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Playing with my cousin goes wrong

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Since when i was a little brat my female cousin that is 3 years older than me, liked to play with me a lot. She was that one innocent girl and the shy one, but if someone pissed her off, you would run for your life. One day when i was 13 i was on my aunts birthday, so the adults were in a seperate room, and i and my cousins in her room. For the first minutes she talked about school boys and other girls shit. Then after she was talking if girls are exciting to me or if i grown some pubes down there, i said yes because that’s normal for my age, then she gave me a smile that i knew she was planning to do something, So we talked about these things for couple of minutes, then she asked: “would you like to see a girls breasts?” i blushed and didn’t know what to do, i told her that’s wrong and we can’t but she took off her shirt and pulled her bra off.Then i felt my dick is getting bigger, but still i resisted so she grabbed my hand and forcefully make me grope her breasts, not gonna lie that felt good but i still was confused.She would make me suck or pinch her nipples, she then took off my shorts and said: “Wow 13 years old and you’re that big? Im impressed, many women would take you to bed” she then took off my pants and my erected dick was revealed. She stroked it first then she started to licking the tip, that felt like heaven. finally after lubing my dick with her saliva she took it in her mouth and started sucking. I was still a virgin that time and i knew how to masturbate, but never expected to recieve a blowjob at this age. As she was sucking she was going deeper and deeper till she deepthroated me. After some moaning from my side i came inside her mouth, she swallowed it without pulling my dick out. She then spit my dick out off her mouth. She then layed on bed and spread her legs, she was already wet and ordered me to take her panties off. since i was scared i did it. First time seeing a live pussy, it was different than it was in porn. She said: “touch it, lick, rub, anything you want.” So i rubbed her clit first, her moaning encouraged me so i fingered her wet pussy. After she came i licked her pussy clean, her smell, taste and sounds that she maked, made me so much turned on. She then pushed me on bed and she was on top of me, took my dick in her hands and rubbed it against her wet pussy to lube my dick. after some rubbing my dick was covered in her juices. Slided in easily, best moments of my life, wetness, tightness and the warm feeling overhelmed my dick in pleasure, she then started to move on my dick. We were both moaning but not so loud to get the adults to come in. And after the moaning and the pleasure i came inside. That got me exhausted so i layed like this for 15 minutes. She kissed me on cheek and said: “Thanks for helping your cousin with my needs”. However i was scared that i got her pregnant, but lucky me, she took a test and she wasn’t pregnant at all!

My cousin is having sex with me to this day.
Thanks for reading my story :>

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