me to pull out and come in her mouth which I did we all laid there exhausted my aunt thanks us and say we please don’t lady
After a while they both started playing with me and I got hard again my aunt got on her hands and knees ask my sister get between her legs well my sister lichter she asked me to f*** her I could feel my sister’s tongue on my cock as I was going in and out my aunt ask me to pull out and get up her ass which I did not last too long and came I pulled out my aunt ask my sister to state where she was and this spank dripped out of ass she asked my sister lick she said this would be a first
I watched on she just kept licking and sucking I was playing with my sister’s c*** and I got hard again my aunt sucked me what I was fingering my sister thenmy aunt asked me to f*** my sister up the ass what he was licking the coming out of her which I did.
We managed to have have quite a few you these times before my aunt passed away put up awake me and my sister did manage to sneak away and have a f*** in both holes just reminders of my aunt RIP
My sister is near 74 and I am 69 we don’t see each other that often we talk about passed when we’re alone in the good times you never hurt anybody and no one ever found out

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