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The Little Spy – Chapter 1

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Coming of age story of two sisters; one a blossoming Dom, the other a budding Sub.

My sister was three years older and in my eyes she was smart and pretty and popular and confident. Everything I wasn’t. She seemed to have an endless string of boyfriends with a different one practically every week. I hadn’t even been kissed yet. But while I worshipped her, she was always so mean to me. Our parents worked late and expected us to do a lot of the chores, like starting dinner, which meant I did a lot of the chores while she stayed locked up in her room. To my parents my only real chore was to make sure no boys came in the house while they were gone. I was never sure what she did up there all afternoon after school until the day I peeked in on her.

Our bedrooms upstairs were separated by a common bathroom. One afternoon when I was in there, I heard strange sounds coming from her room. I checked the sliding door to her bedroom and discovered she had forgot to lock it as she usually did. Ever so slowly I slid the door open just enough to be able to peek inside and I saw the most incredible sight. My sister, Sara, was on her bed, naked. She had headphones on that were plugged into her computer and she was staring intently at the screen. Her legs were spread wide and her fingers were furiously rubbing her private parts. I knew what she was doing because there had been times when I had rubbed myself there in the shower and knew it felt good. I stared at her keenly, absorbing every aspect of what I was seeing . She was moaning and panting, pushing her hips up to raise herself off the bed and her fingers were just a blur as she rubbed herself furiously. Suddenly her body seemed to go into convulsions. and she started shaking violently. For a moment I thought there was something was wrong with her. I was a bit confused but instinctively I knew she was experiencing the pleasure of sex. It took her 20 seconds or so to calm down before collapsing, letting her arms flop to her sides. Her legs were still spread wide and I couldn’t look away from her. Then, and without notice, she pulled off her headphones, grabbed a small pillow from her bed and threw it at the bathroom door.

“What do you think you’re doing you little freak!” she screamed at me. I stood frozen in place. “Get in here now!” Still, I didn’t move. How could she have known I was there? “Julie get in here!” I guess somehow she knew so I slowly slid the door open. “Get in here,” she commanded again looking me in the eye.

I slid the door open completely open and walked into the room. She wasn’t even attempting to cover herself and left her legs spread wide. Her body was breathtaking, prettier and more developed than any girl I’d ever seen, even in a magazine, better than even Mom.

“What do you think you’re doing you little pervert?” I looked down at the floor, too embarrassed, scared and frankly aroused to know what to say. I hadn’t become aware of it as watched her, but I felt a tingling down there.

“Did you like what you saw you little spy?”

“I, I dunno,” was all I get could stammer.

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I dunno,” I repeated.

“I bet it made your pussy wet, didn’t it you little perv.” This time I didn’t respond. I just stood cemented to my spot in front of her.

“Come here you little brat,” she demanded. “Come here!”

I took three steps forward to stand directly in front of her as she sat up on the bed. I was wearing a pair of shorts and she quickly grabbed the front of them, pulled them away from my body and plunged her hand in. Her fingers went inside my underwear and quickly found my moist slit and I let out an involuntary groan when her middle finger dipped between my lips. She laughed out loud when she heard me and quickly withdrew her fingers. She held them up for me to see.

“Look at this! You’re fucking wet!” Her fingers were clearly covered with a wet,
shiny substance. “You got horny watching me, didn’t you?” She grabbed me by the shirt with her other hand and smeared the wet stuff on my face. “You were going to cum watching me.”

“I don’t know what that is,” I admitted honestly.

She tilted her head as she looked at me and her voice immediately softened. “Have you ever masturbated?”

“I’m not sure what that is either.”

“Have you ever touched yourself down there? Rubbed your pussy?”

Again, I stammered not sure of how to answer. “Sometimes in the shower when I’m all soapy. It feels good.”

Satisfied with my answer she pressed on. “Have you ever cum before?”

Once again, I was about to answer I didn’t know what that was but thought quickly of her thrashing about on her bed like she was out of control and figured that must be it. “No,” I answered.

“Take these off,” she said tugging at my shorts, “underwear too.” I immediately complied. I was too scared not to do exactly as she said.

“Now your top. And if you’re wearing a bra, that too.” I was starting to develop so my mom had got me my first bra about a month earlier but I was already starting to outgrow it. My breasts were growing tight punctuated with puffy nipples and I was embarrassed to be naked like this in front of my sister whose body was so expertly developed.

She looked me up and down and a little smile escaped, more an evil grin really. “I see your little pussy hair hasn’t come in yet.” I immediately dropped my hands to cover up. “Oh no,” she said, “don’t cover it. From now on you’re going to do everything I tell you to do.”

“I don’t have to,” I said finding a bit of defiance. “And I’ll tell Mom and Dad what you were doing.”

Again, she laughed. “Well, you just do that and they’ll tell you what I was doing is my business and you’ll get in trouble for spying.” I contemplated it for a moment and quickly decided she was right.

“What do I have to?” I said resigned to my fate.

“Nothing bad,” she said. “It’s just time I taught you a few things. It’s what big sisters are for. Now show me where you rub yourself in the shower.”

Slowly I moved my hand toward my still pussy and used my middle finger to trace up and down my slit to lubricate my finger, just as I did in the shower with the soap. Moving my finger up slightly I found my button and started to rub it gently up and down and then in a small circle. I let out a small grunt when I did. I couldn’t help it.

“Well that’s good,” my sister said in approval. “At least you found your clit.”

I stopped and started to draw my hand away. “Hey!”, my sister immediately barked, “did I say you could stop? Keep rubbing you little slut.” Knowing I had no choice I put my hand back and rested my finger on my button. “Now watch what I do and do the same.”

Sara turned toward me a bit and spread her legs wider. Her pussy lips curled out a bit and I could see her button stood out and seemed swollen, probably a result of what she’d been doing to herself. Except for a patch of hair trimmed in a perfect triangle, she was very smooth down there so I guessed she must shave. She started with her middle finger using long strokes running up her pussy then circling her clit as I followed her lead. I could feel my face flush as I watched her and lightly fingered myself. It felt as if something was building inside me. My breath quickened and I tried my best to control it. My first feelings of sexual desire. I imitated her every movement, continuing to circle my own clit until a feeling of desperation was too much and I started to rub it.

“That’s it you little brat. Work that fucking pussy.”

Her words were shocking and exciting at the same time and now I was eagerly pleasing myself. It felt much like it did when I rubbed there in the shower, but more intense, like there was more to it, a door I hadn’t opened because I hadn’t traveled far enough. I stopped watching my sister rub herself for a moment to look into her eyes. They were glassy and carried an anguish about them. I knew it was one of the sexiest sights I’d ever see and suddenly I didn’t need her instructions any longer. I was letting the feeling take over me and started to rub harder in whatever way it felt best. My sister noticed the change in me instantly. She pushed her hips up and with two fingers started vibrating them over her bloated clit.

“Oh, you’re a hot little fucking bitch,” she panted. “You like rubbing your pussy for me, don’t you? You want to be my little slut sister don’t you.”

The feeling was getting so intense now it was all I could do to answer with a weak, “yes.”
We were both rubbing harder and faster, seemingly in a race to get there first though she seemed to be winning. She’d had a head start. Moaning constantly now, she stopped only to announce, “oh fuck…you’re making me cum you little cunt.” With that her body went into spasms repeating exactly what I’d seen her do from the crack in the bathroom door. Watching her triggered something in me. My stomach started doing flip flops and I almost felt sick. My head was spinning to the point I thought I just may faint. Then it hit me. I lost all control of my body. I could feel myself tense up but I was able to keep rubbing. Nothing in the world could stop me. Then it was like a wave crashed inside me, carrying me to points unknown, unlike anything I’d ever experienced. While my sister went into a spasm, I experience a full force convulsion. My whole body shook, my knees buckled and I had to steady myself by putting my hand on the bed to keep from falling. From somewhere deep in my soul I brought forth a sound as my climax rocked me.

“Gauggggggggggggggggggggggggggh” I cried not knowing how or why I was making the sound.

I’d lost track of watching my sister. I didn’t even know she was in the room at that moment. It took several seconds but I felt myself regaining control, my breathing slowed to a more manageable pant. Feeling like I could stand on my own I let go of the bed and stood under my own power again. I looked down at my sister, her naked body shined like gold and I knew in an instant what had just happened and that it was her who put me in a such an excited sexual state.

“Damn,” she said wide eyed, almost not believing what she’d just witnessed. “You really are a hot little fuck. Now that I know you can do that, things are going to change around here.”

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    Really loved how Sara dominated your younger self Eterniti….and now she will be your sex teacher. Sister/sister play is incredibly sexual and stimulating…ready for the next chapter…well done!

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    Yes much more please

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    Very hot!