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Young white gives it up to an old black man

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A 13yo white girls loses her virginity to an old black man

This IS A dirty Christmas. story. All i want for Christmas is an old black men. IM 13yo at the time this happened. I started liking old black man after a school friend grandpa had some what molested me. He didnt fuck me but rubbed my small tits and pussy. I never told anybody but i enjoyed what he did to me, HE was 82yo and i would say senile. I started watching porn on the internet of old black men fucking white girls and getting blow jobs. i didnt know any black men so for awhile it was a fantasy. Christmas came around and i asked my mom if i could go to the mall and do some shopping. We only lived a few blocks from the mall. She gave me some money and told me not to leave the mall and avoid talking to strangers. She dropped me off and told me to call her when i wanted to come home. I started looking for gifts for my parents and wasnt even thinking about an old black man. While walking thru the mall i noticed a real old black man sitting on a bench just watching the people or waiting for some one. MY pussy started getting wet. I sat down next to him and it surprised him that a young white girl had sat next to him. He smiled at me and said hello little girls; and r u lost or here alone. i told him that i live close by and was christmas shopping. And i asked what r u doing here.He said he lived close by and being alone was boring and he liked to watch the people. He asked should u be sitting here. U a little white girl and me an old black man. I said im here alone an ill talk to whom i want. He said ok. His name was Otis . He was 83yo and a widower . His wife passed away 3yrs ago. He said do u usually talk to black people. i told him that my best friend black and i like her grandpa. I knew this was my chance to turn him on. He asked why do u like her grandpa. I dropped my head acting ashamed and said that he. makes me feel nice with his hands. He said oh my and do u enjoy what he does to u. i said very much. I told him about the petting. He said thats a lucky old black man to feel up a young white girl. Ive never even kissed a white girl he said. I made my move on him. I said would we like to kiss one. He said r u asking. i said ye i am . would love to be the first whtie girl u kiss. We walked down one of the end of the mall whee there were no stores open. He bent over and gentle] kiss. we kissed again and i stuck my tongue into his mouth. He put his into mine. I loved his thick black tongue. He did this a couple of times . He told me that we better stop .I said r u getting turned on. He said oh yes. and u have made my day. I told him how would i like to unwrap ur Christmas present. He said what present. I told him unwrap me. He said dont play with me little girl. I told him im not playing and grabbed his half hard cock thru his pants. I squezzed it and felt it harden. It made a tent in his pants and it looked big. He said if want to do this little girl lets go to my house. Its real close. I said lets go. When we got to his house not much was said. We both removed out clothes. He of course had an old body but a young looking 10 in. black cock. HE said i must be dreaming . Im going to fuck a young white girl . I said and im a virgin. He picked up my 98lb body and carried me into the bedroom. He sat me on the edge and told me to suck his cock. i licked sucked all ten inches . He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said lie down little white girl. Im going to make u a woman with this old 10in black cock. And put a big load of black cum into ur virgin pussy. He got between my legs and went down on me. He sent chills up and down my spine. He mounted me and slowly entered me. I felt so full and some pain. He stopped when he reached my hymen. He asked if i was ok. i said i was great and he felt so good. With me saying that he broke thru my hymen and sunk all 10 inched into me. He held it there for me to recover. When i felt comfortable i told OTis to fuck me and give me his sperm. He gave me a fucking i will never forget. Its wasnt long but intense. He filled me with so much black cum. it ran all down my ass when he pulled out. I asked do u have another one in u and he said u will have another one in u. He fucked and gave me a big second load. i got dressed and said i would hope to see him again, He said this was the best Christmas present ever. I called my mom to pick me up at the mall. My pussy was leaking cum into my panties i just hope the cum wouldnt leak thru my jeans. I thought about Otis all thru the holidays. New years eve i found him in the mall. I told him lets start this new year with a good fuck. We fucked all day. If ur wondering i never got knocked up. I saw him off and on for awhile and then moved on. im still attracted to old black men.

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