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I’m a woman, and I LOVE to rape boys

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I’ve been taking small dicks since I was 16, and I haven’t stopped. Here’s some of my experiences.

Warning: The things I’ve done and will talk about here are disgusting, vile and evil. If you don’t want to read about it, then don’t continue. But if you are into that, I hope this helps you cum as many times as I have.

Anyways, last month I turned 35. I’m was an only girl in my family, and ever since I was little my mother would warn me of bad men who would take advantage of me if I wasn’t careful. She would always protect me from something bad happening, as any good mother would.

What my mom doesn’t know is that since I was 16 I’ve been doing terrible things to other people. I got into watching porn since I was really young, around 8 years old, so by the time I got a little older I had a very strong sex drive. Nobody expects it, but I have a habit of raping young boys. All sorts of boys honestly, but especially young ones. It’s always worked out for me, because nobody ever suspects a woman to be a rapist or a pedophile, so I can usually get away scotch free from any situation.

My first time was when I just turned 16, and I couldn’t wait to lose my virginity any longer. I didn’t have a boyfriend, and nobody seemed to have a crush on me at school, so I waited until my parents went to bed and I snuck into my younger brother’s room. He was 13, and I could tell he was going through puberty because he walked around with a boner under his pants all over the house.

When I walked into his room he was laying on his bed with his pajamas on, doing something on his phone. He hardly noticed I had walked in. I waited a second, took a deep breath, then I walked quickly over to his bed and I jumped on him, pinning him to the bed. He wasn’t very strong, and since I was older I still had an advantage on him. He yelled at me “what the heck are you doing???” And before he could properly comprehend what was happening, I grabbed his water canteen on his bed board and hit him on the head as hard as I could, knocking him out. My heart was pounding, and I felt a rush of adrenaline as I pushed his pants and underwear off and unveiled his 5” cock. It was fairly soft, so I shoved it in my soft pussy as I sat on him and I rode it as hard as I could until it got hard. The harder he got, the harder I fucked his unconscious body. I raped him for 30 minutes until I felt something wet shoot up inside my virgin pussy. I knew from watching lots of porn that it was probably sperm, and I prided myself in knowing I made him cum, even when he wasn’t awake. I got off of him and left the room, turning the light out and closing the door.

After that incident, I went on to rape each of my other 2 brothers, the youngest one was 8 years old. I didn’t want to knock him out and hurt him when I did it, so I simply covered his mouth and watched him cry tears of pain as I slammed my wide hips against his small underdeveloped dick. He never orgasmed because he was too young, but I was so turned on from his cries and small body that I came on top of him. I soaked his small dick and sucked it off afterwards. He hated every second of it, but I loved it.

This brings me to today. I’ve raped well over dozens of different men and boys, and I almost always get away with it. Last week was my best experience yet.

I was asked to babysit a Sunday school group of 15 kids. Over half of them were boys, and this was the perfect opportunity to let out my impulses.
Simply put, once all the other adults left to their other church classes, and I was left alone with this group of 10-11 year olds, I locked the classroom doors and walked into the empty adjacent class room. I called one boy in at a time so that they wouldn’t all see what was happening, and one by one I force raped all 8-9 boys in the class in the side room. I’ve never enjoyed the quiet whimpers and cries of children so much. A few of them truly seemed to get the hang of it and enjoy me fucking their little dicks, but the ones that didn’t cooperate would make me pin them down as I sat on their faces and pissed in their mouth. I even called some of the girls in and finger fucked them just to see them cry and ask me to stop. One of the little girls turned me on so much that I called in a boy even younger than her and forced him to rape her while I watched. He didn’t even know what he was doing, but I enjoyed every second of it. Watching little kids fuck always gets me riled up.

I sometimes like to take pics when I’m using my wide ass to sit on the children’s faces and make it so they can’t breathe. Thinking of them writhe around in desperation makes me squirt when I’m alone masturbating.

I’ve convinced a lot of young girls to rape other boys, because it’s too often that boys rape girls in my opinion.

I’ve recently started going to the kid’s park without panties on and flashing kids with my tits when none of the parents are looking. When they walk closer I pull up my skirt and reveal my trimmed pussy in between my spread legs. The boys love to look in curiosity since they’ve never seen it before. I love to imagine grabbing them and raping them in front of their parents, taking their virginity and ruining their lives.

I have 4 kids of my own, each one has a different father, likely each from a different prepubescent 12-13 year old. My oldest boy is 15, my other children are 13, 12 and 10, and I’ve rape fucked each of them multiple times. They consider it normal when their milf mom wakes them up in the middle of the night to breed with them. They know what to do each time. I wake them up, get on my hands and knees on their bed ass naked, then wait for them to push their young dicks into my mature pussy and pump me until they ejaculate inside me. Sometimes they don’t want to, but I’m usually too horny to give them a choice. Either they fuck me or I rape them. They get to choose.

When I’m feeling extra vile I wait for my 3 boys to come home from school and I rip my 13 year old daughter’s clothes off, then tell the boys to rape her holes while I record with my camcorder. It’s exactly what they need at the end of a long school day, and it teaches my daughter to be a big girl.

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