Pure lusty dirty sex with mom on step dads bed

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My mom is a very hot 5/6 135 pound 53 year old.looks much younger.wears glasses with reddish brown hair.great figure with built legs and ass.i got a call from her monday evening telling me my dad and the guys were going up north the following friday morning to hunt and if i wanted to come over that evening when she got out of work for dinner.that was really the code for us going to fuck all night long on my dads bed.friday came and i was driving to my parents house smoking on a nice fat joint.i love being stoned when im fucking mom.just love it.big deep tokes i took holding it in.i walked in the house and mom said she just got home.their she was in a short black skirt with dark brown hose on and red 5 inch heels.my dick was hard looking at her.mom pulled the blinds and said to me.you ready to fuck your mother as she jumped in my arms laughing.i was carrying her down the hall way and heading right to my dads bed.laying mom right on it.stripping down to only her hose and heels.i tore the crotch right open.i was horny as hell and was nice and high.stripping my own clothes off a mile a minute.my 81/2 incher was hard as steele.i draped my mothers legs back and wide and just buried it up her twat.nice and deep i went up in their.my dads bed started creaking underneath us.oh honey thats it nice and deep yeah,fuck it deep.as i went way up her cunt on every stroke my dads bed played to the tune,creak,creak,creak.i felt so good so horny.my cock just kept on stretching her cunt.oh yes mother i said,oh god mother.when was the last time ken fucked you like this mom i ask her smiling in her face as my cock was hitting the back of her twat on every thrust.ken is my step dad.i felt no remorse or shame for us fucking on his bed.it was mom and my decision to fuck on it.mom then whispered in my ear,keep pumping it tom,i fucking love it,just love it.all the blood i swear was in my cock.i stretched and ravaged moms twat.just fucking stuffing it over and over non stop not even close to cumming.so fucking deep i just drove it.that pot was good.i love us fucking on kens bed mother,so dirty of us hey mom.you being his wife and my mom i said.we were 20 minutes into the fuck and i was still pumping her twat.stretching out her cunt over and over.nothing but pure lust i felt,pure horniness.as i went way up mothers twat i would even look at their wedding picture and smile at my dad.you like us fucking mother i said,you like me fucking you on kens bed like this, tell me mom,come on.just feeling moms hole on my entire shaft was incredible.oh yes tom,oh yes i love us fucking on it.just having you in their so deep like this.your hitting the back of my twat on every stroke mom said.your dad could not find it if he had a road map.we spent hours fucking on his bed.we fucked for the next three days all over the house.

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