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Crossdresser and best friend part 3 the twist of fun

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Well Mike and were having sex every day for a few months. So one morning I called him to see if he wanted to go to our special place I was extremely horny and wanting it. He said that he wished he could but had to go visit his grandparents on his dad side. I said ok. So I decided since I was dressed very hot and slutty I would go to our place and do some stuff there.
Well I got some clean sheets and stuff an put them in a pack pack and rode my bike there. I got there and went upstairs and was doing stuff when I heard something like someone coming upstairs. I just figured I was hearing stuff till someone grabbed me from behind. I turned around seeing it was a oldman. He was holding my arms so that I could not move. Then he said well well I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be here I was looking for junk . Well he said you are very sexy and slutty and hot. I said sir an explained about myself. He started to feel my stocking covered legs and under my mini dress.
I let him then he kissed my lipstick lips hard forcing his tongue in my mouth so I just started kissing him back going with it. Then he took his hand pulling my dress up in back feeling my ass cheeks an in my thong and rubbed my gurly boi pussi. I moaned softly . Then he asked me if he let me go I wasn’t going to try and get away. I shook my head no. He let me go then told me to take my dress off and thong. I did as he said.
After I did standing there just in my corset an thigh high stockings and heels. He kissed me passionately again but this time I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him back. He then he pushed me down on the bed an undid his pants and pushed them and boxers down . His cock was huge half hard .I didn’t hesitate and wrapped my lipstick lips around it and started to suck him. He said well suck it good. I sucked him for a few minutes till he was completely hard I deep throating him each time. He said that I was a great cock sucker and then he said that I bet you are a great fuck too.
I didn’t have any choice he pulled his cock out of my mouth pulled me up with turn me around Bending me over the edge of the bed he grabbed the lubricant that was on stand next to the bed putting it on my gurly boi pussi hole. Then he shove his big 8 inch deep into me. I moaned loudly when he did I didn’t even care about it felt wonderful. Then he started to fuck me hard and fast I was surprised how wonderful an amazing it felt. I was moaning loudly in pleasure as he was fucking me hard an smacking my ass cheeks. I couldn’t help it I was completely in pleasure an said fuck me hard daddy. He grabbed my hips his big balls smacking against me as he fucked me harder. He said that I was very good little slut he kept telling that then sunk his cock in me and shot his hot big load completely into me. I fell down on the bed completely exhausted from the pleasure. He bent down kissed my neck and cheek. Then whispered in my ear telling me that he wasn’t finished with me yet.
I didn’t know what he had planned then he tied me to the bed. He said that he would be back in a couple of minutes and kissed me. Well he was gone for a few minutes then came back in an got completely nude. He untied me and then went over and sat down on the old chair. He told me to come over there and bend over his knees. I did as he said he rubbed my ass and said that it was sexy then smacked it he said you like it don’t you. I said yes daddy spank me please. Well he spanked me telling me that I was daddies naughty little slut . Then he said that he was going to rape me again. He fucked my mouth for a few minutes then he pulled me up with my hair and stood up. He pushed me on to the bed on my back getting on top of grabbing my legs and putting them on his shoulders. Then sinking his hard cock deep in my gurly boi pussi an started fucking me. After a few minutes he grabbed my leg forcing them back over my head slamming my gurly boi pussi hard and deep. Force kissing me and fucking me hard for over a hour. Then he pulled out of me letting go of my legs and shoving his cock into my and throat shooting his load down my throat I swallowed every single drop of it. After I milked every single drop out of him. He got up and got dressed an hauled ass away.
I laid there for a while till I was able to get up. Well after I got dressed I finished what was doing and left. Well a couple days later Mike got back home. I called him we talked he told me that he wasn’t staying long had to leave again and wouldn’t be home for at least 2 months and hung up.
Part 4 coming ….

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