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Happy Birthday Donaldson

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This is a true story when I left Atsugi Japan back to Guam then wound up in the Philippines a few months later.

Upon leaving Atsugi Japan heading back to Guam where I was stationed, I missed Yoshi and Cho so bad I was so depressed and lifeless. At my Squadron many people asked what was the matter and I always said nothing just tired that’s all. Finally weeks later my my Aircraft Division Officer called me into his office. I sat down on his request and asked him what I can do for him. He then told me that something was wrong with me and he wanted to know what it was. I finally broke down with tears in my eyes telling him what happened in Atsugi and all about Yoshi and Cho and just how much I loved them. He seemed to understand and even said things will get better. I looked up to him and he smiled and said “I will see what I can do to get you back there son but for now pack your bags your going to the Philippines” I looked up at him and smiled then shook his hand thanking him repeatedly.

So I packed my bags and our detachment headed for Olongapo City Philippines. I loved it as it helped to ease the pain of Yoshi and Cho in my heart. I soon fell in place with the locals befriending a mama-son at a local bar. Moma-son is in charge of all the call girls in the bar running the entire place. Me and Moma-son hit it off great and she loved the way I treated her girls always giving me hugs and kisses. “Oh you so nice Donaldson!, many, many girls like Donaldson, say you good lover got big cock” she said to me grinning. We both stood their and laughed as I grab her hugging her tight and squeezing her ass. Moma-son squeals out telling me “Donaldson you bad! you bad horny all time!”. I just laugh as she swats my hand off her ass giggling like a girl.

Many weeks pass and my birthday arrived and I was turning 20. I was all excited because mama-son told me she had a present for me when I called the bar. Since I was her favorite Sailor that treated her girls so well she had a special surprise for me waiting for me when I got to the bar. Upon arriving at the bar after Navy work I walk up to the bar getting a beer and sitting on a stool. A few minutes later her comes Moma-son grinning from ear to ear. She hugged me so tight saying “ Happy Birthday Donaldson!” kissing me on the lips. She pulled away “Donaldson!, Your Birthday present upstairs waiting for you!” she says to me smiling. I look at Moma-son grinning at her wondering just what in hell she got me. I down my beer and started walking towards the stairs. As I pass Moma-son I reverse slapped her on the ass thanking her telling her she is the best. Moma-son sequels out giggling like a little girl. “Donaldson you bad!, Happy Birthday enjoy present!” she tells me as I just laugh heading up stairs.

I turn the nob opening the door and my mouth literally hit the floor. There stood two of the must cutest 12 year old naked twins I has ever laid my eyes on. They had the cutest little noses with little ears sticking out with nice budding breast. Their Areola’s were nickel size topped with nice brown perky quarter inch nipples. They had nice and plump pussies with very little hair almost in a symmetrical V pattern. They both had long beautiful black hair down to the middle of their backs. I was completely speechless unable to move yet my cock sprung up immediately. They both jump to me kissing me on either side of my cheeks then said at the same time “Happy Birthday Donaldson” I immediately bust out a huge grin grabbing one kissing her then I kissed the other.

As I kissed the second one the first drops to her knees and unzip my pants pulling down my griefs dropping them to the floor. She grabs my cock “Donaldson you big cock!, I like lot” she tells me then lowering her mouth on my now throbbing cock. While she is bobbing on my cock the first girl pulls away then pulls my shirt off now all being completely naked. She kisses me again then rubs her hands all over my chest and arms. “Donaldson you chest so big strong arms, me like so much, you so sexy I like lot” she says to me. She then comes forward and sucks on my nipples while tweaking the other. Between getting my nipples and cock sucked and the fact they are so fucking cute and sexy I knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot my load.

The one sucking my cock was amassing for only being 12. she sucked like a pro licking the underside of my throbbing head each up stroke. She then twirls her tongue around my head massaging my balls at the same time. She then licked and sucked my balls popping a ball in her mouth cleaning it then switches to the other. She then licks my entire shaft from my base to my throbbing head then suddenly slams her mouth down my shaft engulfing my entire 8 inches down her throat. I instantly began to boil and I scream out “OH GOD I’M CUMMING!” unloading a massive burst of jiz down her eager throat. She never let up taking all those thick jets of semen directly down her throat to her stomach. My legs and body were quivering badly as I exploded violently in her throat shooting at least 8 or 9 thick streams of cum. When I finally stopped shooting my cum I fell to the floor unable to hold myself up from my massive orgasm.

I just lay on the floor panting like crazy gasping for air. The one licking and sucking my nipples got down and rubbed my body all over saying “Donaldson cum hard!, me love that!”. Still completely dazed I look over and the first one was licking up all the remnants of cum that might of gotten on her hands. She looks at me and smiles really big. “Donaldson Beautiful big cock!, cum so hard me like lot. me love Donalson!”. She then joined her sister kneeling down and rubbing my body. A few minute later they help me up and put me on the bed on my back then the both of them on either side of me began to kiss and suck my limp cock back hard again. When I was hard again the second girl climbs up and mounts my cock slowly sliding down inch by inch. Their was no Hymen and I didn’t really care as she was so fucking wet and tight. She finally wedged my cock in her little pussy wincing in a little pain getting use to the fat cock in her little tight tunnel.

Slowly she grinds on me at an angle causing her clit to rub on my groin area stimulating it rock hard. She continued dong that as the first girl straddles my face backward facing her twin sister lowering her tight pussy on my face. I lick her inner folds of her pussy the circle her clit occasionally jabbing my tongue in and out of her tight pussy and ass nub. They both begin to moan with the one on my face leaning forward kissing her sister on the lips. They continue to grind away on me wildly tonguing each others mouth in heated passion. I dart my tongue in and around her ass nub then move to her pussy and rock hard clit doing the same. Their moan grow louder and louder then transitions into screaming. I am at my peak again with my balls boiling hearing and feeling them begin to cum.

Seconds later all three of us scream out “I’M CUMMING!” in sheer ecstasy dumping loads and loads of cum on each other. Both girls were squirters and I was completely drench in both their spewing cum. The second girl on my cock cumming so hard her pussy violently squeezes my cock milking me of my seed. I can’t believe I came so hard again unloading my cum blasting her inner wall with shot after shot of my warm seed deep in her pussy. In the end completely covered in cum and sweat they collapse on me totally lifeless breathing very heavily. God we must of laid there for 15 minutes without a word spoken. Finally they begin to stir both looking at me so dreamy eyed laying their heads on my chest playing with my chest hairs. We just laid there taking while they played with my chest hair laughing and giggling like crazy feeling their hot breath on my chest.

A few minutes later they mount me again this time switching position. When the first girls mounts me she winces in a little pain yet manages to get my cock wedged in her very tight pussy. She is a little tighter then her twin sister so she took a bit longer. With my cock tightly wedges in fully to my balls she looks down and gasp out loud. “OH look!, You cock make bulge!” she says as I look down and see the outline of my cock bulging her stomach out. The bulge was clear up to her belly button and the second girl bust out laughing as she traces out my cock with her fingers. The first girl on my cock just giggles from being ticklish then starts bobbing on my cock. We all three just watch the bulge shrink and grow as she trust up and down. Finally the second girl mounts my face the same way and they both begin to tongue each other again. This time I lasted for thirty to forty minutes and we were covered in sweat and cum. The girls came three to four times on me when I finally busted out with orgasm. It was a doosey and I screamed bloody murder as did they. In the end we collapse on each other completely spent, lifeless and soaked with cum. They crawled up beside me on both side laying their heads on my chest both playing with my chest hair.

15 minute later the second girl wanted to swallow my load like her twin sister did so she grabs my cock slurping away. My cock was covered in all three of our cum and she loved cleaning up the mess.”Ummm!, taste good!” she moans out. fingering her tight sloppy wet pussy. The first girl slides under her sister lapping up all the cum from all three of us like it was the finest meal she had. All three of us just moan with delight. When she was done she got up and slid under me licking my balls completely clean of cum ”Ummm!, I love it” she moans out. She then took me by surprise licking my ass nub and I jerk up sending my cock into the second girls throat hitting her tonsils. She gags and chokes and they both just giggle having so much fun. The second girl speeds up on my cock massaging my balls humming on my cock. With the first girl licking my ass and the second on my cock sucking superbly I yell out I am going to cum,

Both girls are at there peak playing with them selves when my legs and balls tighten. With one last bob on my cock still humming I scream to the top of my lungs “FUCK I’M CUMMING!” and unload a massive blast of cum into her mouth. The second girl feels my cum hit her throat while playing with her clit orgasm’s hard spewing her cum all over the bed. The first girl licking my ass cums again and she also shoots cum on the floor. With not one drop spilled the second girl swallows my load with her eyes as wide as silver dollars. Finally completely spent and jized out I collapse on the bed totally void of all life. Again the girls get up and lay on either side if me laying their heads on my chest again breathing their hot breath across my heaving chest. We laid there for what seemed like an eternity when both girls leaned up kissing me on each side of my cheek saying “Happy Birthday Donaldson!, we hope you like”. I hug both girls and say “That was the best Birthday present I have ever had!” as they let out a devious giggle and grin.

I kiss them both and say Lets do it again and the girls both giddily agreed. They told me to tell Moma-son and she will let them know. I started to hand them money and they both said no that it was my present from them to me loved it and wanted more. I got dressed and headed back down to the bar with a huge fucking grin on my face grabbing a beer at the bar. The bartender was a cute girl in her twenties smiling at me “You like Birthday present Donaldson” she asked me blushing and giggling. I look at her “God I fucking loved it!” and laughed with her downing my beer being so thirsty. I order another beer and a few minutes later Moma-son walks down the stairs over to me grinning. She hugs me and quietly says “You like Birthday present Donaldson!”. I hug Moma-son and whisper in her ear “ I simply loved it and thank you so much!. I love you Moma-son!”. “I love you to Donaldson so do girls. Tell Moma-son want more of Donaldson cock!, next week you come bang bang yeah! She says as she laughs out loud.

That was the best birthday present ever Moma-son thank you.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ifib1

    Because this ass hole was on line posing as a fucking girl and now stalking me and ruining my rating on my stories. he’s a sick fucking creep and needs to be put down. Another sick fucking creep hiding behind the internet that’s WHY!. Just another creep on this web site. I found the general area but can not pinpoint the exact location . DO YOU like people stalking YOU??? I think NOT!

  • Reply 9948e ID:bra7e1dxicj

    why r u this way

    • Gonzo ID:vuf0ihrd8

      Read above says it all.

  • Reply Carolina or Texas ;) ID:1fr5vpzrdi

    damn thats fucked up those 3 long range guns wont do shit against the police

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoijq

      Dont care U have nothing but a man with a dick pic fagget.

    • Gonzo ID:vuf0ihrin

      Cot u need help dud. It is not normal posing as a girl to get guys dick pics

  • Reply Hi Gonzo ID:3zaq0tuhd9kk

    If you went back and if they were still there, do you think they would remember you? Also how long did you stay for? P.s. hi gonzo👋

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoi93

      I was in the Philippines a total of five times equaling to a year and a half. YES I fucked those two twins together many times and I don’t doubt they ended up pregnant with the amount of cum I dumped in them. I have no Idea if they would remember me or not. I would say YES because they both loved me very much. I had a lot of fun and did love them especially on their 13th birthday party (GOD that was fun). but I was still in love with Yoshi and Cho in Atsugi Japan. I actually love every woman and girl I have ever been with to this day. I spew love from my heart every day and can see them in my dreams.
      Thank you for asking! 😀