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Me, my best friend and his dad

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Alex’s father got home from work and, thanks to my friend’s curiosity, I was dragged into the moment that changed me for life…

First of all, this is the part 2 of my first story “Me and my best friend’s curiosity”, so if you haven’t read it, you should.


I was still shocked on the couch, paralyzed over all the stuff I felt on the last few minutes, when Alex declared that he was “gonna do something” to his dad next time the man came home drunk. Essentially, my friend had just said he wanted to seduce his own father. And I can’t even explain what I was feeling or thinking, I was just oblivious to everything around, but suddenly we heard something on the door.

I hid my small cock and Alex turned off the TV an instant before Fernando, his dad, walked in. Like I said on the first “chapter”, Alex’s father was a big man, tall and muscular, with a power beard and arms that were probably bigger than my head at that point. And when that guy crossed the door, if not for the smell of alcohol, anyone could see he was COMPLETELY drunk, up to the point where he had to lean on the hallway wall not to fall flat on the floor.

Alex, feeling worried or whatever else, ran up to Fernando and asked if he was okay. The man let out a weird smile when he grabbed his son’s face and gave him a wet and loving kiss on the cheek.

“I’m good. Just need… a shower. It’s all.”, he murmured and walked toward the bathroom, but not before giving me a kiss too, as wet as the first one.

I looked at Alex, who had never seemed more nervous in his life, and saw him squeeze his cock over his shorts. I asked if he was serious about all that craziness, and he just nodded as he followed his dad.

I stood up and for some reason went right after him, only to find Fernando with his shirt half-off and his head under the water. He leaned on the wall and slid down. In a second he was sat on the floor, the cargo shorts unzipped and unbuttoned, but still on. Alex, now more nervous, gave me a side look before taking off his shirt and going into the shower. He started talking to his dad and helped him sit straight. And standing between the door I was and there I stayed, again paralyzed.

The bathroom had a lot of space, a shower with glass walls and grab bars around, and I just stood there and watched everything through the glass. Alex took off his father’s shirt and helped him move so that the water would hit his head again. He seemed experienced, although he never mentioned having to help Fernando before, but believe me when I say Alex did not look sad or even frustrated for having to do that, he seemed to enjoy rubbing his hands across Fernando’s chest and back, arms and legs. And he sure did not delay taking off the rest of his dad’s clothes.

I felt like just staying back, but he was clearly having a hard time trying to maneuver Fernando’s horse legs, so I finally decided to act. Took off my shirt and went in. Me and Alex pulled off the cargo shorts and Fernando started apologizing for putting us in that situation. I didn’t say a word cuz I was too busy trying not to look at the bulge on his blue boxers, and felt that Alex was doing the very same thing. After a few seconds, I gave Alex a look and he nodded a no in response, as if words were not necessary for him to tell me that no, he had never taken off his dad’s underwear during situations like that.

Fernando went on and on about how he should not let his friends convince him to drink too much ever again, all while Alex and I tried to let the water fall down his back, neck and head so he could sober up a little. Not long after, we were exhausted. I slipped and fell on my ass, but didn’t feel like standing up again, so Alex sat down too. Now the three of us were just there, under the shower looking at each other. Fernando grabbed me and Alex by the head and pulled us closer, laying us on his chest. Me and my crazy friend exchanged another look before Alex finally made a move…

I watched his right hand go down Fernando’s chest and reach the damn blue boxers. His dad immediately raised his knees, startled, and asked what Alex was doing. The kid stared at his own fathers eyes and blatantly said “I want to feel you like you felt me the other night”. My heart was about to stop. I had never been more freaked out on my brief ten years of life. I looked down and saw Alex’s hand comfortably and throughly holding Fernando’s now rock hard cock.

“Okay.”, the man finally said. “Go on then… son.”

Just so you know, he was still holding my head over his hairy muscular chest, and though I was really freaked out, my young cock was hard like it had never been before. And it got even harder as I watched Alex slowly pull Fernando’s cock out. It was the biggest I had seen by then, and now I know it wasn’t super big, but it sure was super thick and full of huge veins, and the head was almost purple, showing just how fucking horny he already was. The kid had a glow in his eyes and couldn’t stop biting and liking his lips, and when the thing pulsated right out of the boxers, Alex dove into his father’s crotch and started sucking it like he was dying of thirst.

Even though only half of it fit in his son’s mouth, Fernando HOWLED and pulled me even closer some how, then stared into my scared eyes. With a single hand, the man lifted me off the floor and pulled me towards his face, giving me my first ever kiss. He grabbed and squeezed my ass cheeks as our lips and tongues connected, then finally reached into my shorts and actually touched my ass, moving his middle finger right onto my sensitive asshole. I let out a moan and Alex smiled. Fernando’s eyes now burned with a terrifying flame. It genuinely scared the shit out of me, but also made me feel… something I had never felt before, something addictive and euphoric, exhilarating.

He pushed me and Alex to one the shower walls and ordered: take off your clothes. We did it without hesitation, throwing away the remaining sports shorts and boxers we had on. Fernando stood up in front of us and again grabbed our heads, pulling us to his thighs after making us kneel, the water still crashing over the three of us… He moved Alex’s head towards mine and before we realized, we were kissing. Alex ran his hands all over my naked wet body and I did the same. He squeezed my ass just like his dad did and by then I was already lost, overtaken by lust. Our cocks rubbing along with the rest of our bodies felt like heaven, and knowing Fernando was just proudly and wildly watching us made me feel so dirty and powerful, like I had the power to hypnotize a giant man like him. Now, I also wanted to be seductive and confident as Alex, who got exactly what he wanted without giving a single fuck.

Fernando sat in front of us and pulled us in, and that was the first time I sucked a man. He moaned and trembled as I copied Alex’s movements, then his son started sucking him too. Our tongues touched often and we smiled every time. And every time his dad complimented us, calling us gorgeous, beautiful, hot, slutty and “his” perfect boys, we’d exchange a look, feeling like we were using him more than he was using us, and like I said, that made us feel powerful, enough to keep us going and not think or worry about anything else.

As we sucked his cock, Fernando spread soap around and rubbed our backs. We were in all fours by then, so his fingers searched for our asses, and when they got there, one of his middle fingers went straight into Alex’s hole, making him moan like a little bitch, and the other went into my hole, making me bite my bottom lip so hard I could taste blood, but not out of pain… out of pure raw pleasure. We kept sucking him as he finger-fucked our holes, increasing speed and force by every second. He really felt me up, leaving my ass for a few moments and rubbing my thighs, belly, neck, hair and my cock.

“I don’t want to hurt you”, he murmured, looking at me, who had one of his balls in my mouth. I’m not sure if Alex heard him though. “Your ass isn’t ready yet, but…”, Fernando pulled Alex’s hair and stared in his eyes before saying: “but my son’s ass is ready.”

Aggressively, Fernando pushed Alex onto the floor, raising his ass and lowering his face all the way down, and told him to suck me while he would get fucked by his father. Whenever he called Alex son or himself father, the man’s eyes burned even hotter with the scary flames, as if he was just a beast, controlled by his most primitive instincts. And Alex was desperately loving every single second of it. The man soaped up his thick fat cock and aimed directly to his son’s little asshole, and as the tip went inside, Alex and I looked at each other. I went crazy watching his expressions as his own father stretched his hole, and got rock hard hearing his desperate moans, begging for more, begging to be used and to be destroyed by that fat cock.

Afterwards, Alex went down my cock again. I moaned as his warm mouth sucked me, and following Fernando’s lead, grabbed his head and aggressively started face fucking him. His father looked at me and smiled, all proud, telling me to fuck his son’s mouth while he fucked his “boy pussy”. Then he leaned in and kissed me and bit my neck. He would slap Alex’s cheeks and tell me to slap his face. Alex moaned and pleaded for more. I saw the same flame in my friend’s eye. That wasn’t him, it was just his instincts ruled by lust and love, a violent and burning love.

Fernando blurted out: “Oh, I’m gonna cum. And I’m gonna fill up my beautiful son with my hot load, right, son?” He pulled Alex’s hair and smiled hearing him say “Yes, please”. And then it began. That giant man literally mounted Alex like a horse and fucked his ass brutally and deeply. I fucked his mouth harder and went wild as I admired the scene before my eyes. I saw Fernando grab his son’s hips with all his strength and moan like a damn bull as he shot his load inside his son’s boy pussy. Alex screamed and smiled with my cock still in his mouth. He looked high now, like he had smoked something real strong or drank a bottle of something else, but it was all because of the euphoric pleasure he was feeling after getting what he wanted most and a whole lot more. He was all happy and woozy full of his father’s cum, but Fernando didn’t stop yet.

He turned Alex’s around, now with his back to the floor, and started sucking him saying he wanted to taste his boy’s cum. And Alex exploded in less than a minute, exhausted like he’d never been. At last, Fernando sucked me too, also swallowing my thin load. Me and Alex were basically passed out now, I barely remember what happened next, but I do remember being at Fernando’s bed after a while. I could not forget what happened next…

Alex was laid next to me and he slept like an angel, but the huge man behind me was definitely not asleep. He pulled me closer, but didn’t lock me in a spoon as I hoped. No. He just whispered some things to me, one of them being “Please dont tell this to anyone”.

I looked back and he had… tears on his eyes. He said a bunch of stuff again, now saying that all we did was wrong and he felt horrible for having hurt us like he did. Then he looked at the sleeping Alex and cried more, saying he abused his own son but also a poor friend of his. I didn’t know what to say, but he not once looked in my eyes during that conversation. He was legitimately horrified by himself. But I promised I wouldn’t say anything to anyone. He handed me a whole lot of money, if I remember right it was almost 600 dollars (???) and took me to the door. Once again he cried and apologize and begged me to forgive him and not tell anyone, then assured me that the money was not a payment of any kind and just for me to have fun and try to somehow distract myself and forget how he hurted me.

Aside from confused as hell, I was angry now. I said he didn’t hurt no one and that he didn’t make us do anything, but he kept crying and asking me to forgive and forget. I ran away from that place and actually tried to forget everything, not because I didn’t like what we did, but because he loved it during it but was a bitch after, all scared and sorry. It was ridiculous. But no, hehe, I didn’t forget, and now here I am.

This has been my first story and how my life really started. I’ve got more things to share, so let me know if you want me to. The ending was anticlimactic, I think so too, but it’s the truth. And truth is, it was the ending of Alex and Fernando’s story, but not the end of mine…

X, Lucas

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