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My Sister is mad but she still loves me

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My sister is mad and I need to make it up to her.

My teenage self was horny. I jerk off to PH and hentai but it often got boring. I was living with my mom and sister in an apartment so when I was horny I thought why not steal her underwear? So I went to the bathroom because the used laundry is lying there. Unfortunately she wasn’t there because my mom was doing the laundry. My cock was already forming a bulge in my pants and I thought: fuck it, I’ll get something from my sister’s room. I looked carefully at first and saw that my mom was in the living room with my sister. It was my chance to go into the room. I opened her door and saw her tidy room. Her fluffy sheets, her many pillows. I had no idea where her underwear was so I looked. nothing in the dressers, nothing in the closet. I heard footsteps and since my sister’s room was in a cul-de-sac of the apartment I couldn’t leave. I had to hide but where? She talked to my mom outside the door and my mom said she’d go down in the basement for a minute. My sister blocked the door and I was still standing in the room. I hid under the bed. She came into the room and jumped onto the bed. I just heard something on her phone, maybe Tiktok. Suddenly she opened a drawer with a box in it and then I heard vibrations and a porn play. You don’t do it yourself, do you? Isn’t she only 14? Where did she get the vibrator from? I didn’t know what to do, but I got hard again.My cock had to get out of my pants and I started jerking off. My sister is moaning and it kinda turned me on. I jerked off hard and accidentally moaned loudly myself. My sister stopped everything she was doing and it was silent.I was afraid that she would look under the bed and find me. She calls my name because she thought maybe I was at the door. She got up and opened and closed the door to look. She sat back on the bed but stopped masturbating. after a few minutes she went out of the room to the toilet and I could finally leave but I really wanted her underwear. I searched quickly but found nothing. I finally found her underwear and took a white one. When I turned around, my sister was standing in front of me. I hadn’t heard her. So I stood in front of her with her underwear and she didn’t say anything. she just looked at me and i tried to talk my way out of it. She grabbed her underwear and threw me out of the room. i feel bad I went to her door and knocked. “Are you there? I wanted to talk about earlier. I’m sorry. Can we talk?”. She opened the door and let me in. Sat on the bed and looked at me ashamed. “Why were you at my dresser? Why did you want my underwear?”. I looked at the ground and my pond just wanted to have a look. she put her hand on my head and turned it towards her. “Is that the only thing?”. I just looked into her eyes but didn’t know what to answer. She jumped on me and looked into my eyes. “What do you really want?”. She slowly approached and slowly kissed me. I was confused and let it happen. I wrapped my arms around her waist and we continued kissing. Our mom got up and we jumped up and I ran back to my room. We continued to spend the rest of the day apart and I thought so much about the kisses between us. When eating or something we just looked at each other but we never did more. After a few weeks she knocked on my door at night and asked if she could come in. She stood in my room in nice pajamas and crossed her legs and asked: “Tell me, are we okay? Do you feel the same as I did when we kissed?”. I got up, went to her and held her tightly in my arms again. “I think I feel the way you do but isn’t it wrong? You’re my sister I don’t think we…” She kissed me again in the middle and we fell into my bed. we kissed wildly again and as always my cock was rock hard. She noticed that of course and her hand slipped into my crotch. She rubbed my crotch. We even tongue kissed and she stopped and took off my pants. Before she could take off my boxer shorts, I asked if we really should go that far. She laughed and pulled down her boxer shorts. her eyes widened when she saw my cock. Her hand immediately went to him and she even rubbed and sucked. “I watched a few tutorial videos. That’s how they did it ;)”. Her tongue feels so good and she licked around my cock and took it down her throat. I said I would come soon and she stopped the blowjob. “You can’t come yet, I want more”. She straightened up and pointed to the zipper on the back of her pajamas. I slowly zipped her down and she had no bra under her pajamas, just her underwear. She laid back on me, kissed me, and rubbed my cock with her underwear. “I’m ready, are you too bro?”. I nodded and she pulled off her underwear while holding her ass out to me. She turned again and sat on me. She took my cock and put it in to her pussy. My penis slowly slid into her and we had slow, passionate sex. We kissed a lot and it stayed soft and slow. We fucked in doggy, missionary and cowgirl. I signaled that I was coming soon and since we were fucking bareback we had to stop but she started sucking my cock again. I pressed her head against my cock and I squirted my cum down her throat. She swallowed everything. After that we got dressed and she put her in bed with me and we fell asleep together. From then on we had a secret relationship. How will it continue?…

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    Breed her

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fiin

    God this story reminds me how are used to fuck my sister when I was 12 she was 11 I came in her pussy so many times she should’ve gotten pregnant. When she got a boyfriend when she was 15. To this day I wish I would’ve fucked her ass but I loved how tight and wet pussy got just before I came

  • Reply Dark M. ID:7zv3elfs41q

    Nice story