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How my daughter became my partner (part 4)

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The next day I got up a couple of hours before her. She came downstairs almost at noon, looking like she was not in a very good place. “having a hangover honey?” I asked. She just grunted and went for the painkillers in the cabinet, then went up and I heard the shower turn on. Still feeling the shame from the night before, I chose not to go watch her shower on the camera feed. When she came back down again she looked a lot better. She went straight over to me, grabbed my hand and was leading me up to her bedroom. She said “I am so horny today dad, is that normal during a hangover? Can we masturbate together? I passed out yesterday before we could do it, and we always do it”. She looked at me with a perky smile on her face. Just her asking made my cock start growing in my pants. I told her I had to tell her something first though. “tell me what daddy?” she said. She only called me “daddy” instead of dad when she was horny, and she also made her most innocent voice. I told her that I had been touching her breasts and sucking on her nipples while she was passed out the last night. She looked like she was thinking then asked “did you touch…anything else?”. “NO NO honey I said, I knew I should not have done it so I stopped and went to bed”. “erm…just maybe…you should have touched something else dad… When you told me you touched me right now, I kinda hoped you would tell me you had touched my pussy too, while you enjoyed yourself, it would have aroused me. But anyhow, I am horny dad, lets get ourselves off”. She quickly undressed and sat herself against the top of the bed as always, and I undressed to, but when I was sitting down in the chair, she told me that this time, she wanted me to sit on the bed with her. She looked at me and asked “dad, I would like to try something new, can you please touch me instead of me doing it myself? What you told me earlier made me very horny”. I didn’t even answer, I just put my hands between her legs. Didn’t waste any time just went straight for her warm soft pussy. She was so wet. The moment my hand hit her pussy she moaned “finally…” She closed her eyes and put her head back towards the wall. I was rubbing her clit and she was breathing heavily. Her juices flowing. We kept this going for a while. I could feel she was starting to shake and knew it would not be long until she would orgasm. She opened her eyes looked at me and asked me to stop. She then reached out her hand, while still looking me into my eyes, and softly put her hands around my shaft. I was totally unprepared and made a load moan when her hand wrapped around my dick. It seemed she liked this reaction, because she gave me the biggest smile. “Please show me what to do daddy” she said, making her 15 year old voice sound even younger then she was to tease me. I put my hand around hers and starting slowly pulling myself off with her hand, then letting go while she continued. She commanded me to start rubbing her again. It did not take long before I felt her begin to shiver again, and knew she was getting close. That was good, because I couldn’t keep this up much longer. Between my moans I told her “you should let go now honey, daddy is going to come soon” “no daddy! I want you to come in my hand…” a few seconds later I felt her body tighten up and knew she was coming, so I released at the same time. I filled her hand with cum. I told her to slow down and just very gently stroke me for a little bit longer, cum dripping off her fingers down on my lap. When her body relaxed again, she took her hand back, looked at it, playing with the cum between her fingers. This was the first time she had ever had her pussy touched, first time she had touched a dick, and first time she had felt cum. She looked over at me, then put one of her fingers that was full of cum into her mouth. She sucked it off and swallowed it, giving me the biggest smile. “you taste nice daddy” she said and laughed. She jumped up and went to the shower, as she had plans that day with her best friend.

I was already in bed when I heard her coming home that night. She had already told me she would be late so it was ok. After a little while, my bedroom door opened, and there she was standing…completely naked. I asked her if wanted us to masturbate. “mmm…maybe dad” she said with a slur, then stumbled a few steps into the bedroom, almost falling over. “are you drunk Rebecca” I asked, trying to make my voice harsh and using her name instead of honey like I always called her. She nodded and giggled. “I really liked this morning dad, and…I thought maybe I could be a bit more brave if I was drunk” she said as she threw herself onto my bed. She laid there on my bed, naked on her back. Her face turned serious, and she said “dad, I want you to lay on top of me…naked”. I was struggling with myself, thinking about the moral aspect of taking advantage of my young drunk daughter. The thought of actually feeling my naked skin against hers made everything else seem…less important. I took off my boxers, and slowly positioned myself on top of my little girl. She spread her legs so I could lay between them. We lay like that for a little while, just enjoying the feeling of warm skin against skin. “Can I kiss you” I asked. She did not respond, just started to breath faster, but after a while she nodded. I pressed my lips against my daughters for the first time, and a chill went through my whole body. She smiled, and I kissed her again, longer this time. I started opening my mouth a little, putting my tongue into her mouth. She quickly catched on and our tongues were stroking each others, playing around. I felt how my cock was really hard and perfectly aligned with her pussy crack. While kissing I started rubbing it up and down her crack. She was so wet, and her heart was going so fast and hard I could litterly feel it banging towards my chest. She was breathing very heavily, quickly and nervously. My cock was throbbing so much it was starting to hurt. I stopped kissing her for a moment, pulled my head a bit back and looked her in her eyes. “Are you sure about this honey” I asked her. She was stuttering when she answered. “P..p..please dad. I..I..have fantasized all day about how it will feel to have you inside me, how it will feel when you are fucking me”. We were still looking into each others eyes, and I started carefully letting the tip slide into her. My dick was really lubed up from sliding up and down her crack for so long. I could feel her starting to shake, she was so nervous. It kinda aroused me even more. I pushed a little longer inside, about half way. “Are you ok honey, does it hurt?”. “it hurts a little daddy, but please don’t stop, I want this”. I waited a little, so her pussy could adjust to my cock. Then I pushed all the way in. She closed her eyes then let out a mix between a pain scream and a moan as I burst her hymen. I carefully started sliding out and in, very slowly and carefully. Her little moan of pain became less for every time. My mind was spinning. I was actually fucking my little princess…my barely 15 year old daughter, like I had fantasized about for so long. I knew I would be blowing my load quickly, she was so tight and wet, it felt truly amazing. After a few minutes of slowly fucking her, I pulled out just as I was about to cum, and let my load on her tummy. We laid in each others arm for a little while, saying nothing, just kissing and caressing. “can I sleep here tonight daddy” she said. “of course I replied. You go take a nice shower, and I will change the bed, it is a little bloody”. After she was done in the shower, she came in under my blanket and crawled as tight into me as she could. She smiled, gave me a kiss and said “thank you”. She closed her eyes and seemed to be asleep right away.

After that night, she never went back to her own bedroom. After a couple of weeks, we even moved her dresser, cabinet etc. into what was now our bedroom. We had sex a lot. She had started on birth control because she wanted me to cum inside her, which I of course did not mind, it felt incredible. We started doing more stuff too, like blowjobs and I loved eating her pussy. It tested and smelled so sweet. I could eat that pussy forever. We were acting like a actual couple. Even went on vacation together, but of course we had to act like normal father and daughter while out among other people. But we were ok with that, it turned us on even more when we got back and were alone.

A few years passed. My daughter was now 19, and I was 44. So this was a little under a year ago. We were still going strong, fucking at every chance we got. Every single time just as horny as if it was the first. Knowing I was fucking my daughter turned me throbbing hard just thinking about it, and she felt the same. She just loved pretending to be my innocent little girl. Well, anyhow I remember this like it was yesterday. It was a autumn day. We had been for a long evening walk, then had some wine and were now laying in bed, I was deep inside of her and we had been fucking for a little while when she told me there was something she had wanted to talk to me about for a long time. The fact that she looked so serious scared me a bit. So I stopped, just lying there with my hard cock inside her. She said “daddy, I really love you, and can’t imagine ever being with anyone else. You know how the last two weeks I been finishing you off with my hand or mouth? Well, I stopped my birth control two weeks ago, and I didn’t want you to cum inside me until I talked with you, sorry dad I should have talked to you first”. Many thoughts went through my head. “you know the risks of getting pregnant with your dad right honey”? She nodded. This thought of impregnating my own daughter had never occurred to me. But when thinking of it, it made me extremely turned on, and of course the fact that I was still inside her did not make me less horny. I smiled and said in a teasing voice “so you want your daddy to put a baby in your belly?” she hit my shoulder “stop joking, this is serious to me”. So I wiped off my grin and told her that not only would I love us to have a baby together, but it also makes me really really turned on knowing that when I cum inside her, she could get pregnant.

After about half a year of having unprotected sex, it finally took. Rebecca is now 5 and a half month pregnant. We are still as active. We still love watching our incest father and daughter porn. We also found this site not long ago, and love reading the stories. At least when we find one we think might be true. We have been writing this story together and telling our story has really turned us on. We had to take a couple of breaks while writing. All of the events in this story is true, though some details of the actual words used in some of the conversations several years ago might have been slightly different, but much of it are more or less “word for word”. Thanks for reading our story. If you are aware of any other incest stories on this site that you know for a fact is real, please let us know in the comments, we would love to read it.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoid

    WOW!, I read the whole series and loved it vey much. I love reading of any sexual awakening and I am glad you two found love channeling the internal sexual desires and fulfillment towards each other. I have never had the luxury of sharing this experience with a sibling but from reading your story it sounds so amazing. OMG i am actually almost jealous of the love you two share and i hope i can some day find that love again before i die.
    I simply love young females and would love to share my heart one one time with a young princess teaching he the art of sensual sex and foreplay. LOVE YOUR STORY AND THANKS FOR SHARING!
    Wickr gonzomm
    Discord Gonzo#0659
    Kik ricowillhitit
    [email protected]

  • Reply TJ ID:ffh2ubrzj

    I, for one, would love to read more of Princess Rebecca and her “Daddy”!

    I find the entire storie very arousing and H-O-T, hot.

    Wod love to see the two of you in action!

    I could be your cheering section!

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Good story. In all 4 parts there are some errors with spelling or grammar. Glad to hear that your and your daughter are happy.

  • Reply OG ID:5u1d7ce209

    U should’ve post some pics of what you did

    • OlderMale ID:28xmfpxw43

      You are one lucky man!
      Something I’ve always dreamed of since my daughter was born! I’m 58 and she’s 22.

    • Jack ID:99uwotzm

      Same here I always dream about fucking my niece I wait for her sleep take off her shorts slowly thigh fuck her